Is Antigone the Antagonist NEW

please again today a special episode

were you here on spiders talk straight

here we have the late Oedipus Rex

daughters it's me and it's evening here

discuss the issue a written another book

since the law promises the public

stoning as consequence so I'm taking why

do you think all we shoot very well as a

god fearing loving sister I am I would

like to my brother off with a very

worthy of the gods I don't care if this

over here is or is not like minded

I will not let the will the gospel on

fulfilling you think I like a leader

tommy palmeasy audience also used as

carrion from home tree and who knows

what he is my brother too I grew up with

him for god sake but the law states that

no one is to touch them and we must

abide by I what a good with you if I

broke a lot any president from the sheet

would see it as acceptable to disregard

the law it would be utter our turkey

city as long and as

come on member of the nobility and EPS

it would break my heart see our city go

so you say that she oakley is born and

equal to Polly's it should be honored

more for the fact appallingly since we

trying to be games birthright and don't

use it's all right any cheap leases

defending a dying City I don't care if

this is my home none of you can let it

deceives Prince of ours go without a

proper Billy's burial ceremony you can

call yourselves truth evens well that

was interesting starting to to start a

special stay updated besides from crayon

and coregos and let's see if we can

resolve this issue so free on why do you

feel you must be punished for reactions

she's broken the Kings laws she must be

punished it was a lots of a blind man

that I had broken i am committed no

crimes just like your father you're deaf

to reason would you leave her dead

brother and it does because of a blind

national you're the one who's buying for

disobeying his kingdom his laws it's the

last of the gosset out they not the laws

of crazed man you see it just is this

stubborn woman must be punished for her

actions and for her choice of words that

is where we ought to decide now for the


what a beautiful evening ah oh man he

has a Spartan shield Barnes huge do you

see what Marcia I did see Justin not

only to keep used for blocking the aust

can be used for throwing spine shields

20 gold coins well Korea's pkc that

freighter so would you like to discuss

it with all due respect sir I strongly

advise you to a lot colonies used to be

bigger than what he say such a thing I

believe that his unburied body brings

bad luck upon the city or feet what's

more citizens everywhere are clamoring

for his burial to take place gnosis the

series prior songs are P please sir just

listen to me for just a moment alright

if you insist the altars of the gods are

being cooped up this is because carrion

birds are feasting on polynésie Thunder

a body and disposing of it on temples

this is no better do you really want the

gospel punish you do you really want to

be eternally cursed this is a threat are

you asking for execution Creon please be

reasonable here yes I'm only trying to

give you invaluable advice well I don't

know i need you profess i'm not afraid

to roll with my laws it is not a genie

to decide in favor well seeing as though

your words not any more courageous yes i

will leave Mountain Dew in shortly for

even more of is this and take me or that


how these sandals are really

uncomfortable hi I can send one Chinese

okay wow these sandals are so much

better they're insane oh hey how was a

very nice anyway you can get those for

295 at your local Santa locker thank you

you want to safety that lots of morals

is superior to those of the gods you're

the one is wrong for your broken my lord

will suffer the consequences I was doing

the right thing for the gods my own

brother how do you see wrong with that I

see wrong the fact that you have been so

foolish to break the laws of me the King

polyneices deserves to run away how dare

you say that to my face Creon only you

what you were doing the gossipy very

angry with you thought you have done the

gods the only one that'll be angry with

is you for you have gone against the

king in the cinder leg are you stupid

you are not thinking at all how are you

still king is beyond me how dare you

speak to me like that you're foolish in

March are making for more educated by

the psychic okay you two need to calm

down be quiet for a punish you as well

I've had it with this stupid long enough

I'm taking your broken my lesson it's

else to do without any second thought

perhaps you have forgotten who you're

talking to

King the one in power that means nothing

when you choose to disobey the laws of

gods that's enough you're punishing your

husband's stalled long enough and W

coming to you are you mad right Amy but

there's nothing I can do thank you

wanted a special on his activity

continues well courageous please take a

snap oh right yeah I'm good my bad Oh

see that's the whole thing haha I don't

know Lee Jimmy J have such a sub for you

here on swangas talk show for disability

News Los it's a lot of the gods way of

life cookie man all right Jesus the

options of the god of the Dalton with

the gods are doing footjob bars just

cannot be used for something else too

for throwing spine shields 20 gold