It's Been 84 Years - The Bachelorette Breakdown Clare's Season Week 1 RECAP

last night on the bachelorette

check out the new season of the

bachelorette starting monday may 18th

monday may 18th

oh i'm taking her to rest


it's been 84 years but we did it

we made it after seven months of off


we made it yesterday the bachelorette

season 16

featuring claire and no no not yet tasha

featuring claire crawley premiered and a

little slice of normalcy

even if it's just a small one came back

into our lives

and of course with a new season of the

bachelorette means recap videos and

preview breakdowns

but before we jump into the season

premiere two things number one

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unusual situation with

info about her season being posted from

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chit chat

it's time for claire's journey to begin

now of course

before all the limos and gimmicks we get

a recap of claire's time

on the bachelor and bachelor in paradise

each and every time i've gone on


in bachelor paradise my journey ended so

horribly wrong

yeah it's never worked out for me and it

also doesn't really work out for most

people on the show but

what the heck well did it work for those

people no it never does

i mean these people somehow delude

themselves into thinking it might but

but it might work for us then the season

begins with claire stumbling upon a sith

wayfinder leading her to chris

harrison's hiding place in the

bachelorette bubble

at la quinta resort and spa but of

course it's all a trap

chris harrison consumes one more soul

and claire is now the bachelorette

okay maybe i've spent a little too much

time in isolation naturally the show

then recaps claire being announced as

the lead the show being delayed

and of course the return to filming

which for claire and her men

means testing isolation and more testing

but after making the journey and going

nuts for days alone in the room

it's time for the results

hi blake so your results came back and

he's negative oh my god

god we're gonna beat this okay we're


well apparently in the medicine

community negative means good

thankfully the men are cleared and we

can start our season

so bust out those limos get your

gimmicks ready night one has

finally arrived so after a quick pump up

chat with chris harrison claire heads

out to meet the first limo and group of

men for her season

hi this

is ben first guy out of the limo and i'm

highlighting him because usually the

first guy of the limo is someone who the

producers think is going to be a hit

naturally this is basically the last

time we see him all episode we then go

through a series of men who

shockingly come out in normal clothes

and without cheesy pickup lines

though i'm not sure jordan here isn't

actually two guys with one standing on

the other shoulders

but after those normal introductions we

finally get to

the gimmicks

familiar here's jason paying homage to

claire's night one entrance with juan


either that or he's the guy who stocked

up on too many cupcakes instead of

toilet paper when everything's shut down

we then get kenny who comes in with a

t-shirt of claire's dogs which

she loves and wait wait a minute

is this dude's job description really

boy band manager

wow i i wonder who he manages the

backstreet boys the jonas brothers

oh my gosh is it bts we have the boy

band night right here

in studio i'm hanging out with the band

manager kenny

nope it's a boy band cover band called

the boy band knight

they're about as good as you think we

then get

the surprising return of tyler c

nah it's actually this tyler c i don't

want to jinx myself but i feel really


right now spoiler alert he shouldn't be

then a rolls-royce pulls up with bennett

you know coming from new york all the

way to palm springs the only way to come

was in true hollywood fashion you know

the only way to come was in true

hollywood fashion

this guy comes in with a tuxedo scarf

loafers with no socks

and he won't stop mentioning that he's

from harvard i went to harvard of course

i'm a very you know proud alum

they call it the h-bomb when you drop

that people like oh all right

thanks to my education at harvard

okay it's where i went to school

everybody oh it's just

there's only so many times we can hear

it hammer down our throats and as we

continue the night some of the entrances

are painful all my friends tell me i

give terrible first impressions

what only two percent of the population

has green eyes

he squeezed my hands so hard some are



hey what an entrance let's do it some


straight up weird never a red flag when

you're dressing up like hannibal lecter

some entrances just plain stink



but some or should i say one absolutely

takes claire's breath away

all right


how are you hi come on over

did you hear that claire's voice totally

changed an octave when talking to dale

so this is the man who everyone's been

talking about

dale media outlets and even the preview

footage has shown that claire falls for

dale at some point in the season

only question is how long is it going to

take before

i i feel like i just met my husband okay

season's over

she even stops to have a chat with chris

harrison about it i just know i'm 39

like you know these things i know what i

want i know

when i feel that feeling we then fast

forward through one more limo but


claire's got like one eye looking back

into the resort the whole time hoping to

spot dale

and alright enough introductions let's

toast to a new season

and get the mingling going fart guy zack

is the first one to pull claire aside

and things are actually going pretty

okay for him

but mostly because claire is pushing

that ring box out of her mind and

visualizing that the person sitting

across from her

is actually this now while claire starts

sitting down with each of the men

the guys are also getting an opportunity

to get to know each other and

wait is this dude still wearing the

straight jacket

you know you've met her already you can

you can take the thing off did

did he lose the key or something i

cannot tell you

how i plan to escape separately on an

unrelated note if you happen to find a


brass key now eventually claire sits

down with dale

i always say i'm an empath you know like

me too there's so many things i can't

explain sometimes through words but you

just have a feel this dude could say

hey claire i'm dale and i collect creepy

dolls for a living and claire would

totally be like

i love that we then get to meet honey

who gets my first impression rose

these guys are here even if it's not for

the long haul

it's for a reason a season

or a lifetime and maybe two seasons of

bachelor in paradise

the guys then continue to make their

impressions on claire

ben here gets his first kiss cut from

the show for some reason

they show him playing a high striker

carnival game with claire here but then

cut away from him

but in the preview we saw this shot

interesting that they didn't leave that

in the final edit of the show

then blake here sits down with claire

and apparently he reached out to claire

once things got shut down to ask if she

was okay

something claire recognizes was breaking

the rules but she

appreciated the gesture and it's funny

she mentions breaking the rules with all

the speculation that her and dale had

actually been talking before the season


but after a couple of good sit downs not

everything is hunky-dory in the

bachelorette bubble

i know something that nobody else knows

and if necessary i'll play that card to

protect claire so tyler c here

apparently has friends who joseph's been

flirting with

and it's only episode one and guys are

already coming out with the white

knighting not here for the right reasons

i have to protect claire's stuff

this season is going at warp speed

now of course snitches get stitches and

this kind of thing never goes well on

this show

so tyler confronts joseph about it man

to man but after joseph says there's no

substance to the claims and the two walk

off joseph takes claire aside and pulls

a reversal on tyler saying

he's been making false claims about him

so as things again move at warp speed

and we already have our first two on one

of the season

all the other men who haven't spoken to

claire yet are getting peeved that the

rest of the night

is being taken away by drama and

basically nothing gets said here

joseph says any claims against him are

untrue and he doesn't have a girlfriend

back home

or a girl who thinks she's his

girlfriend and i'm sitting here like

what is this hannah brown season so the

night is nearing its end and

one final thing needs to be done before

the first roast ceremony begins

the handing out of the first impression

rose and to everyone's

absolute shock the first impression rose

goes to

will you accept this road i will accept

this road

my first impression was shocking utterly


but alright we've made it to daylight

the next morning and the very first rose

ceremony of the season

and as the roses go one by one the final

rose of the night comes down to

hand crusher the closest thing to

grocery store joe this season

tattoo chef guy um this guy

super tall guy i don't know who this is

i thought this guy was a pa

and of course tyler c and joseph

yosa and the rose goes to joseph

which of course it does we've seen him

have a blowout fight with claire in the

pre-season previews

so he's got to at least have one more

episode meaning once again

snitching never pays on the bachelorette

and for tyler c

he heads home learning that the most

important lesson while being on the show

is spend your time actually talking to

the lead and not about other men

and that's it that's night one of the


now normally at this point i'd reveal my

prediction for who's going to be in the

top four

and who i think will be the final rose

recipient for the season

but of course we know that everything's

a bit messed up this time around and the

final rose recipient or however it


is going to be dale even the previews

aren't hiding it at this point

but what we don't know is how it's all

going to go down

and how they're going to introduce tasha

into the season

or which one of these men might be the

one who gets tasha's final rose

but all of that is going to be covered

in the preview breakdown

tomorrow so stay tuned for that thank

you all for watching

it's so great to be back doing recaps of

the show and i'm excited for the season

to come

remember we are so close to that 100k

subscriber face reveal

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next time

bachelor fan take out the moment i held

claire's hands it was like the first

time i've touched a woman in

months and it felt amazing her hands are

so soft

he squeezed my hands so hard