What If Anna Was The Villain In Frozen 2?



what if Ana was the villain in frozen -

this is fan scription


Disney Elseworlds is back and this time

we're taking a look at what could have

been with the box-office mega hit frozen

- this is a sequel to our what if Anna

was the villain in frozen episode in

which we changed quite a bit from the

original in addition to other important

alterations the big one involved Elsa's

accidental ice blasts slowly

transforming Anna into a cold-blooded

shell of her former chipper self check

that video out if you haven't so you can

follow along here now we'll definitely

use a few story points from the frozen

sequel but in short there are big

changes ahead so let's dive in with the

same pieces in place and most of the

same spirit in mind let's craft a

divergent and more frigid take on the

second chapter in this saga

we still open on a flashback when Elsa

and Anna were kids they're being put to

bed by their mother when Anna asks the

Queen to tell them a story before they

go to sleep

a Doudna tells her daughters the ominous

tale of the ancient river otter Hollin

she then sings them the all is found

lullaby from the film and will directly

add this familiar vocal cue to that song


with her daughter's tucked in the queen

leaves Anna and Elsa sing that vocal cue

back and forth across the room while

giggling late into the night

we then flash-forward to more recent

events it's been three years since the

original frozen film and Elsa has

honored her promise to her late father

protecting arendelle as a just queen

while her kingdom flourishes Elsa has

never been the same since she lost her

sister on that fateful day when Ana's

heart turned to ice guilt and second

thoughts have become part of her normal

day however they haven't gotten in the

way of leading her people they love her

and she loves them back but in private

moments her mind wanders to musings of

the missing Kristoff and what she could

have done to save her sister her

abilities have also dwindled since that

day three years ago after a morning

greeting with her subjects she sits

alone in her throne room and struggles

to produce a single snowflake with her

once vibrant ice powers Kai enters the

throne room and delicately interrupts

the Queen solitude she has a full day of

meeting with foreign leaders in

preparing arendelle for another harsh

winter we see Elsa go through some of

those duties when she hears something

familiar in the distance

do you hear that what never mind she

hears it again that night which leads to

into the unknown during the song she

seemingly regains her ice powers at the

end a small burst of fire surrounds her

before her renewed ice abilities freeze

the flames in place else's emotions

explode within as she feels hope for the

first time in years hope that her sister

is out there alive she can't explain how

but Elsa can sense on his presence the

next day she informs her advisers that

she'll be venturing out to find the


she places Kai in charge of arendelle

but he's very concerned for her safety

you will Majesty I wish you would let

our guards join you on your journey a

queen should not be traveling alone

Elsa Ponder's an idea don't worry I

won't be alone with a wave of her hand

the Queen recreates Olaf with a more

shiny exterior this permafrost keeps him

cold in warm environments Oh Olaf jumps

to life in a panic with Elsa's powers

nearly gone for such a long time she

wasn't strong enough to bring Olof back

until now his last moment of life was

when Anna's dark storm blew him apart

Elsa leaves with her old friend catching

him up on current events in the process

they traveled to the valley of the

Living Rock and seek grandpoppy for

guidance she informs him of the

situation and her suspicion that anna is

alive also believes her sister might be

at oughta Holland the river their mother

used to sing to them about Bobby says he

can point her in the right direction but

warns her of the threats involved with

travelling to the ancient area to get


she'd have to brave the enchanted forest

from which no one has ever returned over

his long life many have sought the

mystery than atha Holland keeps this

includes a power-hungry troll from long

ago and just a few years back Kristoff

desperate to discover magic that could

help him find Anna

Bobby refuses to let them go alone and

to show them the way he demands to join

Elsa and Olaf on their journey north


the trio leave for the enchanted forest

on their way olaf is curious about the

power hungry troll pabe mentioned


and asks what happened to him poppy

seems pained by the memory but tells the

story anyway spinning his shadows to

illustrate hundreds of years ago an

elder in our tribe named bran sought to

harness three magical elements earth

fire and ice some trolls naturally have

the ability to control earth and bran

was one of those few

despite his wisdom and power there came

a time when abnormally cold winters

started to threaten arendelle and the

valley we call home no one in our tribe

had ever been able to channel the

element of fire but for the good of all

bran found a way the magic he learned

fought back the cold and saved many

lives but slowly it changed he wanted

more but the element of ice was not so

easily mastered the only way to harness

that power was to take it from a natural

source our tribe began to see his soul

twisting toward the dark and we knew if

he was ever to control all three

elements our realm would be bent to his

will a battle ensued for control of the

tribe and we managed to defeat broth

exiling him forever as he fled he vowed

vengeance and warned us he'd returned

wielding the hidden power that utter

Harland keeps he went north and was

never seen again this story leaves Elsa

and Olaf concerned but the queen is

determined to find her sister no matter

the cost



as they get closer to the enchanted

forest the trio can increasingly hear

the voice singing in the distance

Elsa also notices that her powers are

getting stronger when they arrive at the

mist surrounding the forest Elsa and

poppy give each other or nod and they

used their magic to breach the

protective layer once inside they see

that there are many animals but no

humans or magical beings in sight

the voice that was once a direct beacon

now seems to be coming from many

different directions it's not long

before the trio have lost their way as

well as any sense of where they started

hours into their wandering Elsa is

responding to the voice by singing back

to it she then hears a call close by out

of the brush steps a run down Kristoff

badly singing into the open air when he

sees Elsa pabe and Olaf he thinks it's

his mind playing tricks on him oh look

Sven it's Elsa grand pabbie

and Olaf hello old pals he walks past

them unimpressed as Elsa chases after

him Kristoff sorry your majesty

not buying it he rips off a large leaf

from a nearby tree and takes a bite then

hands it to spend who consumes the rest

Kristoff it's really me listen this is

important sure sure

nice outfit I'm surprised my brain could

come up with something so stylish he

walks away again I'm looking for Anna

this stops him in his tracks he turns

around with angry tears in his eyes

Ana's gone lost forever just like me

after he storms off Elsa gets fed up and

shoots a sharp ice blast that takes off

his hat and pins it to the tree in front

of him Kristoff is shocked at first and

pulls the ice shard out of the tree

after a moment his eyes widened with joy

and he runs to hug Elsa lifting her off

the ground yes Olaf grand pabbie I don't

believe it I've been wandering around

here for years I'd lost hope we'll ever

seen you walk Kristoff were you ever

able to find out to Holland Christoph's

mood is brought back down yes but you'll

never be able to get to it

far off in the middle of the ocean they

can just make out a small speck that

looks like a frozen island this is the

river slash glacier known as oughta

haulin Elsa is determined to make it

across the sea and begins trying to

freeze paths for her to travel on her

first few attempts don't end well but

with the help of Grandpa Vee she's able

to make large ice sheets last for a

longer amount of time the whole team

joins her as they hop on top of frozen

wave 2 frozen wave until they get close

to the glacier a big wave then breaks

her final ice sheet and the group washes

ashore on anta Holland the voice is then

heard again coming from a nearby cave

you really think that's Anna Elsa nods

her head when Kristoff walks forward

Elsa stops him I have to do this alone

she's right Kristoff we're not certain

what type of magic lies inside this

place be careful child

Elsa takes a step to the cave when

Kristoff grabs her arm Elsa you bring

her back I will the Queen gathers her

courage and enters the cave we have

always feared Elsa's powers but too much

for this world

now we must pray they are enough from

here we get a more cautious version of

show yourself that leads to the same

memories and the ice wall scenes as in

the original film except it's Ana's

familiar healthy face that is shown

singing with her older sister but then

something changes on his face morphs and

now features cold white skin and bright

blue eyes it's how she looked after

Elsa's magic twisted her frozen heart

darkness fills the cave until a bright

flash of fire lights everything in a

deep red from out of the shadows walks


he's slightly larger than pabe with red

appendages and darker stone skin a sense

of dread follows his every word and his

every step Elsa the ice queen of

arendelle so very happy you received a

message our brawn lights up part of a

wall behind him frozen there behind the

clear ice is the body of Anna still in

her dark form Elsa is he meat

distressed and lunges forward a wall of

fire blocks her path this place offers

great power to one who containment from

here I can see all Braun creates

memories dancing in flames some else's

some his own the more magic brought into

this world the sharper my perception

becomes but there is a cost stay too

long and you can't leave I found that

out the hard way he quickly turns his

gaze from Anna to Elsa

you and your sister made quite the

ruckus a few years back didn't you

your power beautiful wild unrestrained

undeserved Elsa stands in defiant

silence it wasn't difficult to lure your

sister here blinded by hate and dark

magic I thought I had finally found my

prize but you two share a special bond

don't you

she may have power but she's not the

source you Elsa has heard enough let her

go now her hands turned icy blue in

preparation for a fight of course she

will bring you to within an inch of your

life then just before you die I will

take your power the ice wall begins to

crack veneks flow releasing dark Anna

into the world once again she

immediately attacks Elsa and a power

struggle begins

Ana's dark wind and snow battle Elsa's

bright white and blue ice back together

again both their powers are passed full

strength outside the gang hears the

disruption and rushes inside pabe

makes eye contact brawn welcome old

friend cat join in brawn blasts fire at

the group but potti is able to contain


they begin their own battle as brawn

lures pabe deeper into the cave Kristoff

Sven and Olaf are helplessly watching on

as also struggles to match her sisters


and attacks eventually pabe is

incapacitated by a large heat wave and

anna has her sister on the ropes lifting

Elsa into the air with a giant gust of

wind and slamming the Queen onto the ice

blow yes now is the time finish on the

lifts her hands into the air and is

about to strike downward when she

catches else's eyes they're full of

tears hurt and regret she whispers I'm

sorry I couldn't save you on a Ana's

expression drops from hatred to pity and

back again as she struggles with her

intention do it now on his inward

conflict continues as she defiantly

looks back at bran and attempts to fire

an ice blast at the troll counters with

a heat wave that quickly overtakes the

ice just before the flames can reach her

Kristoff rides in on spin and snatches

Anna up onto the reindeer bronze blasts

continue with spend narrowly avoiding

them however if one does melt some of

the ice he's running on and all three

characters violently fall over on a

tries to stand but can only make it to

one neat I took pity on you young one

just as I was you were betrayed cast out

by her own family I gave you a chance

for revenge and this is how you repay me

so be it

you will fall then after I take your

sisters powers I'll be free of this

prison and arendelle will be mine and

mine alone bran blasts out a wave of

fire but right before Anna is hit and

injured Kristoff pushes her out of the

way he takes the fire blasts to his

chest and is knocked back against the

wall Anna is disoriented and sees

Kristoff fighting to breathe she's still

conflicted but crawls to his position

Kristoff chest is badly burned and it's

obvious he doesn't have much time left

he looks lovingly at Anna and reaches

out his hand to touch her face she

almost pulls back at first but once she

sees the love in his eyes she stays put

Kristoff manages a smile before his

final breath a tear rolls down on his

cheek as her face and hair filled with

colour through

Kristof sacrifice an act of true love

she is transformed back to her normal

self a hush falls over the cave as pabe

Elsa and Olaf sombrely react to Kristoff

death the silence is broken by a cruel

laugh they all look to see Braun walking

forward flames in his hands his eyes

glowing red love love only weakens

princess and now my queen your power is


Elsa is still hurt on the ground as

Braun begins to siphon her ice powers

out of nowhere olaf jumps on bronze head

distracting him the troll is able to

throw him off just as pabe paralyzes his

former tribes mate with a final gasp of

magical strength also slowly Rises and

with all her might she blasts wand with

the largest ice wave she's ever produced

bronze fire is put out as he freezes to

solid ice after a moment of uncertainty

spend charges through and shatters

bronze frozen body ensuring his defeat

in a bittersweet moment our heroes

gather around anna and kristoff happy to

see the princess return to her true form

but devastated by the loss of her love

back in arendelle Kristoff is given a

hero's funeral all his friends look on

and honor him in solemn silence with

Anna finally home Sven has attached

himself to her and he never leaves her

side the sisters are happy beyond words

to be back together and they finally

become close again as they were always

meant to be but Anna is right back where

she started stuck in the castle Elsa's

senses her sisters sadness and after a

few weeks informs Anna she'll be leading

groups of arendelle Ian's on a

peregrination of discovery looking for

new lands and allies Anna will be gone

as long as she desires

the princess is somewhat sad to leave

her home and loved ones but she can feel

this is what's right it's what she

always wanted to explore the world

where should I go first south east west

we definitely don't wanna go to north

been there done that

Anna you you can go wherever you like

this is your journey honest miles and

picks up to nearby drinking glasses she

hands one to Elsa and holds hers up to

the unknown Elsa smiles to the unknown

the sisters clink their glasses and we

cut to Anna and Sven leaving a dozen or

so arendelle Ian's with the castle in

the background

Elsa produces a giant snowflake over

arendelle which Ana's sees and smiles at

as she leads her group onward

and that is where we'll wrap things up

continuing with our darker take on the

frozen story this part logically

progressed to a few new places that I

think would have aged well with the aim

of a slightly older audience there are

elements and specific scenes in frozen

two that I really liked but overall I

thought that boobie just got in its own

way too much having to focus on some of

the characters that were left with not

as much to do if it was just an Elsa

movie I think it would have been a more

coherent and better paced story in any

case what did you guys think and what do

you want to see us do in future episodes

let us know and don't forget to check

out the fan scription podcast where we

go deeper into our thoughts on

everything covered here well catch you

next time until then take care out there

in the unknown