The Masked Singer Banana REVEALED as Famous Rock n' Roll SUPERSTAR!

the winner who gets to keep it on is



take a selfie with Sharon Osbourne's

entourage alright the man I'm so sorry

but you know I cannot wait to see your

famous face right yes the first panel

got to give you final guesses well first

I want to see banana you have been so

fun to watch and I hope you're proud of

yourself because you beat out some

pretty big names to be where you are

right now so really you should give your

banana pad on the peel

you know I initially saw your comedian

because we got the blue collar clue I

was saying Bill Engvall for a while we

did then get a lot of rocker clues

especially one particular clue to me

which was 90s love which made me think

of rock of love so I would have a quick

Brett Michaels all right kid what I

really loved about your versatility is I

was convinced the first few outings that

you were a comedian but then the the

clue package about rebranding maybe

doing your own variety series didn't

make me think of Brad Paisley an amazing

recording artist and then I may have

overreached a little bit today with

Keith Urban but now the clown and all

the overall Clues point to Brad Paisley


no no I know it's Bret Michaels I know

his voice so well and when he was

waiting to do the Smackdown he did this

35 years she seems to be quite certain

Nicole okay I was thinking Brad Paisley

as well because an amazing voice very

branding himself a lot of cowboy clues

yes hat on but I don't feel as confident

as this is ophea's so I'm gonna steal

Sharon's guests and I'm gonna go with

Brett Michaels I'm gonna triple down now

that the Queen Mother has spoken over

here and she used to throw Ozzfest and

I'm sure that poison was there many

times then when I heard him in the

Smackdown I could hear the tone and I

think the bug spray said poison to me

and that's what it all made sense so I'm

gonna go with Brett Michaels awesome




banana fans rule the world did you have

enough time to be here with us and

you're rehearsing for your stadium solo

tour I gotta tell you I would have done

anything to get here this is the most

awesome show I've never had such a great

time this is a party you all rock and

the banana fans out here


I just loved watching you thank you very

much I'm so grateful that you were part

of the show and thank you for doing it

you were amazing what but it followed us

nobody would think of a rock god to be


except king honestly I was convinced

your Cannes was just like Larry the

Cable Guy in there that was probably one

of the worst guests is everything you

talk about how much fun you've had on

this show and an amazing experience but

your kids love this show and you watch

this with is that one of the reasons why

you did it so initially 1,000,000% I

loved the show the kids on the show

family loves the show and I want this to

go on forever like it's such an upbeat

positive party the world needs it right


yes honey it's a culture zinger cuddly

your favorite judge of all time you

certainly gave me some sugar tonight yes

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feeling pretty hot and