Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 8 and 9 - The Benefactor Revealed

Hey youtubers it’s Charlie and this is going to be my combined episode 8 and 9 review.

I’ll do a quick run through of my biggest takeaways from episode 8 and just do the normal

top 5 and review for episode 9. I feel like the last couple of weeks have really shown

why MTV chose to not just renew it for a season 5, but for a full 20 episodes. They’re splitting

it up into two parts just like season 3. I’ll explain more about what’s happening at the

end of the video.

So careful for spoilers from the last two episodes if you’re not current. Starting

with Episode 8 commentary.

My oh shit panic moment is Derek losing his powers. We’re a little past halfway in the

season and we still don’t have any new info on what Kate did to him. I totally hate that

it’s destroying the Derek we knew but I love the Derek he’s turning into.

Think back to Season 1 and 2 Derek, he was a total dick. Now he’s like the Obi-Wan

Kenobi big brother to everyone. So much more sympathetic and if Tyler Hoechlin is probably

going to make you cry a lot before the finale.

He is coming back for season 5, so it’s not like he’s dying for good. Despite what

the Banshee Benefactor has predicted. But I feel like he hasn’t hit rock bottom yet,

things are still going to get worse. But if he does have to get his ass handed to him

at least he’s got Braeden.

Great Sex Scene. Not HBO levels of skin, but I was still really happy to see them get together.

I also like the way they paired the sex scene visually with the table full of guns. There’s

all kinds of imagery going on with those two things that I could spend 6 videos talking


Which leads me to the big reveal. The Benefactor is a Banshee, only they can confirm death

without seeing a body. Scott’s death sequence wasn’t quite as trippy as the ones in season

3 but I liked the way they used Liam. I think Scott’s unconscious mind was just processing

his fears.

He has alpha powers, but I don’t think that gives him straight up foresight like Lydia

has. It’s probably just his wolf spidey-sense interacting with all the current worries he

has for Liam and the others.

Lydia’s Grandmother didn’t end up quite the way I expected, but I’ll talk more about

that when I get to episode 9.

Malia is kind of pushed to the side. I think we’re all feeling she’ll eventually come

back to the pack. Not right away, but there’s no way she’s over Stiles. I think he’s

her anchor, so she’ll always come back. Her scene with Peter wasn’t quite as diabolical

as I expected either. I was expecting him to get a little more shakespearean. But I

am really interested in the new mystery of Malia’s mother. I actually thought Peter

had an affair with Henry Tate’s wife, but turns out her biological mother is something

more coyote-like. Which is pretty adorable. Let me know when you think we’ll meet her

mother or if you think they’ll hold off till season 5 to reveal her.

Overall episode 8 was a solid B plus, great character development for Derek, nice seeding

of new plotlines with Malia’s mother and Lydia’s Grandmother. Kira felt like she

got pushed to the side a little for these other stories despite being a pretty critical

part of their plan. I’m waiting for more Lacrosse so she can kick some butt.

Moving on to Episode 9, again, one more time, if you haven’t seen it, careful for spoilers.

I’ll wait just a sec...okay, here we go. Top 5 moments. Starting with Number 5 - Parrish

On Fire

This was probably my favorite moment in general and the perfect opening to an episode. I just

made it my number 5 because I wanted to talk about it first. They don’t even bother to

explain things in great detail. The title of the episode was Perishable. That other

deputy is Lou Ferrigno’s son in real life by the way. The Hulk’s son is a villain.

Totally makes sense.

Dissecting what he might be: I think he’s either a twist on something we’ve seen or

something totally new. But he’s not just exactly like anyone in the pack. Part of this

season has been about the wide variety of supernatural creatures in beacon hills.

We’ve got Werewolves, Lightning Kitsunes, Banshee’s, Wendigos and now whatever he

is. Here’s a quick list of mythological creatures that are resistant to fire:

Fire Kitsunes, Kira is a lightning kitsune, but fire is the other kind. There’s Dragons,

Phoenixes, Jinn, Firebirds, Chimera, Salamanders. Just to explain that one, in Ancient Greek,

the word for Salamander means “being that lives in fire and withstands high temperatures”.

Then there’s Kapre, Fire Giants, Cherufe and Fire Serpents.

Of all those things, I think it’s more likely he’s a fire kitsune or a phoenix. If you

look at the way Kira’s powers work, she absorbs electrical discharge. I don’t know

if she can still be burnt by electricity but I don’t think so. Which makes me think that

Parrish is a phoenix, because he looked like he burnt in the fire, then regenerated himself.

I don’t expect them to reveal what his till the end of the season, but I’m glad he’s

working inside the pack now. I think it just means he’s going to be an official member

of the team in

season 5.

Number 4 - Lydia’s Grandmother Is Explained

I was totally expecting her to end up being the benefactor, her background in tech was

a nice twist and I really appreciate that they took the time to give her a very detailed


Visually the way they filmed the flashback with Lydia walking in and out of scenes was

awesome. Usually they post really cool looking scenes like that online at some point just

to show you how they shot them. For anyone that’s interested in filmmaking.

Number 3 - Liam Goes Crazy

He’s having this Jack Nicholson Shining arc where he slowly goes crazier and crazier.

All work and no play make Liam a dull beta. They’ll have to resolve that at some point

because at the party he was trying to drown himself in alcohol. Despite not being able

to get drunk because of their healing factor.

Just to be clear, all the printers were printing the deapool list, to everywhere in beacon


I wonder what made Liam jump to 18 Million dollars though. It seems like the whole pack

or anyone who’s close to finding out who the benefactor is would jump in value.

I think it just means that Liam is more connected to said Benefactor than we think.

Number 2 - The Bonfire

I loved the way they set this up with Parrish, making us think that a bunch of people were

all going to die at the same time. That was foreshadowing the team going after the pack.

It seems like the music was just playing some weird frequency that stupefied them.

This was like the logical breaking point in the episode, the oh shit moment, even though

it totally got upstaged by the benefactor reveal.

And my number 1 WTF moment of course: Meredith is the Benefactor

There was a whole lot going on during the eichen house portion of the episode the reveal

was just the biggest part. I loved Brunski’s tapes. I bet if you bribed him he’d totally

make you a mixed tape. I can only imagine what he’d put on it.

The twist that he was helping Meredith was great but I am a little worried that the whole

thing is going to be a simple revenge story. Meredith getting revenge on everyone for what

happened to her. That feels like it would be a letdown after all the time they spent

teasing this out.

So many interesting things here though. Brunski seemed like his character exploded with complexity

right before he died. I guess that’s the tradeoff, Teen Wolf kills you off, but they

let you make you really interesting before doing so.

He said he was helping the inmates by killing them, I wonder if this was because of some

creepy religious belief. Like the Faceless Men in a song of ice and fire. They view murder

as a sacrament to their god. He was so great as a creepo though, Peter

is going to have to get extra creepy to fill the void. Wouldn’t that be funny if Peter

became the new caretaker of Eichen House. I’d totally buy that.

The whole Benefactor operation seems like it was localized to Eichen House, as in Meredith

only made people in there help her. Like Lydia’s grandmother and Brunski.

It makes you wonder who else is helping her. Probably not Kate and Peter, they seem like

they have their own agendas.

But let me know why you think Meredith started the Deadpool List, why does she want to kill

all supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills?

Fingers crossed that it goes deeper than simple revenge.

Overall I gave this episode an A minus for making Parrish one of the most interesting

characters on the show right now and for not waiting to pay off the Benefactor Reveal.

There’s always a risk in waiting too long to reveal the big villain. If you wait till

the end of the season and you don’t intend to carry them over to the next season you

lose a lot of time letting them get their Loki swerve on. Meredith being the new Loki

of the series.

Clearly she’s been faking her disability this whole time. And now we get 3 more episodes

with her being this crazy villain on screen.

I wonder if they learned their lesson last season with waiting too long to reveal Jennifer

in 3A and Nugitsune Stiles in 3B. I would have liked to see a lot more of Stiles as

a supervillain going crazy all over everyone.

Let me know what you think. Do you like finding out who the main villain is in the middle

of the season or right before the end?

I think revealing them earlier just lets you have more fun with them but I can understand

not wanting to show them right away.

This season has gotten better and better. All the characters feel more relatable, the

plot isn’t so crazy it’s distracting and the return of Lacrosse has been so much fun.

Especially Kira and Lacrosse.

Right now the wiki is listing the remaining three episodes airing each week with no breaks.

Episode 10 is Monstrous, I’m hoping that means they explain Parrish. Episode 11 is

“A Promise to the Dead”, hopefully that will explain Meredith’s backstory and they

haven’t revealed the title of the finale. Probably because it’s something spoilery.

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