CS:GO Pros Answer: Who is the Best Counter-Strike Player Ever?

if I had to put you on the spot nasty to

choose who the best player of all time

is who would it be I have I'm gonna say

I'm gonna say neo cuz he's a super nice

guy he's ended his career now I think

I'm not sure it seems like it has and in

1.6 he was apparently legendary and he

won a few majors in Cisco's mm-hmm

get right I'm have to put it all off I'm

like a big forest fan but he was never

like truly the best I take off he was

way more impressive than like say one

cold air was the best Olaf was entering

creating space for his team and he was

still considered a number one player and

he was at all these players that he'd

make and he didn't really rely on his

teammates you kind of just brute force

simple yeah my fault yeah by far uh I

don't know like he's he's obvious like

the best player and he's I it depends on

your criteria right cuz i reaiiy really

I think device can't have an argument

for best player but simple on an

individually skilled level is obviously

like by far the best but in terms of at

some point when you have a conversation

on the greatest player I think you do

need to include you know the team

accolades in there which I know is gonna

be probably a controversial opinion but

you know once you get to the greatest

player it's no longer the best player

and the greatest players win

championships and I think device is

obviously far away with that one oh no

right now like I've been a fan of so

many players but like cold when he was

like playing Nico like everyone when

they like at that peak just has a really

good take so yeah hard to compare them

over best player of all time simple by

far yeah best player of all time account

shot forest yeah well actually we don't

have enough years of csgo yet because we

have many different players between

those years but if I would have picked

one unfortunately it's not in a team

anymore it's get right because it's been

gods of CS at the beginning on csgo and

in politic he was so good as well so we

have picking more emo forest because

both went through csgo with the

legendary record legendary achievements

so we're I would pick one of those guys

though even though he's gonna been kind

of being up there for a year would you

still say he's the best yeah I watch him

play and his game sense and his aim is

just unreal he's good of every weapon

it's a good question I think it'll be

between be between cold sera and

probably put put simulant as well right

I think he is he's been up there for so

long and he really took the peak to a

next level code Sarah was consistent for

for two years you know being the best

player in the world and really producing

an insane amount of consistent resolve

consistent performance so did symbol but

I think symbols peak was a little bit

higher than currently aware of the times

and I think Oh Sarah had a more cut out

for him in the sense that he was playing

on a team that was actually build

functioning woody might be our SK gaming

in the big R in the back back in the old

days West for symbol Navi has always

been a team that never really functioned

well right there's always been some some

rumors about some circumstances within

the team that wasn't really working out

despite all that he's still been able to

perform at a very high level so if I had

to pick one I'd say symbol is the best

player to ever touch counter-strike but

it's a close call between the two who is

the best player of all time in

counter-strike me yeah