Best Female Footballer From EVERY Continent

it has been almost 18 months since I set

up a chat CC salmon's and in that time

we have never done a video covering

women's football we have very

occasionally had videos which featured

female players but never one explicitly

covering the women's game there have

been plenty of requests for us to cover

women's football over that time but my

response was always the same I simply

don't watch enough nor do I feel

informed enough to cover the women's

game with the accuracy and interest that

it deserves I've tried to watch more

humble women's football over the last

year or so though and now felt like a

good time to get me again we're doing

the best female footballer from each

continent since that is the best

performing video we've ever had covering

the men's game I have no idea how this

video will do YouTube is a very

male-dominated platform and our own

audience is 96% male as always if this

video does well we'll try to do some

more videos about the women's game in

the future this particular video is

based purely on current ability here are

our views of the best female footballer

from each of the seven continents Asia

Sachi Kumagai starting as always with

Asia Suk Akuma guys the captain of the

Japanese national team Asian countries

have enjoyed more success in the women's

game than they have in the men's and

Japan have overtaken China over the last

decade or so as the continents standout

nation they caused a real upset the 2011

Women's World Cup in Germany when they

beat the United States on penalties in

the final to claim that first world

title four years later in Canada they

met the USWNT in the final once again

losing out 5-2 on mark Asian South

Korea's ji so-yun

and China's Wang Chuang deserve to be

mentioned beiges best female footballer

right now has to be Saki Kumagai the 28

year old defensive midfielder brings an

injection of class and energy to a

midfield and share a fantastic year with

both club and country a key cog in the

Leon side which won a domestic and

Champions League double she was Japan's

star woman as they won the 2018 AFC

Women's Asian Cup for the second time

having won a first calf for Japan at the

age of 17 Kumagai has reached a century

of caps

aged only 20

and she takes this one for us Africa

Tabitha Cho Inga women's football faces

real struggles in Africa in terms of

both the sports images being very

masculine as well as in terms of

fundings which is always required to

grow the sport and get women into the

game Nigeria are undoubtedly the finest

women's team in Africa both historically

and right now

but they have been unable to replicate

their dominance of the African game on

the world stage arguably the two finest

female African footballers are strikers

who play their club football in China

and we've given the nod to Malawi

international Tabitha Cho Inga in favor

of Nigeria's former Arsenal and

Liverpool forward Asus at Asha wala Chu

Inga is among the most prolific

goalscorers in the women's game having

scored 123 goals in 87 games during her

time in Sweden and 11 goals in 12 games

since moving to China an instinctive

forward withdraw pace strength and such

a sharp eye for goal Cho Ingres still

only 22 and many people expect to see

her back in Europe or playing in the

States before long Europe Amandine Omri

many of you may have been expecting

ardour Hagar Berg to take the title for

Europe since the Norwegian front woman

recently won the first-ever women's

Ballon d'Or hegerberg is a superb centre

forward so strong and tough to


as well as being a real live wire in the

penalty box honorable mentions to must

go to the likes of Pernell harder of

Wolfsburg and both Lucy bronze and Wendy

Renard at Liam but the female footballer

I have been most impressed with in

Europe is Amandine honoree

yet another leon player it's little

wonder they had such a fantastic


Omri is almost undoubtedly the finest

mid belt player in the women's game a

fantastic character and from what we've

seen the most important player in that

Leon side honoree is a really complete


she's good on the ball knee in the pass

and scores a remarkable number of goals

from the centre of midfield despite

often operating from quite a deep

starting position

this year's Lea title with Leon was

honorees 10th nine having come in France

and while in the United States in 2007

see North America Alex Morgan despairing

tasted very little success in the men's

game North America and the United States

in particular has long been seen as a

mecca for women's football or soccer

alex morgan is probably one of the

biggest names in women's football and

quite rightly son co-captain of the

United States women's national team the

29 year old husband are quite incredible

153 caps for a country to date

scoring 98 goals in the process smart

answer footed Morgan is naturally best

known for a goal scoring but her all

round forward game continues to improve

making her a dream of a striker to play

alongside other North Americans we have

to mention include USWNT stars Carli

Lloyd Megan Rapinoe and crystal Dunn as

well as Canada's prolific veteran centre

forward Christine Sinclair who could

soon overtake Abby Wambach as the

all-time leading goalscorer in women's

international football south america

martyr quite possibly the finest female

footballer of all time brazil legend

martyr may no longer be at her

mind-boggling heights of the mid to late

2000s that she's still the continent

standout player in our eyes recognized

as an outstanding talent from a very

young age master began her professional

career at the age of 14 between 2006 and

2010 she won five consecutive FIFA World

Player of the Year awards a period of

time which included spells in Sweden the

United States and Brazil this 7 is about

the HERA now though and right now Martha

is 32 and she's Alex Morgan strike

partner at solando prize

Marta hasn't been quite as prolific in

2018 as previous years but her flair

technique and intelligence on the pitch

still make her stand out from a model

Australia / Oceania Samko whilst women's

football has struggled in Africa due to

its masculine image there it's quite the

opposite in much of Australia and

Oceania in 2015 football or soccer we

should say to avoid any confusion

overtook netball to become the second

most popular sport among girls in

schools in Australia with some research

suggesting it may even of overtaken

swimming to take top spot the men's game

meanwhile tends to play second third or

even fourth fiddle in the region facing

competition from the likes of rugby

union Aussie Rules and cricket

Australia's national women's team has

reached the quarter-final stage in each

of us three World Cups and we wouldn't

be surprised to see them go one stage

further in either 2019 or 2020 three

from Lydia Williams - Emily van egmond

Australia house and talented individuals

at their disposal whilst New Zealand

star woman Abbey air sac is a rock at

the back for North Carolina courage in

the NWSL in truth though picking Sam

Kerr for Australia / Oceania was the

easiest decision of the lot at the age

of 25 she is one of the best female

footballers on the planet bright

inventive and prolific Kerr is quite

possibly the most dangerous forward in

women's football right now following two

fantastic seasons with sky blue FC she

joined Chicago red stars in January 2018

where she has since scored 16 goals in

17 games

Antarctica Susan avalanche whilst our

world famous men's continents video yes

I did just call it world famous was

dominated by forward players of wide man

there is a real mix of forwards and

central defensive midfielders here

Susan avalanche is a world-class

midfield enforcer capable of acting as a

screen in front of a back full or in a

slightly more advanced role she is such

a powerful and athletic presence in the

middle of the park strong in the air and

uncompromising in the tackle

avalanche may not be as graceful as

tracy chill on a sheet RI on the spit

that she's the most effective player in

the women's Antarctic Peninsula Premier

League right now and therefore our

choice when manager Marcelo nippy

brought Avalanche to rail frozen lake in

January of 2017 the club looked destined

for mid-table mediocrity and their

current status as one of the continents

top three sides is thanks in no small

part to their towering nine-year-old

midfield Colossus so that's it for our

first seven covering women's football

please do let us know what you think of

the idea was covering the women's game

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