Ranking all 32 NFL Teams' No. 1 Running Back for 2020 from WORST to FIRST


we're in an era where the running back


is being devalued teams are rarely

spending high draft picks and large

amount of dollars on their backfields

and why because running backs are easy

to replace it's not hard to find a

thousand yard back in this day and age

but it's still important to have a

reliable runner who can take over a game

when needed

you can't win a super bowl in this day

and age with a one-dimensional

offense so here are our rankings for all

32 starting running backs in the nfl

from worst to first for the 2020 season

number 32 ronald jones tampa bay


the bucks have always been a pass-heavy

team under bruce aryan with tom brady

now in the fold

supplemented by two superstar deceivers

what's the point of putting an emphasis

on the ground game

jones had 742 yards and six touchdowns

for the bucks last year but his workload

will likely reduce in 2020.

the bucks will be throwing the ball a

lot and they use the third round pick on

kishon vaughn who should challenge jones

for lead-back duties

number 31 cam acres los angeles rams

the rams decided to release former star

todd gurley this offseason

the reigns will be handed down to rookie

cam akers whom the rams drafted in the

second round at number 52 overall

akers has a wonderful skill set that

should mesh nicely in sean mcvay's


but he's a rookie and we can't just

assume that'll be great right away

it may take a year or two until acres

begins to take off at the professional


number 30 deandre swift detroit lions

look we love deandre swift as the player

we just don't know how he'll fit on a

detroit lions team that rarely uses its

running backs effectively they haven't

had a thousand yard rusher since 2013

when reggie bush hit the mark the lions

are always going to be a pass-heavy team

with matt stafford

if swift went just about anywhere else

he'd probably be a few spots higher on

this list

hopefully the lines maximize the skill

sets though number 29

david johnson houston texans remember

when johnson was the ultimate must-have

in fantasy football those were the days

after another disastrous season with the

cardinals johnson was traded to the

houston texans as a part of the


clearly bill o'brien still sees a lot of

value in johnson i mean the texans made

carlos hyde a thousand yard back last


so if johnson stays healthy maybe

o'brien will been on to something

number 28 clyde edward zelaire kansas

city chiefs

as if patrick mahomes and the chiefs

didn't have enough offensive weapons to

begin with edward ziller was taken 30

second overall by the defending super

bowl champions and you know he'll

produce right away

the ground game was a weak link in casey

last year but that will change with

edward delaire in the fold

don't be shocked if he hits 1000 yards

and double-digit touchdowns in his

rookie year

number 27 jade's connor pittsburgh


connor flourishes le'veon bell's

replacement in 2018

with 973 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns

but injuries

in the absence of ben roethlisberger led

to a down year for connor who finished

with a mere 464 yards and four

touchdowns on 116 carries

conor might not even be pittsburgh's

lead back for 2020.

jalen samuels or rookie anthony

mcfarland jr could very well win the

starting duties over him

needless to say it's a make or break

here for conor in the steel city

number 26 sony michelle new england


a plethora of injuries on the pato line

led to a down year from michelle who

went down from 4.5 yards per carry in

2018 to a

lowly 3.7 yards per carry in 2019

although he did cross the 900 yard mark

for the second straight season tom brady

may be gone but you know bill belichick

will continue to put an emphasis on the

ground game especially if cam newton is

a starting quarterback

then he'll really want to run the ball

down the opposition's throat expect a

bit of a bounce back here for michelle

number 25 jordan howard miami dolphins

2 1 000 yard seasons and three 900 yard

seasons through his first four years

and yet howard will be on his third team

in as many years

after losing the starting job to miles

sanders in philadelphia howard was

traded to the dolphins this offseason he

should flourish their under head coach

brian flores although fellow newcomer

matt brida could challenge for the

starting gig as well

but given his track record howard should

be the lead back for at least the start

of the season we'll find out if the

dolphins can help him regain that 1000

yard form again

number 24 adrian peterson the ageless

wonder continues to play at a high level

in his mid 30s

absolutely remarkable in an era where

many running backs hit the end of their

primes before they turn 30.

after rushing for 1042 yards in 2018

ap continued to produce in 2019

finishing with 898 yards and five


we do expect its role to be

significantly reduced in 2020 however

as washington now has three talented

young backs and bryce love antonio

gibson and darius guys

number 23 marlon mack indianapolis colts

rookie jonathan taylor will push for the

starting job but he's gonna have to earn


mack has been a workhorse on the colts

offense he hit 1091 yards and eight

touchdowns last season the year before

mack had 908 yards and nine scores he's

playing like a true number one back but

taylor's skill set and the threat he

poses to max workload cannot be ignored

number 22 le'veon bell new york jets

belle's first year at the jets was a

major disappointment head coach adam

gase renowned for his offensive mind

only got 789 yards a woeful

3.2 yards per carry and three touchdowns

out of him

on the bright side bell was still

productive in the passing game with 66

catches for 461 yards

but with the money he's being paid bell

ought to be at least a thousand yard


no excuses the jets offense picked it up

in the second half of the last season so

there is some reason

for optimism in 2020. number 21

todd gurley atlanta falcons it's easy to

write girly off given his recent injury


the ram sure gave up on him quickly

after all but folks gurley quietly

turned in a pretty good year behind an

awful o-line while dealing with injuries

he had 857 yards and 12 rushing

touchdowns he wasn't as explosive and

not very productive in the passing game

but gurley showed he can still be a

number one back

gurley is at least an upgrade over

devonta freeman who's been hampered by

injuries himself

as the falcons watch his workload and

keep him fresh and gurley might hit 1

000 yards again

don't sleep on him number 20 kenyon

drake arizona cardinals

drake took off after the dolphins traded

him to arizona

he finished with 643 rushing yards and

eight touchdowns in eight games with his

new team

averaging a whopping 5.2 yards per carry

cliff kingsbury made the most of drake's

talents following his arrival you can

expect a monster season for the

cardinals back he's an

absolute must-have on your fantasy team

number 19

mark ingram baltimore ravens ingram

played a monumental role on a ravens

team that set the record for most

rushing yards in the single season

he recorded 1018 yards and 10 touchdowns

helping lamar jackson win the mvp as the

ravens cruised to a 14-2 record

ingram is a brilliant fit in greg

roman's offense that said you know

jackson gus edwards rookie jk dobbins

possibly even justice hill will probably

get their fair share of carries so

statistical regression is likely for

ingram doesn't mean he can't be a game

changer in their offense though

number 18 miles sanders philadelphia


sanders tuned in a brilliant rookie year

for the eagles 818 rushing yards and

three touchdowns

with so many injuries to key receivers

doug peterson has had to rely on his

lead back to help the offense and

sanders did just that a monster

sophomore year is in store for sanders

the eagles are no longer an

rb by committee team this is sanders

backfield now and he's set to build off

a superb rookie season

number 17 leonard fournette jacksonville


and what many deemed a make or break

year for fournette the third year

running back tuned into his best season

yet he's at a career high in rushing

yards with 1152

and fournette was productive in the

passing game too with 76 receptions for

522 yards

fournette's name has popped up a plenty

in trade rumors despite being a two-time

thousand-yard rusher he may not have a

long term future in jacksonville but

when healthy he's truly a starting

caliber rb

you just have to hope that his body will

hold up number 16

melvin gordon denver broncos one has to

assume that the broncos are planning to

make gordon the starter over philip


you don't give a running back 16 million

dollars over two years to be a backup

the gordon signing surprised many

considering lindsay is a two-time

thousand yard rusher

gordon struggled in his final year with

the los angeles chargers having missed

the first

four games due to a holdout well a

healthy and motivated gordon should rush

for something in the 800 to 1100 yard

range behind a steady offensive line in

denver but we also wouldn't be shocked

if lindsay manages to take over the

starting duties either way the broncos


set at running back number 15 david

montgomery chicago bears

the bears heavily underused montgomery

in his rookie season

it's beyond us how they prioritize

putting the ball in mitch trubisky's

hands instead of montgomery who tallied


rushing yards and six touchdowns head

coach matt nagy won't make that same

mistake again

he knows he has a special weapon in the

backfield here montgomery will be the

centerpiece of the offense in 2020 and

he should hit one thousand plus yards in

year two

consider montgomery as sleeper in your

fantasy giraffes

number 14 austin eckler los angeles


with melvin gordon gone echler is the

undisputed lead back in la

although he produced a respectable 557

yards and three touchdowns on 132

carries eckler was especially dangerous

as a pass catcher he had 92 receptions

for 993 yards and eight touchdowns in


simply brilliant that claire and justin

jackson can easily share the rushing

duties but eckler as a receiver is why

we placed him on the top half of this


he's an absolute machine in that offense

number 13

devin singletary buffalo bills

singletary played a major role in the

bill's success last season

helping them earn just their second

playoff birth in the 21st century he had

775 rushing yards and two scores but

with frank gore long gone this could be

singletary's opportunity to really make

a name for himself in the nfl

and boy he's ready for it singletary was

one of the most explosive backs whenever

he got the ball last year

everybody knew the bills found a hidden

gem when they snagged him in the third

round at number 74 overall in 2019.

expect a pro bowl caliber season in

2020. number 12 rahim moster

san francisco 49ers most dirt emerged as

the leader in a crowded 49ers backfield

after a productive regular season he was

virtually unstoppable in the playoffs

with 336 total rushing yards and five

touchdowns in three games

kyle shanahan sure found gold here most

dirt is unquestionably the lead back

after his dominant postseason showing

we can't wait to see what he has in

store for 2020.

number 11 aaron jones green bay packers

jones was arguably the mvp of the

packers offense last season

first year head coach matt lafleur

decided to run the ball more

rather than completely relying on aaron

rodgers and it turned out to be the

right call

green bay won 13 games in route to an

nfc championship game appearance

jones rushed for 1084 yards and 16


tying derek henry for the league lead in

the latter category

there is no reason to believe that jones

can't be just as good if not better in

2020 he'll be a focal point on this

offense once again

number 10 chris carson seattle seahawks

back-to-back 1000 yard seasons and 16

total touchdowns since 2018

what more do you want to know carson is

an absolute stud who compliments russell

wilson in the passing game perfectly

carson unfortunately suffered a

season-ending hip injury in week 16

against arizona

what a difference he could have been in

the postseason as long as he's healthy

carson will be near the top of the

leaderboard in rushing yards once again

number 9. joe mixon cincinnati bengals

despite being stuck on a lowly bengals

team mixon has been one of the league's

top running backs over the last two

seasons he's crossed the 1

100 yard mark for the second straight

year in 2019

while rushing for five touchdowns as the

bengals try to assimilate joe bro to the


don't be surprised if they give mix in a

heavier workload why not use this

play-making running back while your

rookie qb

tries to build his confidence don't be

surprised if mixon is a top 5 rusher

this year

number 8 dalvin cook minnesota vikings

the vikings saved their season by

putting the ball in the hands of dalvin


and wouldn't you know it kirk cousins

actually played better because the

vikings didn't rely on the passing game


credited to kevin stefanski and gary

kubiak for implementing a rush heavy

offense under cook

who turned in his best season yet with

1135 yards and 13 touchdowns

assuming the holdout doesn't affect his

performance cook will once again be the

engine that steers the mini offense in


number seven alvin kamara new orleans

saints camaro's production slipped a bit

in 2019

but he was still an instrumental piece

of the saints offense not only is he

dangerous as a runner but chimera is

among the lead

elite past catchers on the backfield

don't forget that drew brees missed five

games last season

that affected khmer's production a bit

but he's still an elite fantasy player

and he'll continue to be a potent part

of the saints juggernaut going forward

number 6 josh jacobs las vegas raiders

one can easily assume that jacobs

deserved the offensive rookie the year

award over kyler murray

he was a star in his first nfl season

rushing for 1150 yards and seven


you just knew john gruden was going to

do great things with jacobs as his

running back we cannot wait for the


jacobs is going to be an absolute stunt

in 2020. number five nick chubb

cleveland browns

the browns were arguably the nfl's

biggest disappointment in 2019

that's not all the fault of nick chubb

though his 1494 rushing yards placed

chubbs second in the entire nfl

stefanski the new head coach in

cleveland did wonders with cook and


now he gets chubb another one of the

league's top tier running backs

wow don't be shocked at all if chubb is

your 2020 rushing leader

this guy has a promising future ahead of

him number four

derek henry tennessee titans if the nfl

had an

annual mvp award for running backs it

would have gone to henry in 2020.

he won the rushing title with 1 540

yards and as

mentioned earlier his 16 rushing

touchdowns were tied with aaron jones

for the league lead

henry was a beast in the postseason too

he single-handedly defeated the patriots

in the wild card round he then guided

tennessee past mvp lamar jackson and the

ravens before

finally bowing out to kc in the afc

title game henry finished the postseason

with 446 rushing yards and three

touchdowns he even threw a touchdown

pass in the playoff win against


it's obviously unlikely that henry will

repeat his mvp-like season from 2019

but he's still in that elite class of

running backs the titans will continue

to lean on him in 2020.

number three shaquan barkley new york


barkley unfortunately missed three games

in 2019

due to an ankle injury so he wasn't able

to take his game to a whole new level

following a

dominant rookie year that's okay he

still recorded one thousand three yards

and six touchdowns if he plays all 16

games he'll be a

game-changing force all over the field

and another year of experience for

daniel jones should only help barkley as

he looks to assert himself as the nfl's

best back

number two ezekiel elliott dallas


two rushing titles in his first three

years three pro bowl selections over

1 300 yards and three of four seasons


zeke is a superstar all right elliott

has to be considered one of the primary

favorites to win the rushing title in


again he was fourth in 2019 with 1

357 yards mike mccarthy will build his

offense around elliot nothing more to

say here you know who elliot is

and just how much he dominates number


christian mccaffrey carolina panthers

1000 rushing yards and 1 000 receiving

yards in one season

yeah you're the league's best running

back all right mccaffrey became just the

third player in nfl history to join the

1000 1000 club in 2019.

who are the other two guys oh just a

couple of average joes by the name of

roger craig and marshall falk even


starting qb cam newton for 14 games

mccaffrey had 1

387 rushing yards 15 rushing touchdowns

and 116 catches for 1005 yards and 4

receiving touchdowns

mccaffrey is the nfl's best running back

until proven otherwise

don't add us it's no wonder carolina

made him the nfl's highest paid back in

the off season

but hey who do you think is the best

running back in the nfl entering 2020

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