"BlackFishing" In Hip Hop. J-Lo ,MGK, 69, & More Let's talk

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a uh a brand new episode of the evolve

how you guys doing on today you know

what i'm doing all right i'm doing

all right today i wanted to take some


i wanted to take some time to talk a

little bit about something called

black fishing uh something that happens


too often inside of

hip-hop especially especially inside of

the black culture

so but

before i jump ahead let me just say


black fishing it is depending on the

cases and depending on the content

it can be used in a lot of different


but with regards to hip hop when we're

talking about black fishing we're

talking about

when someone who is someone who is not


african descendant or is not

established inside of the culture of


they try to appeal they try to appeal to

african americans or hip-hop itself to

capitalize on

monetary gains or fame that's your

that's basically in simple defiance um

when i'm talking about black fishing and

today i want to really talk about three

three main people that really fit that's

going to help me

kind of carry this dialogue because

the other day the other day jennifer

lopez jlo

um as known as jlo she

she made she had the song and she said

something along the lines of in her song

uh negreta negreta meaning um

you know she was just saying that i'm a

black girl you know you know i had the

black girl struggle

you know j lo um the pr

and what got me thinking was you know

hearing j.lo say that in her song

you know that's what birthed this this

little live stream i'm talking about on

today black fishing

because someone like j.lo who

is not black and someone like j-lo who

whose parents who's both parents are

puerto ricans someone like

j-lo who uh was born and

um who was born in the bronx of new york


like i said she is puerto rican she has

all throughout her career

she has capitalized on she has

capitalized on the fact that

uh certain latinos and certain latinos

and puerto ricans and

native americans they tend to have this


this tan and their skin um she has

always capitalized on

that in in her career which is going to

lead me into

black fishing i mean because

jlo she came

inside of hip hop and what made and what


jennifer lopez let's start by saying

jennifer lopez what made

her really induct herself

easily inside of um hip-hop and really


fame was the fact that she had a lot of

big-time co-signers

a lot of a lot of people that were

already inside of hip hop who

pretty much vouched for her um

you know people like jiro ja rule had


in a lot of songs people like uh

fat joe fat joe had her on a lot of


fat joe and um p diddy p

diddy actually you know and p diddy and

murder inc

um all these you know she's with that

label and not just that but then

she done a lot with ll cool j you know

ll coogee

jarrow murder inc fat joe um all of

these people

they helped vouch for this jennifer

lopez as this

black figure as this black woman as you


help her con help her sustain and


on this tanniness now here's the thing

don't get me wrong

because with black fishing you know i'm

not saying that

um i'm not saying that uh

the problem the problem does not lie

with the fact that she ha

is not black and she is doing hip-hop

and all of this different things like


that's not the problem because let me

tell you hip-hop it is

the most and it is the most acceptable

and most approachable music genre

in the world i mean no

no um no other

music genre no other music

no other music except you know have such


wide range of acceptance you know there


country hip-hop there is ballet hip-hop

there is

there is uh there is rock hip-hop i mean

hip-hop it goes across every span

of music and like i said and so the

problem was not

that she was

as a puerto rican and that's what i want

to get to black fishing

um as a puerto rican and as a latino

you know representing herself inside of

hip-hop because hip-hop welcomed

the different types of arts hip-hop says


if you can do it you know create this

art it's all right

but the fact is is that jlo

and actually p diddy he helped coined

that phrase you know when she came over

with p

diddy um p diddy decide hey jennifer

lopez it's sound

too latino and this is what he told her

it sounds too latino people

we need to give you more of that black

appeal you know this is a conversation

that p diddy

had with jennifer lopez at the time and

he's like let's really try to push this


you know this more of this black culture

this hip-hop-ish

this this type deal starting to induct


inside and you know assimilating

assimilating you inside of this

community as jlo and we got to get rid

of this

jennifer lopez see we have done this all


all throughout hip-hop now like i was

saying the problem it didn't lie with

her coming in and doing stuff like that

like i'm gonna go over with the other

two but

the problem is is that oh


jlo she made her money she made her


she did her thing she got her fame and

you know what she's doing now you know

what her last two albums were

they were well they were hispanic albums

they were

all all spanish albums two were people

i mean she used what she could

i mean she came inside and she represent

her herself

you know as this black chick you know

and she

capitalized on her tan skin and her body

and her features of those inside of the



now she's just doing her hispanic thing

and that's what black fishing is like i

said you you represent yourself

one way and um it's not the fact that


come in the hip hop don't and you're not


because that's not what this is this is

uh this is about

it's about coming inside of a culture of

people that

care you know like yourself you know

um that care but you come in and you get

what you can get and then you

leave out but you as a you're fishing

you're fishing to be accepted

by the black you're fishing to be


by hip-hop for monetary gain

for fame black fishing

and j.lo you know she does

her hispanic albums now

you know all of the new artists

that are building up that are working

and the different things right now

you don't hear from her doing a bunch of

features and different things and

working with the

rap and hip-hop artist now of today to

help build this

this this this culture this hip hop that

she's then got which is god

you know she you know when she was

building up

you know she was out there fishing you


she fished for these resources she she

came in and she used the resources of


the resources of and when i say

resources i mean

you know the people the people like the

resources that

ap diddy brought her the resources that


ja rule and a ll cool j

and the fame and the notoriety she

portrayed herself

as as this

established person in hip-hop as this

black chick and like she said in her


the other day um i'm a nagreta

black girl trying to

trying to

but moving on let's take someone else

let's take someone else like um

let's take someone else like uh mgk now

this one now this particular example mgk

i i know that i have mgk fans here and i

know that i have eminem fans that are

mgk fans here

and you're not gonna like this part but

i gotta say that

also mgk is a example

of people that are black fishing with

inside of hip

why because you've got someone like mgk

you got someone that

has done hip-hop that has put out

hip-hop albums

that has put out rap albums and have

dangled and tiptoed and from rap to pop

to rob

to rap to pop to

to rock his tiptoed and he has straddled

the fence between the two

black fishing you know i'm fishing

to be accepted i'm portraying myself

as this see one of the things that

uh yes you know with mgk yes he says

that you know

you know i can i do rock and i do

pop really well i do it great

i've got a number one i got a number one

album to prove that this

is who i am and this is what i can do

but a lot of my friends p diddy my label

the people that know me and the people

that i want to be accepted by

they are all not in rock and pop

they are in hip-hop so i want to rap

i want to i want to please them

black fishing i want to you know

like fishing when someone who is not of


african-american descent or actually

established inside of the culture but

comes in the culture

or try to appeal to an african-american

or try to appeal to

hip-hop in order to capitalize on

monetary gain

or fame it's the prime example

of what mgk does see the problem the

problem is not that

him as a pop and rock artists he's

coming in and he's doing rap and

you know and he's and he's and he's

trying to do hip-hop

that's not the problem it's that

black fishing it lies when people come

in and then they go

once they then capitalize and got what

they got they go

now you can make the argument with mgk

nah well he keeps coming back he's still

doing rap and rock

he's still doing rap and hip hop that's

the point

it's this straddle of the fence it's


i'm in but i'm out but i'm not really of

the culture black fishing

you know i'm fishing for acceptance i'm

i'm i'm not really of this culture but

i'm fishing

to be a part but you know i do this

i'm not mgk i don't build anything here

i'm not staying here i haven't put no

one on in hip hop i haven't

done anything to stay and build and

create it

and made room and paths and ways inside

of the culture

but i do come in every now and then and

i put out a wrap i put out something

just so i can see if i can get accepted

just so i can see if they're gonna like

me or they're gonna like this

that's black fishing and i don't care

how big of a fan you are and you can see

it as a negative thing

or a bad thing but that's exactly what

you do when you're not

doing anything it's just and that's

exactly what he does

is this is this need to be accepted by

the hip-hop community by the

african-american community by the rap

community to show that i can do it

it's not it's not because i have a

passion and this is who i

am and what i do and i want to build and

i want to

further you know hip-hop i'm not saying


african-americans because then it caused

a divide because that's not

what this this is all about i'm not one

i'm not

one of those like you're not one of

those that is

on this this this black panther thing

but no

i'm i've always been someone that is

on a theme of realness

i mean if you're gonna be in but if

you're just

fishing for acceptance so if you're just

fishing and

seeing what you can catch every now and

then okay the waters

and there was no fish over here

then i'm gonna go fishing over there and

let's try some rock and just throw my

bait out and rock and

oh shoot i just caught a number one i

just caught a big one

that was cool all right my next one let

me let me try to go back here

uh maybe maybe in august let me see if i

can uh maybe see in the august season

let me go

cast my line out and see if i can

fish and find some stuff over there in

the hip hopping in that culture see if i


get something going on there ah got a

hit and a little little got a hit got a

good single oh i got a bite

ah nothing big over here let me try over


there's no commitment there's no

dedication i'm just black fish

we get what i'm saying people and that's

the example

with mgk and and that's when

and it's not to say that he's not a

talented artist

because he is but what he does i mean

that's evident you you take someone easy

like uh your takashi six

nine you take someone like your uh six


now the thing is with him he told you

he told you he told us

he told us that he's black fishing he

told us that he

hey i'm only here i'm only here to get

with that with that gang inside of hip


i'm only here to get with that gang

because i'm just fishing for acceptance

i'm fishing

to get inside i need to make the i need

to make these black youngins i need to


those inside of hip-hop you know i need


i need to feel like a thug i need to

seem like a rap so i can sell more

i'm only fishing over here inside of

here but i don't

i'm not here to build up anything

i don't care about the dress the elms

the rock hymns i don't care about none

of that look i'm just here

i i hook up with this gang i put some

tattoos on and you know i'm here to sell

and if it works it works

if this image that i put black fishing

it's not

really i'm not really this person

black fishing

but i'm trying to be in and see if it


it worked for him he caught a big fish

and it caught a lot of big fishes


don't get me wrong

once again the problem is not

that i'm not here to tell you you can't


multiple different genres of music

because there are people that are

talented and you take mgk

as an example you take mgk as an example

you know he's talented enough to do you


rap and hip hop somewhat and he does

puck and rock that's good i mean

but that's not the argument here that's

not what we're talking about

that's not what this is all about about

how talented and you can do multiple

stuff so you do it

but as it regards inside of hip hop and

building up

the world's greatest music genre

i mean black fishing it

it's that very thing it's i come in

and i'm just picking i'm just doing what

i can do

in the different music just because i

can do it and i have no real commitment


anyone whatever one gives me the hit

whatever one

would ever want but i'm not building

what i'm not building up i'm not

bringing anyone on i'm not

reaching out to the greats inside of

this hip-hop

i'm not i haven't brought anyone in as

mgk inside of hip-hop no i threw my rod

out there and if i get a number one i

get it it didn't work inside a hip-hop i

throw my rod

inside inside of um i throw my rod

inside of the rock pool over there

that lake down there it got me a number

one i caught a good fish

i probably go back fishing in hip hop a

little bit

black fishing i'm fishing to be accepted

i'm fishing

you know to establish myself establish

myself inside of a culture and see

if it works

people are still trying to say nah it's

all right okay

but like i was saying with um with six

nine getting back to six nine

he told us he told us that hey

i'm just fishing and it worked

but the problem was not that here

here's the thing guys the problem is not

that takashi

came in the black fishing is not that he

came in

as someone that's not a part of hip-hop

some young tattoo kid and came in and


getting big inside hip-hop that's not

the problem

he appealed as one thing and

then once he got what he got and

capitalized on the monetary gains and


you know what he's doing now you know

what he's about to put out right now

but he's about to put out a whole

spanish album he's putting out

one of the reasons why you haven't heard

from him he's working on his whole

he's doing a whole spanish album for

that community throwing the fish out


and that's what the blackfishers do they

come inside

they throw it out they reel it in

they've tried different baits

different types of formulas different

types of cadence

different types of um different types of

ways to uh try to get clout they try

all these different types of baits see

if it sticks if it doesn't we'll try

something else or try another lake

black fishing sometimes it works and

they stay around and they hang around

but they don't ever seem to put nothing


inside of the lake they don't ever seem

to like

clean up break up the leaves keep it


make sure it ain't polluted

invite other people over

to fish bring other people in it's just

the catch and go

mgk jennifer lopez

has capitalized on it very because of

her tannis

six nine

now a lot of

now a lot of my a lot of my great haters

that keep my chat

that keeps my channel on the

recommendation page because they always


um they're gonna say

evolve you're being a hypocrite i gotta

say you're being a hypocrite

because you get on every video

and you cap you cap for the biggest

black fisher

in the world

the biggest culture vulture in the world

you talk about those three

but you won't talk about eminem

and how he has been fishing

and he's one of those black fishers

you're talking about


that's stupid and simple and in a simple


what makes him different and i've done

already said this once before

well many times before but why

eminem does not fall and why he doesn't

fall on this list of

and he doesn't fall under this

definition of black fishing

because although he comes down to the


he came he came made a tent started off

with a tent

a trailer found a nice little lake

lake hip-hop and it's like you know what

i can do this i'm out here i'm here

had a tent there

and been there for years they start

building up

cleaning up planting trees

new people new artists work with me here

doing a lot of metaphors here he planted


made this little lake i mean

did a lot of cleaning a lot of dissing

kicked a lot of people out that

shouldn't be here

ended them got them away from the lake

i mean and he's been here since

but most of all and i mean this little

lake is now


a force because of all the people

like eminem has done planet trees they

planted seas they helped build this

thing up

not just out here fishing but

they're creating giving back they're

putting in

but i can tell you every single one that

i've already named for

your jennifer lopez your takashi 69 your


they can't say the same because most of

them they come

inside they come to our park

and then they leave out with the fish

that they caught they leave out once

they get that single

they leave out and they you know

they don't build anything they may knock

down a few trees

make it a little bit harder on others

don't even clean up at themself leaving

paths dirty

and putting obstacles in the way knock

down trees and just leave out

and leave people that are inside of here

that cares about it

to pick it up

that's the difference between people

that are

a part of this that are not just out

here fishing

but they're part of the building the

very creation

and like i said hearing

a couple days ago jennifer lopez song

like three days ago where she said that

hey yeah

i'm a negreta

black girl

probably not pronouncing that right but

black girl

it can be defined as in spanish

i was like really you are

that's what we're doing now that's what

you're fishing for now

all her career all jennifer lopez career

was about black fishing

making herself seem like this black


this puerto rican black chick so she can

use the resources of the forest

so she can use that tree of p diddy

which she did so she can use you know

that fishing rod of ja rule

which she did and a lot of songs

llc she did quite a few songs

all of these people they co-signed for

her yeah that's that black chick

now she's doing hispanic and puerto

ricans albums

she took all that fame and money

elsewhere she ain't building nothing up

in here

jesus portrayed herself hey yo i'm hood

don't get down like that and i'm good

all my pride is all i have

she took lines when she was in murder

inc she took lines from


black fishing made herself seem like

this chick

this black chick

just so she can use the resources of the

black community so she can portray


too so she can appeal to the black


like a p diddy who helped sustain her he

said hey

jennifer lopez that sounds too hispanic

you got to stop saying that or you're

not going to get as many features

or hip-hop they're going to let you go

they ain't down with that you we got

let's go with j-lo

yo p-diddy had that conversation with


as crooked as the guy is he is a

mastermind and he knows what he's doing

with regards to that he knows how to

manipulate people in the system to do

what they want he's always been good

with that i mean he's charismatic with


but this is one of the things that is

one of the conversations he had with


and he's like we need to start calling

you jlo not jennifer lopez it sounds too

hispanic uh the hip-hop they ain't gonna

accept you

you ain't gonna sell none i can't get

you no features like that

we got to make you seem as black as we

can if you go on

yeah p diddy he helped people black fish

inside of the

the very hip-hop that that was that he

claims to be fighting for

on um what's this what's his revolt

now everybody now and everybody wants to

because we are in a time because we are

in a time

of injustice and it's all before our


now everybody now and everybody wants to

make it seem like

they've been down they've been down and

fighting for

fighting for african americans and

fighting for this hip hop because they

got platform because they got songs

no diddy you helped bring people

you manipulated you told her you told


just like you told mj mgk but you told

them that they need to change it or

you you specifically i like what someone

just said he was the bait shop

i love that exactly

he brought a lot of different white

artists and had tv shows and took these

white artists and young people and he

basically taught them

how to fish inside of

the black community how to use it

told j lo hey you can't beat jennifer


told mgk hey you gotta go up against the

big dogs try

try this

yo you gotta walk and talk like this it

was a bake shop and now everybody's

trying to act like now we got this

now he's got this revolt radio and this

revolt station where

it's all about black power and black

people and we need to get these people

out we need to talk about that no you

were the very ones

that that are the reason that that was

bringing them in they have who come in

that took gave the bait

look at large amar i look at royce the

five nine

large amar royce the five nine um i look

at these

these guys and now they're all they're

all against vlad

you know we got stand up fly community

black power

forget bladd he's been a culture vulture

and i've been saying this all this time

i heard i heard

i heard on a cast i heard on the cast

they were like we've been saying this

for a very long time we told y'all who

vlad tv was

royce enlargemar you weren't telling us

who they were you won't you know what

you was telling us

you were on the couch

you were doing interviews the both of

you all

you know who wasn't ever on the couch

you know who you know who has brought

people in

in here that has that are still here



and it's not just because you know that

i know people say hey

m channel and you know you always cap

him maybe

i'm alright with that

i'm all about realness people

but what's going on right now because of

the times

you know i don't i'm not impressed

and i encourage you don't get impressed


you know your your favorite artist sand

and um sand down yeah we're standing up

free last friend last thing god almighty

i'm free at last

we go you white


the reason why is this in the state that

is in the state

now is because you allowed the fishing

to take place

you've seen the blackfishers just

fishing from a distance

you've seen them just fishing and coming

in and coming out you ain't never said

nothing up to them

instead you invited them over you were

like hey yo what bait you using

yo you should try this hey you want you

want can you come and help me out can

you get on a track with me

you want a feature with me

yo you catching big fish right now that

was a big hit right there

let me get you on let me hey come over

here fish with me let me see if i can

get your help

this is what we're doing i want none of

them none of them that's standing up now

and trying to make and try to make the

general public and try to manipulate and

make you think

and make you turn on and the people that

are really talking the real stuff

number ones they try to slay they try to

they try to demoralize

but what none of them that's talking

that stuff now

only a few but then most of them that's

talking that stuff now

they were fishing with them or on the

same track with them or trying to get

them on

you're letting them come in and come out

once again black fishing when someone

who is not of the

i can say who is not established

in the culture of hip-hop or

not of african-american descendant and

they try to portray themselves and

appeal to the african-americans or

appeal to hip-hop

in order to capitalize on

monetary gains or fame

black fishing who else you know that's

doing that

there's many but these are just some

prime examples i figure you guys would


well but i did this live because i

didn't feel like

on video because if i would have did a

video i would have to hear myself and i

would have been editing

and as i'm editing i would be getting

i'd be getting more fired up and fired


man but yeah they didn't respect it back


and respected back then and now you want


try because of these times have changed

you times have pushed you

the thing is is that times have exposed

the people

that had let this happen these times of


um it has exposed them so now they gotta


and get bad you know when you know when

you catch somebody in a lie or something

this is what this is the example

when you catch someone in a liar you say

something you catch someone in something

so instead of them trying to defend

themself or instead of them man and up

to it

they get defenses no they try to attack

you they try to fight you

because they wrong

i can't believe i'm saying this what i'm

about to say

but if there is one person

if there's one person that we clown

that i do not like

but i have to give credit to

that have maintained that have


his that have maintained his

um mental structure as far as

hip-hop and people who

he feel don't belong here

or what not um

you know what never mind never mind

never mind

i'm gonna say it but yeah man it's it's

it's much

guys i'm gonna get going here in about

three minutes i'm gonna take a look at

some of your comments

and um i'll answer some questions i'll

i'll read off some of your comments now

and uh we'll go from there uh

half court shot right now oh okay

let's i'm fired up right now man

let me make sure i'm not gonna be able

to take my mic because i'm gonna have to

jump a little bit here

okay all right so anyway never mind it's


it's it's the lights they let down yeah

i i can't

because i got my mic hooked up so i

couldn't kind of release but anyway i'm

making excuses

not good oh man

do everyone understand what i when i

mean when i say black fishing

evolv did you know that heaven studios

put out a mixtape a few years ago

i did not know that but

now i know thank you

for those that just got here you're

gonna have to go back and um

go back share if you are leaving right

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works guys like or dislike it still

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does that get a few minutes to uh answer

some questions

read your comments or whatnot i'm

actually glad i did this live instead of

a video

it's not sure enough


black girl she's a black girl now

doing hispanic albums straddling the


got what she can get

ah medals what's that

marios well hi there

someone said hi

this mike's getting a bit

you guys gonna hear my mic a lot so i'm

just taking it off here a bit

it's gonna be a audio right now

all right took my mic off

i can make that shot now i can't

okay all right

is that what you're saying explosive

marketing is done by all right

yeah i mean anyone um anyone can be uh

there's black people that are black

fishing that have blackfished inside of

of of of the uh culture and the

community exactly

all races

never hear that women do anything in

favor of the culture

she spent her whole life sucking from it


it's not a never you i mean you you have

exceptions as far as with

women um man missy elliott she

she came in she's done so much uh one

one of the biggest things i feel that

missy elliott of one of the women inside

of um you know hip hop

she's done i mean you know she really


changed the mindset of video making she

i mean she

pushed she pushed other females and even

males to

step up their game i mean her videos and


energy and especially her live


i mean it's amazing some of the things

that she came up with

um far as far as her video work to

as far as the art the art inside of a


i mean she always did stuff that

she didn't stay focused on the comfort

of tradition

i mean she always challenged the


way of thinking about how we can portray


man i got all smart there right i know


i know right i don't know if missy was a

5 percenter i seen someone just said

that i don't know about that don't know


that oh

it's a flat ball we kids had no balls in


they took all the good balls yeah i

don't know i uh i heard that though

music and um music have done a good

job for us uh

unite and whatnot what's up lady shaw so

the product is independent and it's

doing great things

know the product i don't know who that

is lady

check that out


i'm actually a good basketball player

trust me i'm

i'm a lot better right now i'm a good

basketball player i'm just

i'm just lacking right now um

uh it is up to people to start

supporting independent artists in the

breakdown they can control the music



true that's half of it that is uh

certainly half of it certainly half of


think about another minute i am going

gonna um

i am gonna go live uh just a little bit

more because i want to put this video up

and then i got one more rant i want to

talk about um as far as the

update on the uh the block uh 365 and

independent rappers

and um different things so that's gonna

be coming up you can uh rejoin the live

if you want to hear about that

uh i do want to talk a little bit more

on that because i'm not gonna make a

video i'm just gonna

put these rants up and uh go from there


so yeah that's that i'm gonna make i'm

determined to make a shot i'm determined

to let y'all know that i

i do got a shot i can play

that one says snow is a spitter all

someone right you nobody knows


lady says that about 70 percent of her

uh her i guess her content is

independent rappers

so if you guys want to check out some

independent stuff go ahead and um check

out lady char there see give you a shout


you're welcome it's on the road here


oh hey i think i'm on fire

see that's what we need to set up off


off topic to go off topic

that's what we need set up everybody

wanna set up rap battles and diss tracks


do it for the culture

let me take two let me take two


two other youtubers

and another youtuber can uh take get his

squad of three youtubers

and a basketball game and hey there we


all right who would i take see i'm not

friends with none of


i'll probably have to make friends with


because he i think he can play i've seen

him play

so i probably need him on my team

it's not that he's my enemy i i just

don't know

onish pranks where that's the only other

youtuber that i call

and uh we deal with

i need to set that up maybe i should

make that happen

maybe we won't lose though

okay who we pull up against

i'm about to make this full court shot

hey i make this shot


i'm gonna leave

oh yeah grizzy he's a cool dude

chris ain't trying to ball though okay


i make this shot everybody in the chat

uh i'm friends with a lot yeah i don't

i'm not here to

i'm not here to make friends i'm just

here to post videos though that's the


that's the thing with me

not that i'm trying to make enemies

neither but it's just

i have a different perspective on

youtube and real life

type types type deals and i'm one of

those type of persons i don't believe

anything on the internet

until it's proven i i assume everything

is fake

until it's proven right to me that's

just me that's how i go about

videos or anything on social media or

even people

and and whatnot

but there's no three no three of them

are beating us in the game this is full


i made that oh

god that was perfect that was perfect

that was

that was spot on i just went a little

high should make it this time

what to tell you what to tell you what

i'll tell you i just made it that dog

i should have made it the first time but

yeah there's no one on youtube that's


that would beat my team

i think on that note i can end so


whoever comes through and watch this

whole video all the way through they got

to see that whole shot

i called it too i might can do it again

i'll probably do it i'll probably do a


because some of y'all didn't believe i

think it was y'all thought that was a

host right

y'all think i got look all right

i don't know how many times i'll be

telling my people ain't no cap in here

so now i gotta do it again i gotta do it


show y'all improve y'all that one got

that's beautiful it looked beautiful

anyway there guys

i gotta go man i gotta go i am gonna do

that on other video though i will see

you all

in the uh very next video and all that

other good stuff as always kip

keep it positive alrighty