Who Are The Black Fish?


so the black which is an organization

that really sort of

I some people that are already working

on Russia conservation issues and a lot

of us really felt that we needed to take

initiative to start taking action closer

to where we lived and one of the issues

that we start companion on first was the

dolphinarium in Germany in minster and

for dolphins were kept there and really

quite appalling conditions and we worked

with two organizations there for a lot

in the last few months and we managed to

get the owner to agree to rehome the

dolphins in in 2012 and really that sort

of got us thinking about setting up a

more kind of solid structure solid

organization that really focused on some

key issues specifically in Europe to

really try and first of all get ocean

conservation back on the agenda into the

public domain really in the public

debate and also ready to try and take

some dark tech security stop some of the

most destructive industries and

operations that threaten the the ocean


the Shepherd really is the kind of place

where a lot of us met and where a lot of

us have been inspired to take this one

direction Paul Watson is someone that of

course they've been at the forefront of

direct action to protect ocean life for

many many years for over 30 years and

really a lot of us have sailed on the

ships ships of sea Shepherd and really

you know we have now set up a different

organization and we are going our own

for heading our own direction but it's

very you know for all situated Paul

Watson is as far as really to to commit

fully to to ocean conservation and to

kind of a direct and interventionist

kind of approach to that

the difference in direction we teach

about all it really means is that we

just focus on companions in Europe I

don't think really you know our

objectives and aims differ so much

what's many about is the fact that we

just feel that in Europe things are

really going to burn away and what is

needed is the European Organization

settled by European people run by you

know with local groups in your funded by

European money that really focuses on a

few key issues in Europe and those

issues are around wailing at the moment

in Europe a lot of the wedding quotas

are increasing for example Iceland's

open commercial whaling but four years

ago that five endangered fin was on the

quotes and that was a big out crowd at a

time well this year the quota is risen

250 endangered fin whales this is three

times the endangered Finn will quoted

that Japan has in indy Antarctica's

people that focus 50 on Europe and take

action away the second issue is

industrial fishing at the moment the

Mediterranean Sea is plagued by illegal

fishing bluefin tuna is near extinction

in this area also a lot of the Dutch

English Scottish Icelandic Norwegian

fishing fleets are going into well

previously in the North Sea but more and

more into the into the Atlantic in a

huge huge fishing so prices that are

very damaging to the ecosystem so this

is something we also want to focus on

and and last but not least is the

dolphinarium trade and the captain he

tried to treat getting a little bigger

in Europe in in some countries such as

in New York Kingdom those names are

bands but in other countries such as

Turkey and Greece noodle sales are being

built that is really you know within

Europe we really want to push for for

more change towards the public's

thinking about dolphin Arians and also

about the captivity trade that's

associated with

a lot of the animals that are indoor

venerians have to come from somewhere

and a lot of these animals are cooked in

the wild tarji and the caribbean are for

example two places where a lot of the

dolphin earrings in Europe have

originally got their animals from and

some nude of names for example Egypt

that there are some dolphins there that

have come from ecology so really charged

II in Japan is one of the places that

runs the dolphin droid phones about

2,000 animals are killed there every

year but some of these animals are

selected and kept in separate pans and

then are traded for the International

dolphinarium from the trade so basically

there is a very killing in animals being

taken from the world in different places

and then ending up to entertain humans

for the rest of their lives in marine

park such as SeaWorld and dolphin areas

around here