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hello my name is yes a Liberty no ok

everybody know because of God because

I'm believing good you my enemies know

God who is a super super you are joke

you everybody jockey of kids silly joke

as it oh my what is the difference

between a super tiny celebrity


Sebastiano God's esteem so are you a

celebrity yes


my celebrity yes superstar so many

heaven so give me examples of superstars

it's about to go down Moses Adam if who

is a celebrating someone good to

celebrating her to celebrating who is a





okay who is a superstar a child who act

like an adult

God up busy operas what is the

difference between a celebrity and a

superstar celebrities and adults is

someone who's so silly my kids no

service guy on God why is going to

happen to her

okay so I us celebratory so what's

things do celebrities normally sell it's

about to go mechanical live wires what

bees do you

Sandy's celebrities rest yes God up busy

operas do you know Cristiano Ronaldo yes

yes ellebra team you know Lewin yes oh

wow yes an abuti

what about yeah actually celebrity who's

a superstar mr. Postum someone will

shine this guy

someone will shine this guy what is

another name for a superstar violets


sweaty supastarz working with moustache


where will you find a celebrity I'll

change what bees do celebrities working

I'll send the sky give me examples of

places where celebrities working it's

about to go back take your pain to burst

of our process about 9:00 tonight

I serve a sir what if I hear you woke

woman roll



examples of celebrity celebrity yeah so

do you know any celebrity no no silly

you know Michael Jackson yes you I don't

know any celebrity no no God obviously

operas who is a superstar in the eight

in the in the a shy in after night so

what is the difference between a

celebrity and a superstar one is the you

might be why is this one is not human be

happy so which one is a human being

celibate wait what celebrity is not a

human being who is a celebrity someone

with boom like should I mention the

superstar superstar

they already same difference business

super Steinem celebrity The Odyssey The


who is a celebrity a man oh man whoo

intelligence what would you see a man oh

man who intelligence so who's your

favorite celebrity

Louie oh thank you good who is a

celebrity somebody who says


and once again as a celebratory wishes

wishes provision superstar somebody who

is a poplar so somebody who is a poplar

breath just grab on my wife even

surpassed us my food wasn't like some


okay so I'll show you some pictures of

some famous personalities and then you

are in fighting for me

who's this famous president while from

Nigeria and who's this denied from from

United State of America beautiful

who's this Nelson Mandela from South

Africa Madiba who's this

working out from Kenya and who's this

there is a me yes

I'm in stove you key beautiful Chomp

thank you very much who's this and why

is he from this guy


where's he from UAC who's this

yo mama daddy from okay that is not


and who's this from Canada so is this

I'll go find you who's this Debbie now

from keep this from who's this Maggie

guy who make my Yi Chi where's mommy

from oh crap this is Mahmoud rhubari

from Nigeria

mama from Nigeria who is this and this

is dunno Trump from USA you don't run

from you is see who's this this is a

know someone della from South Africa

Nelson Mandela from South Africa you

lose this what Mezger gets watch what

made my bed forgets

god I've missed the Opera

and this is working out our from Kenya

another breath from Kenya who's this

wind she oh when she died wind wind from

her what this is fareeza me from the UK

there is a meal from UK thank you very

much so who's this

I provided I provided this and is the

president of our country who's this what

is this

crazy from and Reggie from German da

I'll show you some pictures of some

popular state men and women so you

identified him for me okay

I already I'm ready



yeah yes Jay from yes yummy to me but me

this now makes one node no is dial my

noggin where was he from is form pub

which pub which my God my God my God

this is varies on me okay

there is I mean Yami Brad this grammar

now well and this is who can attack

quickly nighttime is a quickly night

time president of Qing er who is that of

King and this is Nelson Mandela yes -

Amanda he's a former president of South

Africa Zaire Africa and this is do not

Trump yeah not sure president of USA

president of use okay

and this is Mahmoud boy Mahmoud blind

breath president of Nigeria

remember I'll show you some famous

personalities and you are in fighting

for media statement a woman who is this

this is equal Fionna what Jana country


Mamadou Bobby from Nigeria the president

of Nigeria

okay Mohammad was a present of a Nigeria

I know this guy who I let's say Ferguson

from Manchester United for my United

couch oh my god why would you say do not

Trump the president of UNC okay you know

Trump a present of you will USC and

who's this Nelson Mandela yes from South

Africa correcto

who is this I don't know him I don't

know come on now Dow racism who can

utter from Kenya with this then you do

what you do will you be you do from give

course this is there is I made

so who's this is that Michael Jackson's

father what

where's Michael Jackson sweater from

this is Mahmoud wari their president of

Nigeria and who's this guy

oh game is game is born where is he is

born from Yuki Yuki

and this is Donald Trump he is the

current President of the United States

of America


where's he from

look at this us God God right now and

this is Nelson Mandela they live Nelson

Mandela is that for my president of

South Africa who is this and this is

Kenyatta he's their currency president

of Kenya and who's this Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and this is there is a

man okay so who's this from

hey this is worry mama departing from

Nigeria Gopala shoot

there's no Justin Bieber this is Donald

Trump okay the current the current

president of United States of America

USA bomb who's this Obama Obama Nelson

Mandela from South Africa Barack Obama

this is no sir Mandela and who's this


from from yes from Kenya and who's this

who's this one I wanna go home

I don't wanna from from France this is

series on me so who's this

Cooper from camp who's this u.s.

president what's new 22 no contact who's

this no se mañana very good

where's he from look at us he's from

South Africa remember yes I lose this

Greenlees [ __ ]

oh this [ __ ] yeah where's she from

Yuki okay what is Azam series I'm in so

who's this get always keto guy you're

gonna go mosquito from Donna who's this

donate Tomba from from us okay who's

this know someone era from South Africa

beautiful I lose this Cassandra

Cassandra from that you lose this march

on march on wishing the net Trump's wife

actually on there is a me who's this


where's he from who is this Nakul live

wires who's this where's he from South

Africa actually Nelson Mandela from

South Africa

okay we remember I remember next one

who's this Christmas ad from where this

topper you see this Obama my country

this is serious I mean


where is it song located in nobody but

AUSA is it and what is your tongue