'The Five' react to GOP Senators 'ripping' Twitter CEO in tech hearing


republicans getting their chance to

grill big tech ceos over

allegations of censorship the heads of

twitter facebook and google

all testifying today before a senate

committee watch this

mr dorsey who the hell elected

you and put you in charge of what the

media are allowed to report and what the

american people are allowed to hear

and why do you persist in behaving as a


super pac silencing views to the


your political belief we're not doing

that uh and this is why i opened

um this hearing with calls for more


can you name for me one high-profile

person or

entity from a liberal ideology who you

have censored senator i need to i need

to think about it and

and get you more of a list

jesse i i just thought to myself it

looks like

they're concerned about censorship but

at the same time whenever i look at

facebook it's like nine of the top ten

posts come from president trump

come from ben shapiro and other

conservatives so

why is the right wing saying they're

being censored

because they are juan imagine it would

probably be all 10 out of 10 would have

the most traffic

on facebook if there wasn't censorship i

don't know i'm trying really hard not to

talk about jack dorsey's beard i made a

commitment in the beginning of the year

i wasn't going to mention physical


so i'm just going to try to stay with

that but juan i mean it's clear

they couldn't name one liberal


one prominent democrat that they've ever

flagged for censorship

yet i could name dozens of conservatives

off the top of my head

right now that have been censored they

say oh

right now we don't know you know any


if there was any russia disinformation

with hunter biden

no evidence of hacking and no evidence

that it was forgeries

yet you still the new york post can't

tweet that article out

and they say we have all these fact

checkers looking into it and then bob

olinsky told tucker carlson

not one representative from twitter or

facebook has called him to help verify

the story

so they you know we bring these guys in

every couple months

they say they don't discriminate then

they fly home and discriminate i'm sick

of it

huh well you know to my mind greg i

think that these big companies

love clicks because clicks equal money

so they look the other way

on disinformation most of the time

uh well i don't know you gotta uh when

uh twitter blocks kaylee mcinanny but

not the ayatollah

not the king of death to america there's

something going on here

i am just wondering where the

traditional liberals went the free

speech absolutists they were the ones

that were always on this side

and now they're not and they're on the

side of a

of an entity that is about controlling

narratives it's not about it since

you don't cure censorship with more

censorship so it's it's it's bizarre

that we're even having this discussion

but you have to look

at what they're doing they're

controlling stories they're controlling

narratives through algorithms

that is the scary part of this

well dana isn't it right to warn people

about a post that says

mass don't save lives

i think here's the thing is that under

the law

as it was written in 1996 when the

internet was just getting started

the section 230 basically what it says


you cannot be sued or held liable for

anything that is that somebody else

posts on your site

but it also said that you are a private

company and therefore you are allowed to

do whatever you want

so as neil ferguson said today on the

daily briefing um it's a catch-22

for the consumer like or of the


and this is what i think when you saw

ted cruz today

make that statement in the way that he

did even though this was an issue in

2016 and nobody did

anything and now we're in 2020. i think

this is going to be

an issue that republicans and democrats

both try to

run on in 2024 in the meantime

technology continues to grow by leaps

and bounds

so washington is always so far behind

where these guys are

kennedy what do you think about

conservatives suddenly trying to


private business i'm not a fan of it but


i don't think these big tech

corporations have to worry about

conservatives as much in terms of that

1996 law that dana just pointed out

as people like elizabeth warren and if

she becomes a part of

the biden administration if he's elected

then she's going to do whatever she can

if if she is labor secretary or treasury

secretary to dismantle these companies

and take them apart because i i think

you have a pretty robust

anti-trust appetite when it comes to big

tech companies

and that's from both sides so it's very

interesting that

uh that employees of these companies

have poured so much money

into joe biden's campaign and other

democrat races

because it's democrats who want to take

them apart

and republicans who are looking for this

federal imposition of fairness and jack


perjured himself today when he said that

the new york post story

is available for retweet it is not you

cannot access it and you cannot retweet


and that is a lie and he is the ceo of

that company

and he knows better

all right thanks kennedy