Grand Theft Auto maker CEO: It's 'disrespectful' to blame gun violence on entertainment

as taste and tech changed the game

players have flocked online and to the

arena but with popular titles and a

finger on the pulse of eSports

can this hitmaker take investors to the

next level in a turbulent time for the

market we want to fall back on companies

they can't deliver companies like Kramer

fav take-two interactive software the

best video game publisher in the

business for years take two stock chokes

steadily higher but then late last year

the whole group went into a tailspin as

investors freaked out about the rise of

a new kind of competition these

free-to-play battle royale games like

for tonight take two stocks spent months

getting hammered pulling back from $139

last October to 84 dollars this February

since then though it's been on fire

take two never stopped policing huge

titles they're making a fortune on grand

theft auto online Red Dead Redemption 2

and all the 2k sport games this NBA 2k

may be the thing that we have to talk

about more than I did after climbing

steadily from its lows the stock

launched into the stratosphere last week

when take to report a spectacular

quarter 20 cent 2 cent Ernie's beat off

a five cent basis much higher than I

expected sale up 46% your your highest

ratio of expectation to beat that I

follow Plus management's 4-year forecast

was fantastic especially since they're

about to Lawrence Portland's 3 next

month which could be one of the year's

biggest titles stocking splitter higher

on the news and I think it's cutting

much more movement to run them do not

take it from me let's check in with

Strauss selling the bankable chairman

CEO take-two interactive learn more

about the quarter worse companies headed

mr. Selix welcome back to man money good

to see you Strauss Tim Howard have a

seat thank you

well first I'm just gonna straight-out

congratulate you it was the best beat of

of 2019 right and it was all it was it

was man theft but it was also NBA 2k but

it was also Red Dead Redemption you've

been in the hit business or your life

have you ever seen so many hits click at


well even answering the question makes

me nervous just won 10 straight can it

continue look we're incredibly grateful

to our creative teams and they keep

delivering and the reason they deliver

is our strategy is to make the best

entertainment we are focused on being

the most creative the most efficient and

the most innovative

company in the entertainment business we

don't always succeed as you know but

that's what we aim to do every day let's

talk about that to list I'm going to

times ago you while you were on you said

okay we screwed up NBA 2k it didn't have

the right launch because you weren't

happy with the numbers and you think you

said don't worry about it last time

you're on I kept pressing you on

fortnight you told me it's just gonna

make things better both pant out exactly

as you said now that's something you got

to be proud of we're really happy with

how MBA 2k is doing and by the way we're

happy with out fortnight is doing hits

are good for the marketplace NBA 2k 19

has now sold in 12 million units and

recurrent consumer spending was up a

hundred and forty percent in the quarter

it was it is extraordinary and there was

a time when you would sit here an NBA

season would end and sales would drop I

don't you Nate Anthony Davis you get the

right music going along the back

background it doesn't stop a blip that's

right it used to be about a three-month

explain it's now it's a nine or ten

month experience our goal is to make

that a 12-month experience and

experience it never ends just gets

better and better there's a country

where that's already the case isn't it

you wanna yeah well with China we of

course have our online game so NBA 2k

online in China we launched the second

version second iteration that titles up

75 percent year-over-year and we have 46

million registered users it remains a

number one PC sports title engine 110

million what are we up to now for grand

theft well we're still saying 110

million years but but you should know in

the past six months five out of those

six months it's been a top ten title

it's secret and grand theft auto online

set you know was up a set a new record

in the first quarter okay before the

launch at a casino pack which is huge

okay well I was gonna take what a clown

I am okay so I'm reading through and at

what is Straus and I see that you've got

this thing I think maybe you opened

ain't cuz you know do I make casino and

resort and I go to experience counts of

gaming you do that thing so well you

make it so realistic well Rockstar Games

has done an amazing job and social

casino is a big part of the interactive

entertainment business it's great to be

in the social casino business now

through read debt online and Grand Theft

Auto let's talk about red did the

numbers there are

mazie weather was the world just craving

hope for a Western we think so and you

know the conventional wisdom before the

launch of the first Red Dead Redemption

was westerns don't work in interactive

entertainment truth is if you give

something give an audience something

that's unexpected and fantastic they

show up for it and Red Dead Redemption 2

is now sold in 25 million units yeah

okay of course

Strauss knows that my nephew cliff Mason

writes the show with me I asked him how

big cuz he just sits here he plays a lot

of the games while we write the show


he said Portland three gonna be big but

not as big as Red Dead so don't get your

hopes up I think it was view he's a

conservative like you right look very

few titles can rise to the level of

Rockstar Games title and if Borderlands

3 became close to Red Dead Redemption -

we'd be just thrilled the truth is at

Borderlands 3 coming out in September is

shaping up to be a massive total because

the catalog has been selling great

there's almost like a prequel the

catalyst was being credible the margins

are high we're delivering operas

versions and consumers are really loving

it I think a concern that we had was you

know it's been almost eight years since

Borderlands 2 and you wonder whether you

know consumers see that as a fresh title

that seems like the buzz is saying

absolutely yes or he'd know grand theft

in the news again president comes out

links it to gun violence every time I've

done it I think there's been three

different appearances in Washington you

have statistics empirical data which

shows it just isn't right but I don't

put words in your mouth well let's just

start with you know Jim you and I are

we're both fathers we're sons were

siblings this is a terrible tragedy a

senseless tragedy and you know we it's

it's fun to talk about entertainment but

you know lies were we're lost

the truth is it's disrespectful to the

victims and the families to point the

finger at entertainment entertainment is

as part of people's daily joy and it's

consumed worldwide and it's the same

worldwide gun violence is uniquely

American and that has to change and that

will only change if we address the real

issues and if you found that it was

creating gun violence you would stop you

would you pull the title in the same way

that I wouldn't choose to market market

substances it caused people to get

second right I don't want to leave it on

that because there's just too much

excitement I went out to see Nvidia

recently with her team they had this

rate race I couldn't tell what was a

real actor and what was ready that's all

in the future it's gonna be even bigger

than what you have now well we have a

new console generation coming and that's

going to allow us to do some things that

we haven't been able to do before

creatively that's exciting but as I've

said before you know we're gonna reach a

point where you won't be able to tell

the difference between what's created in

the computer and what's real now it

doesn't mean we'll do it for all of our

games Borderlands for example is a it's

an animated universe it's always going

to be an animated universe but this

promise of taking certain titles like

basketball yeah and making it truly look

like live action is pretty close now

squint a little bit it looks like live

action that's really exciting and that

gives our creative folks a you know a

new canvas on which to paint well I want

to congratulate you thanks Jim you are a

person of your word you said all these

things become and I'm not jinxing you

but it was a record okay that's

Trousdale and I take two in Iraq the

Chairman seal this is the kind of stock

you buy when there's craziness because

you see it's a worldwide entertainment

juggernaut that monies back

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