Miss Scarlet & The Duke: Who is the Duke?

- William.

- Inspector Wellington?

- Duke.

- Inspector?

- Oh William.

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Inspector William Wellington, AKA the Duke,

is a man of the Victorian era.

He's grown up not recognizing women to have any agency.

- Miss Scarlet's here.

- Tell her I'm in a meeting.

- They've known each other for years.

Her father mentored the Duke.

So they sort of grew up together

and there's a familial connection between the two of them.

You were instructed by my father to look after me.

- I did look after you.

- You kissed me.

- And I seem to remember you liked it.

- And I seem to remember that I slapped your face.

- It's complicated relationship.

It's kind of, sometimes they fight like siblings,

but there's a, an attraction there.

- You are the most stubborn woman that I've ever met.

- And you have met a few, have you not?

- Duke was Henry Scarlet, so Eliza's father's protege.

- He takes him under his wing and introduces him

to Scotland Yard and a life as a copper,

which he works his way up and excels at.

Thank you, sir.

The streets of London in 1882, a very dangerous place,

very dark place for a copper, for women, for anyone really.

And the Duke is from that world,

so he understands the danger that is involved in it.

I told you to make sure she stayed in the carriage.

- I tried, sir, but she is very determined.

- But even more so, I would say, as a copper is aware

of the dangers that he faces every day, for him and Eliza.

Please do try to stay out of trouble Eliza.

For my sake?

- Course, William.

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