The Masked Singer Elephant Reveal: An ICON Revealed on @The Masked Singer

the first finger of Group B with the

least amount of votes and who will be

unmasked and sent home is


the elephant's


Congrats you've made it to the roof beat

layoffs we survived another weekend now

head on backstage

halothane come on down here shorts up

elephant I'm sorry that you are not

advancing into the group b playoffs but

we are definitely excited to see who's

up under this mask first panel would you

like to make any final guesses who wants

to start you know what why don't I be

the brave one and go first that's Harry

based off of the clue packages and

that's what I'm sticking to there was a

big bicycle ad along with on led a

massive movement to me there could be

Tour de France maybe an activist for

cancer I went to the White House many

times Lance Armstrong yeah off of

jenny's observations I do think someone

who led a massive movement someone who

ran for president and to throw me off

soand dressed up as an elephant which is

the GOP sign and not a donkey I still

think that the elephant in the room is

better O'Rourke originally because of

the drumming in the package I was

thinking at drummer Tommy Lee but I've

had a change of heart I'm thinking it

could be my buddy DJ Steve Aoki only

because Steve's album is called neon

future and he's dressed as a neon

elephant he had neon in his performance

- Angie say he's a one-man show that's

true mr. Robin pig see this one is a

little tricky in the package the drummer

held up his drumsticks in the side of an

X yeah so I'm thinking X Games I'm gonna

go with travis pastrana the champion

motocross and Supercross teacher it's

good choice you guys are all over the




two-time Lifetime Achievement Award


I knew it San Diego represent you were

close now there would have been a

skateboard anywhere that's why they

didn't put a skateboard in there


tell me about somebody's clothes the

White House actually ice skated through

the White House during the Father's Day

event in 2010 during a bombing

ministration nice-nice was there meaning

behind the song that you chose I chose

the Cure because it's a deep connection

between my wife and I and we chose a

cure song for our wedding song oh that's

so good now is there anything that you

want to say to the panel Tony I

appreciated your support and this is a

totally new experience for me I had one

more song in me but I didn't want to go

much further so thank you for one more

time for mr. Tony huh


yes honey it's a culture zinger cuddly

your favorite judge of all time you

certainly gave me some sugar tonight yes

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feeling pretty hot and