Alan Turing – A tragic end of the father of computer science

alan turing a tragic enough cyber genius

the father of computer science this by

having a natural talent together with

significant contributions to victory in

world war two supposedly the life of

alan turing must have been Clara's the

end of our hero was too tragic

he was trust by social prejudice his

death finally brought justice for

millions of generations later talent

Without Borders Alan Turing was born on

June 23rd 1912 at Paddington London

England his father was a regular civil

servant in the Indian Civil Service due

to the job his parents had to travel

back and forth between Guilford England

and India leaving their Charles

babysitted by their friends in England

because they were afraid of the lake of

Medicare in India despite suffering

quite slowly childhood Allison had

developed lives up a prodigy he was able

to read within three weeks and showed

fat interest in math and quiz solving

his passion for knowledge and rally

personality has shown excellent

impressive since his age of six starting

from the very first day at his

elementary school and though all in

first grade

Turing was able to solve 5th grade math

this caught attention from the principal

approving of his skipping class at the

age of 14 turn attended an independent

school in Sherbourne in Dossett the very

famous yet his Spencer school in town

the first day of his term coincided with

the general strike in England but his

determination to attend had brought him

writing 97 kilometres biking from his

house in Southampton to school during

their sovereign term his natural

inclination toward only math and science

was too deep that he neglected on other


his natural gift in math and science did

not earn any respect from auto teachers

since this cone had emphasized heavily

on classic courses the headmaster off to

his parents it's her and Olli designs to

be a science researcher he would be

wasting his time at a public school on

though having non characteristics

resembling rebellion his headmaster

Steve commented negatively about Uranus

certainly is a troublemaker for any

school of public community leaving out

all negative feedbacks turning continued

pursuing his passion at the age of 15 he

completely sewed advanced calculus

without studying elementary calculus

turning 16 years old he started his

study on Albert Anson's works not only

did he understand them but also he tried

to figure out ways to resolve onsens

questioning about the unclear about

theorem of Newton's laws of motion a


master in math science instead of having

a reward scholarship at Trinity Academy

camp rich University Allen Turin has to

attend King's College Cambridge

University feel to his passion for

completely math only he graduated in

1934 one year later after a successful

proving of central limit theorem he was

chosen as a researcher of King's College

during this period he published a

massive value science newspaper

exploring a totally new field that no

one had noticed before computable number

logic algorithm Allen also expressed

that humans could apply machines to take

over the calculation job and such tunes

could solve any maths problems if that

problem took place by an algorithm at

the age of 25 he was elected as a fellow

of King's College during the period from

1936 to 1938 he continued his research

and advanced calculus logic and number

theorem at Princeton University u.s.

under the teaching of Fame

mathematicians and logic Alonzo Church

and he obtained the PhD in mathematics

in 1938 together with his mentor he

published church-turing fascists while

waiting to complete his ph.d Alan Turing

focused on research and developed a

machine that performs any task regarding

algorithms running based on binary

numbers he named it the universal Turing

machine it was the very early basic

ideas of modern computer nowadays after

that he returned to his country and

returned to Cambridge University work

what you occurred not too long after his

homecoming on September 3rd 1939 England

engaged on battlefield against Germany

after the German invaded Poland Turing

had entered a new batter crowd providing

his knowledge to have England's try back

German invasion the cryptography war

against Germany since 1920 to prepare

for the war Hitler had goddard all

scientists developed and modified a

cipher machine being used by Germany for

commercial purposes finally created a

code encrypted machine named ethnic ma

it was the highest combination of

uncrate achievements from mathematics

physics language chess and word games

which admit ma had a look of a

typewriter carried in a metallic luggage

suitable on tanks motorbikes airplanes

or warships

if plant eggs were entered the roto

mechanic sim would have changed the

electrical connections to display all

magnetic fields like Morse from 26

letters of the alphabet egg nygma stream

boat to a thousand billion cipher texts

from there encrypted or decrypted on

classified information

each Enigma machine alone was encrypted

and decrypted itself and changed

decrypted methods continuously Hitler

prolly clammed if Nima is the best

cipher machine in the world even God

could not equipped the German military

provide two hundred thousand equipment

machines during the war in the beginning

NASA successfully encrypted telegrams to


the alleys was enabled to decrypt the

code as a matter of fact the Pradesh

military was unable to track down Nazi

submarines movements target on us weapon

carries ships providing for England and

on their alleys during that era each

month the Nazis some 5,000 tons of Ali's

transportation ships and played

significant damage on the Pradesh

resistance the previous revolution was

on the edge of failure in desperate for

pretty survival the previous Prime

Minister Winston Churchill had put a

high command on recruiting the Enigma

code mid 1940 the previous Goddard

12,000 volunteers including caught

decrypted professionals physical

engineers and even chess players on

Goddard at government code and cypher

school at bluntly parked 50 miles

southwest from London they on had a job

of collecting in decrypting nez's

telegrams sir Joe Joe appointed Alan

Turing himself the leader of the

decrypting team silent victories based

on the original creation of the

universal Turing machine Turing had

aside a decrypted machine named Turing

bomb 2 metres height 1.6 metres with the

electronic pups hundreds of rows and

numbers of other electrical parks every

second palm was able to Train right 120

million buzz of solving solutions

meanwhile enigma was only able to

produce seventeen point two million


soon after release the palm of Alan

Turing was able to decrypt 3000 dick

nygma telegrams of Nancy's every day as

a result numbers you bought Nazi

submarines were sunk by Ally's Air Force

and naval force while on their waste

heading to targets

ten months after heavily bombing England

from July 1942 May 1941 the Nazis lost

more than 1500 air planes and pilots

unable to regain from lossing Hitler

decided to put a halt to this campaign

bombs famous victory was the decryption

of the coordinate of Bismarck the

proudest of the German Third Reich this

German battleship was sunk by the

previous army on May 27th 1941 this

victory had raised significant

confidence for Preeti's since then the

German no longer attacked the prettiest

historians on accrete that a Nima's

decryption had played a significant part

toward the end of the war two years

sooner in fact timing was essential on

the battlefield by that time German was

at the top of nuclear physics the

two-year period was enough for the

German to develop atomic weapons if that

happened history would not be the same

the work of trowel thousand people at

Bletchley Park was highly classified the

Nazi spies had no awareness of their

assistance the Nazis were too fanatical

about the Enigma cause advantages so

that they could not believe that the

prettiest were able to decrypt the coat

my chickens hatch to cut an X without a

sound the previous Prime Minister Jojo

mentioned about the secrecy of the

recruiting work for years no one had

heard a word about the crate

achievements and contributions of Turan

a leading participant of ciphers central

soon after the end of the war based on

the secret order from Sir Richard Rowe

they tear down destroy all decrypt

equipment as cipher central in pledge we

park those who worked there must have

taken a vow of keeping their work secret

until the year of 1989 the Pradesh

government was allowed to release

unclassified documents about World War

two the public was able to witness some

information about all investors of

cypher central unexpected tragedy

after the war Alan Turing was invited by

the previous government to work at the

National Physical Laboratory majoring in

research about computer programming in

1946 he was awarded the ope one of the

highest honor meadows in England from

1947 to 1948 he was the vice director of

the computing machine laboratory at

Manchester University majoring in

artificial intelligence in 1949 Turin

became the first scientist in the world

practicing machine to apply math

research a year later he published

documents Computing Machinery and

intelligence and proposed a popular

method called the Turing test it was the

foundation of artificial intelligence

science in 1951 at the age of 39 Turing

was elected as a member of the praetor's

Royal Society early 1952 investigation

discovered her in heaven a secret affair

with a male employee named Nord Murray

who was 19 years old working at the

National Physical Laboratory during the

investigation Turing emitted having a

sexual relationship with Murray

homosexual acts were considered criminal

offences based on previous law at that

time the homosexual acts with sin Cedar

Cross indecency finally Alan Turing was

forced to resign and convicted with a

cross indecency charge due to his famous

contributions Turing was given a choice

between two years imprisonment and home

probation his probation was conditional

and he underwent chemical treatment

historian Edward Cromwell from the

National Royal Society said Alan Turing

accepted the second option during the

next year he had to inject twice hormone

progesterone quickly to repress his

normal sexual desire as a result his

body's feminization started to form

forming crash desu changing voice and

his body suffered pain from minor

effects of high progesterone

besides his mentality has changed he

suffered from depression

ignored publicity and mentioned that

more frequently on July 7th 1954 Alan

Turing ended his life by using a cyanide

dose at that time he was only 42 years

of age the Golden Age of all scientists

his housekeeper found his body lying

down next to a half-eaten Apple though

it was navistick for cyanide this tragic

incident also might be an accident that

he accidentally consumed to buzzin at

gas from chemical vessels next to his

bedroom more conspiracy theory his death

was an assassination since Alan had

known too much about military decryption

primarily homosexual acts considered as

attract to national security

his family had different opinions they

implied that the chemical castration

punishment a year ago was the main

reason for the death of a 42 year on

scientist who was at the common age of

knowledge he could not have stood the

practice from society over homosexual

Israeli his corrupted body for some

reasons the news about Alan's death had

not pressed during that time those who

heard about his death

unclimbed that was a suicide over a

shameful homosexual recognition up until

1974 the homosexual was no longer

despised and prejudiced the real story

started to reveal the public starting

raising voice over his suffering the

late apology


Alan Turing's great achievements in

science and significant contributions

over the war against fascism were never

forgotten in 1966 the association of

computer machinery founded the Turing

award of pricing two hundred and fifty

thousand USD every year for those who

had significant contributions to

computer science it was considered a

Nobel a computer field the Turing award

indeed was a forever memorial for the

genius scientists and a number one hero

of the United Kingdom they also built a

Turing memorial statue as Sackville in

Manchester City placing between houses

of Manchester University in Reverse

streets the prosthetic of Turing in

Surrey University and a monument site at

where he had been before

holy meet Wilson also opened during this

event in 1999 45 years after his passing

day Time magazine named him as one of

the 100 most important people of the

20th century with a compliment the fact

that everyone who taps at a keyboard

opening a spreadsheet or a word

processing program is working on an

incarnation of a Turing machine in 2002

his name Alan Turing took place and

number 21 on the list of 100 great

produced by BBC on scientists remember

him is the father of computer science in

September 2009 a programmer named John

creme coming petitioned the previous

government asking an apology over the

persecution of Alan Turing suffering as

a homosexual this petition soon received

over 30,000 a probe of signatures under

pressure from public City the praetor's

Prime Minister gottam prow accepted the

request on behalf of the previous

government he officially released an

apology to the crazy Scott decipher

during the World War two describing what

Alan has suffered is horrible in

injustice the Prime Minister emitted

that the country owes the genius

mathematician a huge

that without his extraordinary

contributions World War two history may

have been rewritten Prime Minister brow

released on a statement in front of the

government door and number 10 Downing

Street thousands of his followers they

were in activities for his justice in

December 2013 thousand has side a

petition including professor Stephen

Hawkins asking the prettiest royal for a

clearance of all charges again Alan

Turing in 1952 queen elizabeth ii

herself cited clearance of the

mathematician satisfying thousands of

those who have a distinct genders is

Alan Turing in 2014 an American movie

director Martin Tilden had brought his

dramatic life into a movie named the

imitation the film has been selected by

American movie Academy as one of the

best ten movies of the year and though

the act of Queen Elizabeth the second

came late this act led to a

revolutionary and humanity proposal in

February 2015 the Turing family sign a

petition to previous governments issuing

a clearance over 50,000 for those who

have been convicted with homosexual