"Me at the zoo" Wasn't the First YouTube Video...

well now we all know that the first

video on youtube was called

me at the zoo by a channel known only as


but is that truly the case well today

i'm gonna be providing evidence

that indeed may suggest that there was

actually at one point

a video that was uploaded before that

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youtube itself started february 2005 but

the first video was supposedly uploaded

in april 2005. that was a whole month

period of time when youtube was

supposedly launched

when there was actually no content on it

at all did anyone actually have access

to youtube at that time

or was it just this one person and if

not then why

did it take so long for someone to

finally upload videos

a new interesting study came out which

wasn't really a study but more or less

a delve deep back to the earliest ages

of youtube

discovered by a couple redditors who

discovered that there was actually

indeed some evidence to point out

that the first video which is also a

very popular video with 90 million views

known as me at the zoo was actually


not the first ever youtube video ever


and that's because the first channel on


wasn't actually jawed back in that day

channels on youtube were not really

considered channels

youtube was first started to actually be

an online

site where you can meet people based off

of a certain parameters that you could


based off of your account settings

supposedly that's what the first

goal initiative of youtube was i'm not

entirely sure of that

and that's not what was discussed in

this discovery of course

but what was discussed was the fact that

the first channel on youtube

or at least if not the very first

channel the first ever account

on youtube was under the name of comtest

not contest with an n but a com test

with an m which wasn't actually a name

of a channel because

as i said channels didn't really exist

back then and this was found

not through wayback machine or some

other publicly known archive of web


but this was actually scanned by looking

through all of the different crawl dates

of youtube

throughout its entire history through

all the different sources

that actually archive different pieces

of the web throughout all of the entire

internet i can only imagine like how

many of these things actually exist of

youtube how many different snapshots of

being the second most popular website in

history that there are available

but essentially when they scrolled all

the way back to the very beginning

before youtube was purchased by google

and when it was only being first

developed by its original

ex-paypal employees we see that there

was an actual channel

called comtest which uploaded a video by

that same name

com test and there is pretty much no way

to play back exactly what was in the


simply because of how long ago there was

it was and it was most likely deleted

way before jod uploaded his video me at

the zoo

which was the first ever video uploaded

to an official youtube channel but most


what this video was about called com

test was to test the ability of youtube

being able to have a usable playback

system for video content

so the first video ever uploaded was

technically a video just to test the

ability for youtube to be able to have

videos on their website

and there are some snapshots that

actually show that the video was named

com test one and then there was a comm

test too

suggesting that either back then you

could edit the title of your videos

or you could upload more than one but

they were all either uploaded at the

same time or it was just one video

this same person actually found out that

the first youtube channel supposedly


this discovery that had uploaded the

first youtube video

actually had uploaded another video

after that which is obviously no longer

available to see

but you could see that this was uploaded

in june

and it's under some clearly random title

so clearly

lots of these old old videos have been

deleted so could this be fake it could

be if it wasn't demonstrated by multiple


this was actually backed up on reddit

multiple times by other people who

weren't actually connected or friends

with the original poster that said that

they found that this exact

video existed if they looked on certain

archive websites as well

so this was available to see and there

is no way to play back

the com test 1 2 or 3 videos of course

but if there was then technically we'd

be able to see the real first ever video

uploaded to youtube

was it an actual video itself or was it

just an arbitrary test of videos

of youtube's quality who knows but it

definitely wasn't intended to be seen by

that many people

since it was supposedly deleted only a

week or two after it was uploaded which

ended up being a whole month before

jod ended up posting his video so yeah

this first video on youtube

was uploaded february 28 2005.

that's pretty interesting to know that

the actual first video was indeed this

but who knows maybe there's even another

video that came before this

because that's still multiple weeks

after youtube started

so who knows what was going on in the

development all the way back then

but yeah this is a pretty intriguing

discovery and i can only imagine

and hope that this is real but thank you

all for watching that's all the

information i can give about this at

this current moment

my name is dallas aka infernus if you

found this interesting as well i

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