Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones on why he's voting for Donald Trump


hello america

my name is vernon jones and i'm a state


from the great state of georgia as you

can see

i'm a man of color and i'm a lifelong

democrat too

you may be wondering why is a lifelong

democrat speaking

at the republican national convention

and that's a fair question

and here's your answer the democratic

party does not want black people

to leave their mental plantation we've

been forced to be there

for decades and generations but i have

news for joe biden

we are free we are free people with

free minds and i'm part of a large and

growing segment

of the black community who are

independent thinkers

and we believe that donald trump is the


that america needs to lead us forward

this is no time for sleeping in the

basement joe biden has had

47 years to produce results

but he's been all talk and no action

just like so many of the democrats

who've been making promises

to the black voters for decades we've

been their captive audience

when president trump sought to earn the

black vote

the democratic party leaders went crazy

nancy pelosi and chuck schumer literally

started wearing kente cloths around

the us capitol as if

pandering were enough to keep us


let me tell you why i'm supporting our


i grew up in the south in laurel hill

north carolina

scotland county the green pond community

to be exact

my parents robin and roofer jones built

with their own hands

a four-room cinderblock home with no

indoor plumbing

they had very limited education but they

instilled in us

a strong work ethic that drove me from

those tobacco fields of north carolina

to those hallowed halls of the georgia

general assembly

my parents taught me if i believed in


worked hard and treated every person


there was no limit to what we could


i attended north carolina central


an historical black college for


hbcus have been the incubators that

develop black scholars

in math and science and religion


and politics they have been important


for the black success but democrats

haven't treated them that way

when president trump took office he

changed everything

he delivered historic funding to hbcus

and he guaranteed it for 10 years

something has never happened

in the history of this country that gave

our hbcus stability

the chance to grow and produce the next


of black leaders that's right donald

trump did that

he's also supported school choice to

ensure that no

child no matter their race or zip code

is left behind every child should have

access to a quality education

but education is just the beginning the

president also built the most

inclusive economy ever with record low


for african americans and record high


in the workforce he put opportunity


in the trump tax bill that would drive


into our communities for decades to come

he put the interest of american workers

and especially

black workers first that's right

donald trump did that

he delivered historic criminal justice


he ended once and for all the policy of


of black people which has decimated our


caused by no other than joe biden

democrats wouldn't do it obama

didn't want to do it and joe biden and

kamala harris definitely wouldn't do it

but donald trump did it he's also


every day to make our community safer as

a former

executive of dekalb county georgia

i directed one of the largest public

safety departments in the southeast

i seen tragic shootings on both sides

officers killing citizens and citizens


officers in the line of duty

police officers are fellow citizens they

live in our country

they have families too they live in our


unfortunately democrats have turned

their backs

on our brave police officers they call

it defunding

and it's a danger to our cities our


and our children isn't it ironic

that democrat politicians have personal


to protect them so why don't they forego

their security and replace them with

social workers

especially since that's what they want

for you and me

our police need more funding not less

for frequent psychological examinations

for non-lethal remote

restraint technology and for more


and use of force training these are the

common sense solutions

that president trump supports true

sincere police reform that's right

donald trump did that too education

jobs safety security

on issue after issue and in just

a single term he destroyed these

negative forces that have victimized

the black community for decades

he gave us the opportunity to rise

now you know when i made the public

announcement of my support for president


all hell broke loose i was threatened

called an embarrassment and asked to


by my own party unfortunately

that's consistent with the democratic


and how they view independent thinking

black men and women but i'm here to tell


that black voices are becoming more woke

and louder than ever

the democratic party has become infected

with a pandemic of intolerance

bigotry socialism anti-law enforcement


and a dangerous tolerance for people who


others destroy their property and

terrorize our own

communities that's what this election is

all about

and that's why right now more than ever

more than ever before america needs

donald trump in the oval office for

another four years

god bless you and vote donald j trump

thank you