Jaden Smith and Mom Jada Pinkett Smith ARGUE On Red Table Talk

childhood traumas and you can

your kids are gonna have their burdens

and even though i

see how it might have hurt you

it's what i knew yeah jaden smith and


jada pinkett smith argue on red table


there has been a lot of drama in the

smith family lately

it's a mess to begin with and has met

with a lot of criticism

to understand this chaos we have to

analyze each and every aspect of the

story and

understand the reasons that led to such


so without any further ado let's get

started with it

part 1 mom shaming as we are all

familiar with the term sheening there is

no reason to dive into this but for

those people who still need an

explanation mom shaming is basically

criticizing a mom for not raising up her

children properly

such things usually happen to

celebrities and rich people for not

being able to raise their kids properly

being unable to give them enough time

due to their busy schedules

and spoiling their kids by providing

them too many facilities

this usually ends up in the kids being

too dependent on their parents


and doing unethical things however with

jada pinkett smith

that's not the case during an episode on

october 13th

of red table talk jada pinkett smith her


adrian banfield jones and willow smith

talk mom shaming with dr romani


here jada talks about all the hardcore

criticisms she's met with for the way

she raised her son

jaden smith and as we know jaden smith

is a great actor and

dancer playing the lead role in the

movie the karate kids are pursuing his

profession as a famous rapper he is

definitely financially independent as

for morality

jaden has a good character and is very

respectful to his fans

the smith family even confirmed in one

of their interviews that none of the

family members do drugs

however the only thing the smith kids

are criticized for

is their independence from a young age

jaden smith and willow smith have made

decisions about their lives since a very

young age

this type of parenting is good for the

kids to develop decision making skills

that a responsible adult should have

however allowing kids to make their own

decisions from a young age can lead them

to making bad decisions because of a

lack of maturity

we have seen examples of this as jaden

wore a louis vuitton skirt this was met

with heavy criticism and

mom shaming however in jaden's defense

he later revealed that

he wears skirts on many occasions

because of gender stereotypes

and he just wants to make the world a

better place where people can freely

express their freedom

in the same way willow smith has also

met with criticism for shaving her head

again in her defense she was just

showing freedom of expression

part two the crying meme and jada's


you need to say clearly what happened

and i got into

an entanglement with august that's what

i said you have to be living under a


to not know about will smith's infamous

crying meme

this meme got popular after will smith

confronted jada smith in an interview

about her alleged relationship

in which she confessed about her secret


with singer august alcina will also


jada smith on her words of choice saying

that relationship

was the right word i think um you need

to say clearly what happened

as far as what yeah and then i got into

an entanglement with

august that's what i said an

entanglement yes

yes a relationship yes it was a

relationship absolutely

jada also added that she was in a lot of

pain during the relationship

however she also added throughout that

particular journey i've learned so much

about myself and was able to really

confront a lot of emotional immaturities

emotional insecurity and i was really

able to do some really deep healing

during this discussion will seemingly

had tears in his eyes

leading many fans to think that jada

broke his heart however will laughed it

off in a recent video and said

i think because i drink so much coffee i

get dehydrated and it makes my eyes warm

so much coffee

i get dehydrated and it makes my eyes


this statement could have been true as

people know that eyes can water at often

times and it doesn't necessarily mean

that the person is crying

however from a different point of view

it was a very heartbreaking moment for

will smith to confront his wife about

her secret relationship

and can even make a grown man cry

whatever the case

it's still wrong to meme about someone's


considering what he or she has suffered

in the past anyways

will and jada are still together and by

no means are going to divorce each other

as an insider for the family set to us


jada and will have always been open

about the fact that they have a true


and are united in life and love for a


25 years and counting we ride together

we gotta go together bad marriage for


talk about relationship goals moreover

in a recent interview with radio host

angela yee

alcina said he had been involved in a

relationship with pinkett smith who has

been married to smith since 1997.

i actually sat down with will and had a

conversation he continued

due to the transformation from their

marriage to a life partnership that they

have spoken on several times and not

involving romanticism he gave me his


his blessing and i i totally

gave myself to that relationship for


this issue seems to have been resolved

for now and we hope it will continue

part three personal information being


what better way to resolve your family

issues than to share it with

the rest of the internet yeah that

doesn't seem like a good idea but the

smith's family thinks otherwise

a show that started to give an insight

on social issues has become the main

source of personal information about the

smithfield i was in a lot of pain

and i was very broken now in the process

of that relationship i definitely


that you can't find happiness

some sources even state that jaden and

willow are fed up with all this personal

information flowing around the internet

and essentially making the family a

laughingstock although these topics have

been grossing a lot of views and

money for jada smith however it has been

met with a lot of criticism and

dropping the imdb rating to a whopping


this has been led to the point that many

people believe that the relationship

between jada and

august was a phony and was made up so

that jada could bring more attention to

her show

part four the conclusion in conclusion

the ongoing drama is very serious and

has caused

hard times for the family it may have

even affected raising up the kids

as we already know the smiths are

criticized for giving the kids too much

independence and not giving them enough


of the real weight

of parenting and i brought them home and

i remember we put them in the bassinet

and cherie

went to sleep an example of this is

letting jaden live independently

at the age of 16 when he was still

mentally immature smaller

i said we'd be lucky to keep him in the

house till he's 16.

because he was so mature he was making

films he

really he could really it may have

caused problems in the way he turned out

in fact willow said in an interview that

she and her brother felt shunned by the

black community for their ideology of

freedom of expression

she also admitted to her mother jada

smith and her grandmother adrian

banfield norris that she felt that some

of the family members didn't embrace her

or her brother

because they didn't conform the

criticism doesn't end here

people also called jaden smith an

industrial plant because of his parents

already having connections in the

industry all this criticism has a bad

effect on jaden smith considering his

intentions to

make the world a better place moreover

the separation of parents would have

already been very hard-hitting for

willow and jaden as they were still in

their teens during that time

will smith also addressed his family

issues on one of the interviews i felt

like we were winning

we were succeeding we had karate kid

starring jaden we had

whip my hair jada had author and we

hosted when barack obama won the nobel

peace prize

we hosted all of that in one year i felt

we were doing well

and my family wasn't happy despite all

of this negativity

jayden and willow still keep themselves

calm and collected

right after jada revealed her secret

affair jayden was spotted hanging out at

the beach with his friends this shows

that jaden doesn't care about his family

issues and wants to live his own life

and pursue his career without any

intervention from his parents

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what do you think about the smith's

parenting technique

is it correct or is it spoiling the kids

does the family deserve all this


or should we sympathize with all the

suffering they have gone through

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