10-Year-Old Soccer SENSATION | Next Lionel Messi?

one day I think that I am gonna be

better than Lionel Messi

I think it's limitless for him the way

it works and the dedication he has in

ten years no reason why he can't be in

the u.s. national team I think what sets

in the part of the fact that he wants it

more and he sees that he can actually

build something out of it if he was

trying to do that there's a phenomenal

athlete he blows in pretty else on the

water he's quicker his fast a strong

guys foot works quicker his shots better

and it's all because of him you're not

even gonna need to read the name it's

just gonna be cc4 chase career and

they're gonna know exactly who it is

what's up I'm Jay sometime and I play



Chase is definitely the most consistent

kid I'll work with I think I first time

I saw chasey with could have been six

the biggest thing that separates him

from other kids is his dedication it's

hard work his work ethic

nothing really inspires me like when I

see other kids going and Trinity that

doesn't inspire me I just want to Train

I just want to do this I just want to do

that given the weather here and there we

go we do the opportunity we're out there

any chance for it's indoor/outdoor we

talk about suckin on stuff a picture

keeper in there you gotta bury him top

corners great finish good what I try and

do with the kids when I told you

somebody try and make it as game

realistic as possible

anyone can just throw a ball and hit the

shot top corner so that was great but

can you do it when I'm running at him on

putting them under pressure know what

we're doing it our tempo which allows

them to not have as much time to think

quit drinking then we're gonna go into

you finishing quit drink get anyone cuz

I need time it's not all about you I

need the rest I've never really felt

that I want to stop soccer I neveri felt

by am I doing this right now and I could

be doing something else I've always been

wanting to try and keep doing it while

which i think is really important right

now I'm just gonna rebounder and shoot

we've been being such an attacking

player whatever we do want to try to fit

into a shell in the end we try to make

it as most game realistic as you can

obviously well having him driving

driving me one-on-one

I'm hit I always find

get better I just like soccer I like the

way it's played I just like everything

about it so growing up in New England

you know it's always cold just something

we have to deal with you know especially

with chase he's gonna be competing at a

national level and some of the kids is

gonna be playing with our from the

southern states where it's a little bit

warmer so if he's gonna take days off

while they're working he's not getting

any better so we got to make sure he's

able to compete at that level it doesn't

slow me down I keep training I keep

working hard and that's all that matters

take off take off good the one thing I

noticed about him was you know his work

ethic and how bad he really wanted it as

soon as I clap I want you to push off

your back leg reach with the front one

try to cover some space and they sink

your hips

I trained pretty much every night of the

week whether it's snowing raining either

I'm inside or outside I think it kind of

shows and my games my videos I don't

take any days off no matter what good

job nice there it is

Jeff good don't look that with his dress

there we go all the way down so most

kids his age that I work with they kind

of find reasons to stop hey almost I

said to chase all right let's call it

right there as soon as I said that no

let's do more I want to keep working

with the level that chases that I have

to find new ways to challenge him things

like this adding a resistance man has

been a good way to help with that Drive

there it is push push push push

get there get there arms second cone get

there Deidre what I really want to make

sure is he's getting faster he's getting

more explosive he's able to get a little

bit strong go in and out in and out

shuffle - in and out take off good

that's the one good job he always wants

to work even when the stress is over

after an hour he's out he's kind of

upset usually he goes straight to hockey

straight to boxing

never stops I like doing boxing and as

most kids would say I just like killing

things chase is quick to learn makes it

fun and plus he's just a good kid you

want to be able to be coachable and a

lot of people forget that and he's very

coachable tell him something once and

he's on the game

boxing helps me because it's keeping me

on my toes and it's good condition

and strength for me and it's just really

good to help me with soccer a lot of

people will say he's gifted but don't

take it away from him he works very hard

he's gonna be fine or whatever he does

these are all pretty much from hockey

soccer this one right here this was the

one from mundo Edo from Spain I was

chosen to play on a national team and

play against some of the best academies

in the world someday I want to play in

the World Cup for us and win it for my

team as you can see my favorite players

Messi one particular reason why it's not

or not cuz he's not cocky like in like

Messi motivates me I think he's a great

player I just love the way plays he was

technical on the ball so mental game is

great and I dream to someday be better

than him he also understands how real

this is for him you know he sees that

these professional club teams are

starting to contact them and he sees

that he can actually build something out

of it you'll never find a kid that's the

lobes the game put this much time into

the game is this okay I know that I'm

already ahead of the other kids that I'm

playing with right now and I think that

if I keep working hard I'm gonna be if

not the best one of the best players in

the world