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Mars is the Roman god of war

his equivalent in Greek mythology is

Ares but the prestige of Mars in Rome is

far superior to what Ares had in ancient

Greece Mars is the Sun a Jupiter and

Juno the gods who ruled the universe the

Roman god of war was usually represented

as a mature strong bearded man his

appearance was more majestic than that

of Ares who was often represented as a

young and impulsive God the Roman god

crossed the battlefields next to the

demons virtus and honor

thus he favored those who fought with

honor Ares was followed by his sons

Phobos and Deimos entities who depicted

fear and terror

although Ares was a God despised among

the Olympian gods and barely worshipped

among men for his violent and cruel

nature Mars was worshiped in Rome

according to Roman myths he was the

father of the twins Romulus and Remus

the former was the founder of the city

of Rome Mars had the goddess of love

Venus as his lover equivalent to the

goddess Aphrodite in Greek mythology in

the early Roman cults Mars was an

agricultural deity but as Roman society

developed and expanded territorially

with the conquests the role the God also

changed his warlike attributes became

more valued the God came to be seen as a

warrior God and protected the Romans in

the conquests the shield of Mars was

kept in the Roman Forum by its priests

Mars was a deeply celebrated God in Rome

with each victory of the legions the

Romans honored the God with feasts in

his honor

Emperor Octavius Augustus said Mars was

an avenging God this allowed him to

justify the persecution of the Senators

who had murdered Julius Caesar his uncle

and adopted father although his cult as

a God of War grew Mars never ceased to

play his role as

agrarian deity as protector of the

harvests the month of March was

consecrated in his honor

this month's name has its origin in the

name of Mars at that time it was the

first month of the year and marked the

beginning a spring with the end of

winter the Roman legions would march

towards glory with the protection of the

God on March 14th the city of Rome was

adorned for the great festival at Campus

Martius there were religious cultural

and sporting events to honor the God the

God was the second most important in the

Roman pantheon standing only below

Jupiter the equivalent of Zeus due to

his blood red colours the planet Mars

was named after this God and the

protector god of Rome is now

internalized among the stars