Don't Sleep on the Golden State Warriors in 2021 ...

so next year is going to be easily one

of the most

interesting seasons in nba history you

have kevin durant and kyrie irving

joining forces for the first time

and them trying to put the brooklyn nets

on the map the milwaukee bucks

obviously have issues on their roster

that they need to fix and they could

potentially add chris paul via the trade


but then out west you have other teams

such as the golden state warriors

and as you guys can see by the title the

golden state warriors

are not done i think a lot of people are

putting them in their rear view mirror

and acting like the dynasty is over and

i understand they don't have kevin


steph curry clay thompson they're coming

off of injury but

we need to contextualize everything and

that's what i'm here for but before we

get started with this video

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you guys know the drill but without

further ado

enough of all the plugs let's talk about

steph curry and the golden state


the warriors last season were a travesty

to watch

as seemingly overnight they went from

being the best team in the nba head and

shoulders above

everybody that they faced to being

easily one of the worst teams in nba

history and as much as i think draymond

green gets way too much criticism

yeah he cannot be your best player on a

team if you have any type of aspirations

to be successful in any way shape or


i mean when you're giving quality

minutes to jordan pull you know you have

a problem

now i know a lot of people remember in

the beginning of the season

many people thought the warriors could

be a dark horse to make some noise in

the playoffs if klay thompson returned

from his acl injury

towards later on in the season like he

was projected to do so

but then steph curry broke his hand by

game 3

and the warriors decided to tank the

rest of the season as they should have

and after a handful of games with

deangelo russell

they decided to part ways with him by

trading him to the minnesota


in exchange for andrew wiggins in a top

5 protected pick in the first round next


that belongs to the minnesota

timberwolves and to be quite fair

that trade could be a hit or miss

depending on how

bad the wolves are next year or just how

much andrew wiggins develops

in the golden state warriors culture

because i hear a lot of people saying he

could be their harrison barnes

but there are major differences between

harrison barnes

and andrew wiggins for starters harrison

barnes was actually a quality defender

that was very flexible with the ability

to not only defend small forwards but

even some point guards and shooting


as well as some undersized power

forwards meanwhile when you look at a

guy like andrew wiggins

he struggled in that area for the entire

portion of his career i understand that

draymond green is going to be on the


they have a really nice culture in

golden state so maybe that can rub off

on him

but as far as i'm concerned andrew

wiggins efforts on the defensive side of

the ball

they've been terrible throughout his

entire duration in the nba

and i don't think draymond green in the

warriors culture will be enough to make


at least an average defender but they

may be able to make him passable

and when i say that i'm more so

referring to team defense

because 101 defense wiggins is terrible

and i honestly don't know why

because he has all the physical tools

athletically to get the job done on that

side of the ball

so maybe he just doesn't have it in him

when it comes to his iq

but when it comes to team defense that's

really about communication

and just showing effort because for the

best example of that you could look at

steph curry his own teammate

curry is a terrible on ball defender but

off ball

he can get steals and he can play really

good health defense

so in the case of andrew wiggins his job

should be fairly simple

score rather efficiently play some solid

passable defense

that we all know you're capable of with

your physical abilities

and we're not even asking you to play

great on ball defense

they're just asking you to play great

team defense and to just fit into that


but now let's shift gears to the golden

state warriors second overall

pick and in that case i have to be real

there are a multitude of things that

they could do with that pick

but i personally believe that if the

golden state warriors are going to draft

a player

they need to get james wiseman because

james wiseman is a big man

and the golden state warriors have

suffered at the big man position

essentially throughout their entire run

but despite that major flaw i still

believe that the warriors have shown the


and the rockets have taken note of this

is that you don't need

a star big you just need a big that can


boards put backs and simply defend the


and honestly that's what kavon looney

was for them in those years

kavon looney was not some star big with

great post moves

he was somebody that simply did one role

and that's what the warriors are going

to need

out of james wiseman if that's too much

for him

then he doesn't belong in the nba those

are basic things that

every big in the league no matter you're

a rookie

or even a 12-year vet you should be

capable of doing those things

if you don't then you don't belong in

the league in the first place

because i don't know if people

understand this but the west is only

going to get

tougher when it comes to the big man

position you got karl anthony towns

nicola jokic and anthony davis all in

one conference alone those are the top

three big men

in the league not everybody is going to

have a small center like

zion williamson or pj tucker in their


so why not build up a guy like james


who can eventually contend with biggs

like that sure he may not be there in

his rookie year

but eventually he will get there and i

don't think people understand that when

you're trying to establish a dynasty

or at least keep it alive you need to


for the future steph curry is 32 years

old and will be 33 next season klay

thompson just recently earlier this year

turned 30

and in the place of draymond green a lot

of people would argue that his better

days are left in the past and

considering that he was a four-year


player age was never really on his side

to begin with

so it's very obvious that the core

pieces of this organization

their time is ticking on what they can


for the rest of their careers and if

that's the case you need to be able to


players that can not only make their

jobs easier as they continue to age

because guys like steph and clay i

believe they will age gracefully

being the shooters that they are but

they need players

that can continue the dynasty whether

they're going to win championships or


it's all about at least being

respectable and adding a piece like

james wiseman to the roster

will be more than enough to be able to

solidify that kind of future

now i have read the reports just like

all of you that they

are interested and very high on denny


and to be quite fair i talked about

danny in my chicago bulls video

and he does have some pretty high

potential but considering the fact that

they already have andrew wiggins on that

big ass contract

they would have to trade him and

considering that he has one of the worst


in the league and is one of the most

overpaid players in nba history in my

personal opinion

it's going to be tough to find suitors

that can give you at least solid

compensation for him

and sure they could trade down but

knowing that danny will more than likely

be a top 5

pick who's going to trade up just a


spots and still take on andrew wiggins


i'm sorry it's just not worth it even me

as a bulls fan

even if it meant us getting lamelo ball

at the second overall pick or even james

wiseman who i don't think we should

draft anyways

it just wouldn't be worth it in my

opinion but to conclude this video

let me say this steph curry is arguably

the second greatest point guard in the

history of the game

and i believe he is a top 15 player of

all time clay thompson

arguably the second greatest shooter in

nba history and is an elite two-way


in the case of draymond green yes he is

overrated to some people

but he's still one of the greatest

defenders of this generation and

contributed just

as much as steph and clay did to

changing basketball

and popularizing small ball in the

league and when those three

are the centerpiece of your organization

no matter how strong the competition is

in the west as it grows time after time

after time

with talent entering the league year

after year after year

you will always be in contention

obviously barring

injury so next year watch out because

the warriors will be back

but that concludes this video you guys

let me know your opinions down below in

the comment section i'm sure

a lot of people will have mixed

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this is your boy young mustard signing

out y'all stay safe and have a great day

i'm out peace