Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear Responds to Being Hanged in Effigy | NowThis

we're gonna get through this together


well I thought that and I knew that kids

from time to time would probably mean to

them just because of who their dad was I

did not consider that they might be

bullied or heckled by grown adults and

then Sunday happened Sunday was a

protest where my administration offered

to drive up and a drive-through permit a

way that's safe safe for everybody who

was involved where kovat night teen

wouldn't spread and in part what they

claimed that they wanted at least in

their lawsuit but the organizers and

even the Attorney General disagree at

the demonstration a right-wing militia

group called the three percenters left

the front of the Capitol and walked

through and across all of the barriers

at the governor's mansion where they say

it is no longer open to the public they

walked up and stood on the front porch

and there just a windowpane away from

where my kids play the mob chanted and

Hecla thankfully my kids weren't there

that day but I want to remind you

they're 9 and 10 years old unsatisfied

the mob retreated to an area at an area

several hundred yards away and hung a

dummy with my face on it

it included the saying yelled by

Lincoln's assassin think about it

a celebration of assassination on our

Capitol grounds so let's start by

calling it what it was and what it is

actions aimed at creating fear and

terror crossing over barriers standing

on the other side of the glass from

where I raise my kids and hanging me in

an effigy that's an action intended to

use fear to get their way this small

group way less than 3%

is trying to bully everyone else into

doing what they want us to do that's

also not ignore that the hanging was

intended to send a message to others one

of them tolerance and one of hate I

could never understand the depths of

pain that this symbol causes too many of

my fellow Kentuckians but I can condemn

it outright as wrong as vile and as evil

so where does that leave us I will not

be afraid I will not be bullied and I

will not back down not to them and not

to anybody else and you know after

everything that's happened this weekend

do we still think it's too much to wear

a mask to protect our fellow human being

not where to protect my family

like other people should wear it to

protect theirs