Kentucky Governor Calls on Attorney General to Release All Evidence in Breonna Taylor Case

announcement and in the announcement he


the investigation but he talked about

information facts evidence

that neither i nor the general public

have seen

i believe that the public deserves this


so i previously made what i would call a


to the attorney general and now i'm

making the request

that he post online all the information


and facts that he can release without

impacting the three felony indictments

the three felony counts in the


issued today everyone can

and should be informed

and those that are currently feeling


feeling hurt they deserve to know

more i trust kentuckians

they deserve to see the facts for


and i believe that the ability to

process those facts

helps everybody and i believe that no

matter what somebody's perspective

is on today's announcement that they


having the full amount of information

out there and these have been posted by

other prosecutors across the nation in

different situations

it's hopefully something that can help

us talk to each other

help us heal help us move forward

and help us always to make improvements