If "Real People" Commercials Were Real Life - CHEVY Reliability Award

hey guys thanks for coming today don't

touch me Abba Potch we brought Ford

Honda and Toyota owners together today

to talk about reliability

now why there's no Chevy honest here coz

their cars broke down I'm just kidding

but not really who are the four donors

who's a honda owner and you guys have

Toyota's yes I own a 1999 Suzuki Grand

Vitara anybody for donors would you be

surprised to hear that Ford is the most

reliable car company no it doesn't

surprise me basically everyone in my

family has a Ford well you know the old

saying family that rides in a Ford

together doesn't die in a Chevy well

actually it's not forward there better

not be a Chevy under there holy [ __ ]

we're at that sheet going what in the

actual [ __ ] is there a giant vacuum back

there or something god damn that's the

first thing Chevy's ever done I'm

impressed by I guess surprised its Honda

seriously how'd you do that well

actually Honda's not the most reliable

there better not be a Chevy under this

one there it is again that sheet

dissapeared faster than this commercial

did my god where are these sheets going

I mean I knew my heart Toyota is one of

the best brands out there you guys

finally did it I thought you blew your

budget on the big doors and now you

gotta use sheets no but for real where'd

that sheet go it's actually not to you


yep gotta be a Suzuki I knew it Sosuke

my balls Honda I'm just kiddin caring

goddamn lighten up

I knew you'd switch over to real brands

here one day porch here we go time for

the big reveal

glad punch ripped that sheet off and

show my Suzuki and

no no Potch no we all know you're lying

you know this is the most tragic magic

show since Siegfried got attacked by

that tiger or was it Roy you know what

it doesn't matter because there's no way

a Chevy Cavalier is more reliable than a

Honda Civic you know what I'm tweeting

Toyota about this right now

dear Toyota Chevy is full of [ __ ] and

saying that they're more reliable than

you based on a recent nationwide survey

Chevy is more reliable than Toyota Honda

and for you guys didn't survey any

mechanics huh I never would have thought

yeah that's because you have common

sense I'm so impressed you're impressed

because they made up an award and gave

it to themselves well I'm about to

impress the [ __ ] out of you guys cuz I

just gave myself a survey I'm giving

myself the biggest dick award also I'm

giving myself the best forehead award

yeah I just inched out Rihanna to give

myself that accolade so I just looked it

up and these claims are based on a

single limited survey commissioned by

Chevy itself and it looks like only

48,000 surveys were completed out of

almost 900,000 your reliability survey

is about as reliable as you cost not

very I guess you guys didn't get the JD

Power reliability or what huh so you

just made one up you know without your

marketing team watch we would both have

to find new jobs okay so I went ahead

and I printed these out for everyone to

read it's a 2018 Consumer Reports

reliability survey yeah just take one of

these and just pass it down if you would

Carol and as you can see here Chevy is

listed under the less reliable column

right underneath a single rusty broken

axle might have been slightly wrong okay

no but seriously where'd that Sheik go

and we still got paste as you took this

commercial down

hey guys thanks for watching the video

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