Masked Singer Kitty REVEALED As America's FAVORITE Got Talent Star + Youngest Selling Pt Artist

the Sagan rule has received the least

amount of votes who must unmask and head

home is





kitty the rest of you have advance to

next week

kitty sadly you will be abandoned in

next week's semi-final but after many

months we finally get to see who you are

but first panel you have to make your

final guesses first off congratulations

you should be so proud to be here in the

quarterfinal absolutely with that said

in the beginning I was thinking you

could be Nicole Richie because we had

the fashion clues the designer clue but

then going off of the vocal performance

today I'm gonna say Vanessa Hudgens

that's a strong pick yeah who you got

also a lot of Christmas clues as well

and Vanessa's and a lot of Christmas

movies too so alright I think who's

under there you're very petite and and

you have a nice little Bop to it so in

the package that travels a lot child

starred nobody wanted her to grow up she

was in the great movie passport to Paris

New York minute When in Rome

getting there mary-kate and/or Ashley

Olsen it's one of them ones in there all

right Robin

you know I had been on this Emma Roberts

tip for a long time there were so many

clues from her movie roles to starting

young to maybe even Robert Redford

giving her her first break and then we

started going back and forth on Vanessa

Hudgens but when I think of Vanessa

Hudgens in her body language the way she

sings I feel like that Ashley Tisdale

has more of that cute Bopper energy than

Vanessa does and we had the horror film

references she's been in one of the

scream movies so I think it's Ashley

Tisdale yeah

I like that all right can't hear you got

you know i-i've said Avril Lavigne in

the past just because I really want her

to be and a lot of clues haven't fit and

so just going off the clue package with

a hot-air balloon

you know I'm thinking up in the air

possibly Anna Kendrick who starred in a

movie of the same name has an amazing

voice you heard her and pitch perfect

so my final guest is Anna Kendrick I

really do believe is a new country

that's not bad I'm clearly losing my

mind right now

I've been so far removed from connecting

the clues to you right and then today we

see new clues that maybe go huh there

was a bone arrow and this girl has an

arrow tattoo there was a bunch of Wizard

of Oz clues and this girl starred in

legends of Oz and I think it's Lea


yes take it up



almost ten years ago her and I stood on

this very stage and she was a finalist

and now still holds the record for the

youngest selling platinum artists of all


Wow Jackie Evancho this was you

surprised as shocked everyone why the

mad singer I wanted to show a different

side of myself I have been stuck in the

stereotype of a ten-year-old girl since

I was 10 years old so and now I am

almost 20 and I'm glad that this

experience has given me the chance to

kind of break out of that so next the

Phantom of the Opera and they kept

having candelabras in all these operatic

clues she's an opera singer

she sings everything she sings every

genre I want to say thank you guys so

much because without you I don't think I

would have discovered where I want to

take my career and who I want to

represent myself as in the future the

good thing about somebody with as much

talent as you have is that your

authentic self should continue to change

and grow and try new avenues so don't

worry about what you've done or where

you're going just enjoy this time that

you're in right now thank you I will we

enjoyed you ladies and gentlemen let's

hear it for Jackie Evancho

we're down to the final four fingers I'm

feeling pretty hot