Something Is Up With These Women | Testosterone Booster Commercial

look it's not Frank Thomas oh the big

hurts huh hey Larry I think your wife

wants to have sex with a big black guy

over there hey man you know that Saint

once you go black the vagina never goes

back to being the same again at least I

think that's how that goes all right

how's it going good you look like you

could still be playing Larry I hope you

have a prenup because when your wife and

that giant black me and are having sex

we're gonna be on spend half your money

that's what I said you guys got one of

those open relationships hey I'm not

judging I'm in a weird stuff too I like

my nipples pinched so well I am feeling

stronger and leaner so Frank what's your

secret I discover new genex oh damn

Debbie you too he isn't your husband in

the hospital dying from butt cancer

that's messed up feel like a young man

again with this revolutionary product

boost your manliness boost your passion

boost your string attract more women I'm

not saying that one people can read it

for themselves well most people can read

side effects may include itchy Buttle

diaper rash attracting horny middle-aged

women bleeding gums and painful

erections stop taking supplement

immediately if you show any signs of

these side effects except for the one

about the horny women unless that's not

your thing hey Debbie is your husband

dead yet