Gingrich: The leader of the Republican Party today is Trump

who you trust more to leave the

Republican Party Donald Trump 58 Paul

Ryan 39 I hope it's Donald Trump he's

getting the nomination mean he should he

just he's wrapping up the nomination I

good lord I hope it is because the

person who's getting the nomination of

our party is the person to lead our

party all right that was uh Paul Ryan

responding to a poll that showed most

Republicans think that Donald Trump is

better trusted to lead the Republican

Party than he former Speaker of the

House Newt Gingrich down Walter

rediscovering God in America and who

knows a possible running mate for Donald

Trump at all that's so tacky political

isn't it all right speaker very good to

have you thanks for coming good to be

with you what did you think of that

response of the part of Paul Ryan um

very smart yeah that's true look I mean

the speaker of the house is very big in

the house but he didn't go out and run

on all those primaries he didn't get

more votes than any Republican in

history he hasn't been on television

seven days a week communicating with the

American people the leader of the

Republican party today is Donald Trump

period end of story now the leader of

the house is Paul Ryan nolita the Senate

is Mitch McConnell and under our

Constitution if future president Trump

wants to get anything done he's going to

have to have a good relationship with

those two guys do you think though that

they can I mean obviously the thinking

is that eventually Paul Ryan will come

around to accepting Donald Trump as the

party's nominee and endorsing him

because as chair of the Republican

convention in that capacity it would be

weird wouldn't it well he wouldn't share

it if he didn't wasn't supporting him

and he's made very clear that he'll do

whatever Trump wants him to and if Trump

doesn't want it to be at the convention

he won't go but I think Trump does

wanting to be at the convention I know

for a fact that the Trump team and the

Ryan team have been meeting this week

they've been working through very

practical issues remember if you're

really going to govern there are

hundreds and hundreds of very specific

questions that is really useful to have

sorted out and what Ryan has done is

he's created an environment to say look

I want to work with you I want to

understand what you're going to try to

accomplish him by the way as a guy who's

been working on this a long time I'd

like to share with you what I'm thinking

so it's a two-way street and in a sense

Trump becomes the bay the bigger partner

and Ryan is the junior partner but their

partners Ryan is not a subordinate the

speaker the house does not work for the

president estates he can work with him

but their constitutionally separate

positions you know you were instrumental

in getting budgets under control and

getting triple awful welfare and working

now you were in sync oddly at the time

with a Democratic president but but you

guys were in sync on those keegels the

president realized he kind of had to

after getting his hiney handed to him in

the midterm elections be that as it may

it would be problematic wouldn't if

Donald Trump became president and he had

frosty relations with the speaker they

weren't on the same page how were those

reconciled well there would be much much

harder in 1898 when that happened Thomas

Reid who's the first modern speaker

resigned to one home domain to practice

law said look you know I can't go along

with President McKinley's program and

it's not appropriate for me as the head

of his party in the house to opposing so

there are a lot of different ways you'd

solve it but I don't think that's going

to be a problem here I would point out

by the way there's a certain mythology

about dealing with Bill Clinton we close

the government twice and we closed it

for a fairly long period of time and we

were in a knock-down drag-out brawl and

finally the Clinton White House said ok

we'll go along and balance the budget

but it didn't happen because we were we

were pals on a boy scout trip cooking

hot dogs it happened because we in a

very muscular way took the plan

administration head-on and forced them

to concede the goals that we had hmm and

he spoke so highly of you all right now

one of things I just want to ask you

about is your on that short list we're

told for running mates for Donald Trump

how much credence do you put in that

well I don't have any idea how long the

short list is I think if it's 200 I'm

probably on it yeah what we're told it's

five or six and you are on it I don't

know reliable I don't know I know

nothing about this stuff I don't talk to

anybody at the campaign about it you

know I think that that's something that

is only one person who matters that's

Donald Trump he will decide it's the

first really big

decision that will shape his presidency

I think he intends not to decide until

sometime in july and i suspect people

will get pretty tired speculating about

it sometime in the next two or three

weeks you spoken to me and others

publicly about his manner and his

demeanor how he could board himself as a

presidential candidate do you think any

of that ever comes back to bite you like

Donald Trump says oh I remember what he

said about no no and I look I don't I

don't try to say what I honestly believe

having figured out what it's going to

mean in terms of relationship with Trump

Trump's a big boy he's very tough he's

very smart I tell him in private what I

honestly believe and I say in public

what I honestly believe I wish he was

about ten percent more presidential

that's not his style i have a hunch this

is the presidential style we're going to

have to live with if he wins but are you

worried about that style on it you talk

about a book coming out rediscovering

God in America the rap against Donald

Trump is he's pretty blunt pretty crass

with his language and that that that

that bothers a lot of religious folks

who bothers those hornacek religious how

do you represent look I think the most

profound coming i heard i was on with

tim holtz come from from kansas and he

said he doesn't wanna let his

nine-year-old son listen to trump

because he's not sure what Trump's going

to say and i think that's something that

the Donald o to take seriously the

president nited states has to be able to

communicate with all 315 million

Americans and for younger Americans he

is he has to be a role model he has to

be somebody they can look up to and I

think you know we could use maybe maybe

a little more discipline and a little

more self-restraint in that sense he

claims he's capable of it everyone's

want to say oh I could be presidentially

you'll be bored well I think a little

bit of boredom in terms of certain kind

of language would actually be good

because lots of young people take their

cues the president States and I think

that it would be helpful for him to do

that you know there's nothing wrong with

boring Speaker I built a career on it so

let me finally get your sense of the

pandemonium now on the Democratic side

they're going to have a very divisive

convention it seems to me what do you

think I think one of the great ironies

of this year is that after 17 candidates


site got down to one we're going to have

a relatively organized positive

convention in Cleveland the Democrats

were now locked in a death struggle

between a truly unbelievable candidate

who has increasing distrust every week

and a socialist crazy Bernie as a trump

would calling are finding that the

bitterness is growing in Nevada was an

example Alaska this weekend was an

example I think they are in danger of

having a convention that resembles 1968

in which the the left simply goes

berserk because they think they've been

cheated by Clinton and by the Democratic

National Committee I thought the other

night in Nevada if I were a Democrat

that would have been a very troubling

warning of what might happen when they

go to their national convention all

right it is a flip side of what we

thought would be the case speaker it's

always good outing and thank you very

very much thank you all right Newt