Melisandre's Death Explained.. Is The Lord Of Light Good?

hey guys Dean here so some of you may be

still getting over that intense anxiety

of episode 3 season 8 of Game of Thrones

I know I surely am I actually have to

pause my TV because I literally was

having heart palpitations watching this

battle I just didn't know what was going

to happen I know some of you loved the

episode and some of you weren't too

happy with the episode but anyway while

we said goodbye to a couple of

characters the one I want to talk about

the person I want to talk about is

Melisandre now I think we all knew she'd

returned at some points to help and the

fact that she just appeared from out of

nowhere from the opposing direction as

in the direction that the White Walkers

were coming from that had me thinking

did they not see her or maybe they just

didn't harm her anyway

I want to talk about her death that's

what's important here why exactly she

kind of chose to die right after the

battle now she shows up and she lights

the swords for the Dothraki on fire

which was a really feel-good moment for

me like it was a moment you know it gave

us a little bit of hope that not

everybody is going to be slaughtered

anyway then she also lights up the

trenches for Winterfell when Danny can't

see Davos a signal due to the windstorm

so we going on what happens the night

king is killed by Arya and half you are

really pissed off that was Ari and the

other half aren't so anyway let's move

on so why did Melisandre choose the joy

is the Lord of Light good is the

religion light or is it dark there's

been so many good examples and bad

examples we've seen her use a shadow

demon to kill Renly Baratheon Dada you

know I didn't like that part and then

she brings Jon Snow back to life I love

her for that so it's gonna open down but

anyway we remember that the last time

should have a spoke to Melisandre he

said he would execute our himself the

next time she was in his presence if you

ever come back this way

now we witnesses are use the power of

the Lord of Lloyd the power of the red

God to light the swords of the Dothraki

on fire and as I said it's kind of an

uneasy but kind of a well I hate you but

that was pretty helpful from sir Davos

point of view as the White Walkers are

vulnerable to

which is why he shouts to open the gates

and let her in understandable now he

actually doesn't know what to say when

he sees her he's kind of like in shock

kind of surprised but she says it all

herself when she informs him that

there's no need to execute her she'll be

dead by Dawn immediately making me think

and maybe a lot of you think well yeah

of course you're gonna be Dead by Dawn

Melisandre does a hundred thousand dead

people are running through Winterfell

however that's not what she meant

because she seen thing what Melisandre

is that it she was always certain of

what was necessary to thrive she really

full heartedly believed in the Lord of

Light she believed in her God and she

believed in her religion because it

wasn't so much a thing of fate it was

purpose that's what I think the Lord of

Light is yes he's a God yeah or it is a

God but a God of purpose a God of reason

everything and everyone are built for a

purpose for a reason of existence and

we've seen malice on to be strongly

connected to her Lord and perform

incredible feats of magic

then we've witnessed her get it wrong

get it oh so wrong so it appears that

the Lord of loyd can indeed see the

purpose of each individual he's proved

it time and time again he kept bringing

Barret and Jerry and back to life for a

reason six times actually I can count

and even Barrack couldn't understand why

but anyway we do discover that that was

that sacrifice himself in order to save

Arya Stark because as we know she kills

the night King he brings Jon Snow back

to life because Johnny unites the north

and allies with Daenerys to help save

Westeros from the army of the Dead but

obviously there are bigger plans for

John or Aegon should I say so what does

this mean what it means there's a map

what do I mean when I say a map a map of

a predestined faith for Westeros Essos

the unknown world in appearance that

everything is meant to happen for a

reason nobody accidentally dies

everything is written according to the

Lord of Light anyway that's how it's

appearing to me so Melisandre is quite

old I'm not sure how old would I know

she's quite old and it's a ruby necklace

that keeps her alive and is also the

source of her power

we've actually seen her a trueform

previously as a wretched deformed old

woman when she took the necklace off we

often find out that distancing herself

from the necklace makes her weak and

eventually killed her so anyway we know

she believed stannis baratheon to be the

reincarnation of azor Ahai the prince

that was promised the one true king

now how she actually believed that to be

Stannis is still beyond me to this day

there is more personality in a

cheeseburger than there is in that man

but by the looks of things it was all

part of the Lord of Lights plan to bring

her closer to Jon Snow to be there to

resurrect him at the right place at the

right time

don't forget John was still human his

body would start to decompose very soon

so Melisandre needs to be there to

resurrect him anyway we'll keep going

this woman had seen Jon fighting the

dead at Winterfell in a vision so we

can't be dead and that's why we see her

happy like a crisis of faith and when

she tries unsuccessfully resurrection

her faith is restored so as I said

everything and everyone has a purpose

for existence however despite her faith

in her Lord I think deep down the one

thing that stood out for her was the

sacrifice of Shireen Baratheon she knew

it was wrong and the Lord of Light

didn't give enough back to Stannis in

exchange for sacrificing something so

pure of Shireen he simply just lifted

the storm lifted a storm that's only God

for sacrificing his daughter

anyway the death of beric Dondarrion

really showed Melisandre that nobody

should outlive their own purpose of

existence it's strengthened and

confirmed her faith in her religion with

this strength she reminds Arya that she

had not completed the prophecy made

about her Josie yet there was still

another life to take the life of the

knight King now this gives Arya for the

belief and confidence in herself so the

reason the true reason Melisandre chose

to die was because her life force never

hurts to own she belongs to the red God

the Lord of Light she merely had a

purpose every single thing she had done

good and bad mostly bud was all part of

a predestined mop of faith a predestined

planet Melisandre could always see

to the flames but you can never see past

her last journey to Winterfell and it

was at that moment she knew her reason

or existence will be served she

willingly removes her necklace she walks

out into the snow and dies proving that

none of her motives were ever selfish or

for personal gain so guys let me know

what you think let me know in the

comment section below I know there is

still a lot more to talk about episode 3

but what you think about Melisandre do

you think that's the reason she chose to

die was it all a predestined map of fate

let me know in the comment section have

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