McClendon ejected, takes first base

stretched by Dave weathers Kendall

bounces this one up the middle shortstop

likes pick Hernandez throws on the first

and Jessica's get Kendall he doesn't

agree without call and Tommy say it gets

between him and the first base umpire

and out comes Lloyd McClendon again Jose

Hernandez moving far to his left behind

second and now Lloyd McClendon has been

tossed and McClendon turns and fires his

baseball cap well the first base umpire

has McClendon steamed

he turned and whipped his cap towards

second base it's still sitting on the

grass and now McClendon walks back he's

going to pick up first base Allah Lou

Piniella and he's walking away with the

first base five but this time he doesn't

turn and throw it at least not yet

McClendon walking with the first base

bag underneath his left arm he just now

has crossed the third base line and I

guess he's just going to walk off with

it for the delight of this crown

McClendon marches down the dugout steps

with first base and now whips it toward

the runway and they'll hand the lineup

card to Bill Virdon we can't continue

this game without a first base bag and

now remember the grounds crew will take

another bag

and jog toward first base and put it

back in there first base umpire Rick

Reed arms crossed watching the whole

proceedings about 15 feet from behind

first quite a display from Lloyd

McClendon he is ejected after a close

play at first base