City councilman berated by Chicago mayor blasts her 'political grandstanding'

good evening everybody i'm martha

mccallum in new york and this is the

story as it plays out tonight across

america president trump's first term


by calling out carnage in america here

he is today announcing a surge of

federal law enforcement officers that

will go to chicago and albuquerque for

now perhaps more places later

followed by the words of two americans

who lost

innocent loved ones to this violence

no mother should ever have to cradle her

dead child in her arm simply because

politicians refuse to do what is


for this reason today i am announcing

that the department of justice will

immediately surge

federal law enforcement to the city of


children are supposed to be our future

and our four-year-old son didn't make it

to kindergarten

i stand here today as a mother fighting

against violence for my son legend

every time i go to bed every time i go

out into the

driveway that that memory comes back and

it hunts me

their stories were haunting today at the

white house the president's push in this


harkens back to what some talked about

in his uh inaugural address as a

dark side of america remember this

americans want great schools for their


safe neighborhoods for their families


and the gangs and the drugs that have

stolen too many lives and robbed our


of so much unrealized potential

this american carnage stops

right here and stops

right now so now on the cusp of a new


and a new wave of carnage that followed

an economic surge

flattened by the virus economic distress

and now

civil unrest individuals like this man

and woman

are making their demands on their

government quite clear

after they witnessed last night 15

people shot and wounded in their chicago


listen to their words we thought there

was a war out here

the violence is continuing day in and

day out

weekend little children and it's just

unnatural that all is violence like

we're literally in a war zone

we need more cops and federal troops

because it's literally like we're in

iraq or something

he said it's unnatural this violence we

need more cops and federal troops in

chicago because it's like we're in iraq

or something

some suggest that their problems are not

real that it's all being exaggerated

for election year politics

sometimes when you analyze his moves and

the words he uses and the decisions he


that we don't look at it as a play for

votes per se it might be

it also might be a play to just not


and it's something that a lot of people


know more about the rise of

authoritarianism and things like it

are looking at when it comes to this


and the new york mayor writes to the

attorney general who laid out his battle


for urban america today against the

crime and he said we do not consent

do not send the proposed agents they

have proved to bring

way more harm than good in less than

four months

americans across this country will weigh

in and

they all of you will decide

on the next president so tonight we

talked to raymond lopez

a democrat chicago alderman and gary


the former superintendent of chicago

police who react to this new plan and we

begin tonight

with mr lopez thank you very much sir uh

it's good to have you with us

this evening um i i want to start by

by playing this sound bite today from

mayor lightfoot who you have had

a number of run-ins with uh here was her

reaction to this plan

that's not democracy that we saw

unfolding on the streets

of portland as a result of this federal


that's what we call tyranny and


and we are not having it in chicago

what do you think when you heard that

you know it's unfortunate because the

mayor has been going back and forth with

the president who

you know to be perfectly honest i don't

agree on many of his policies but

protecting our citizens should not be a

partisan issue as a democrat

seeing my residents seeing my family's

gun down is not a partisan issue

and for her to go for weeks on end

tweeting back and forth and making all

kinds of comments

and then finally admitting yesterday

that she's open to having the fbi d

a and atf come in you know those

comments that you made

you know remind you how many lives were

lost because of the politics

of grandstanding in the city of chicago

you know it's interesting i think a lot

of people um

you first got on their radar when that

audio leaked

of one of the meetings that you had with

the aldermen

and the mayor um but what i noticed when

i went back and looked at it today

was that you were pretty much right on

target about what was about to happen

let's play that

my fear is once they're done looting and

rioting and

whatever's gonna happen tonight god help


what happens when they start going after

residents i want an answer

it's not something you ignore this is a

question that i have i think you're 100

i think you're 100 full of what i think

if you think offense

wow i mean you know i i don't know what

is going on between you two but um

why is she so upset when it's suggested

that something should be done

to make these city streets safer in


well i think part of the problem that

the mayor has with me is that i

run contradictory to the narrative that

she keeps trying to portray that she's

in charge she's in command of the covet


the violence when it's clearly obvious

not only to the residents of chicago

not only to myself and i'm sure to our

former superintendent

but to the entire nation that our city

is in chaos and in turmoil

and when i can tell the mayor that you

know i've addressed these issues in my

ward my ward is like the microcosm of

the city of chicago we have

poverty we have working-class people we

have gangs we have violence and we were

able to make

significant gains in reducing those

crime stats

year after year prior to this


you know that message hurts her image

hurts hers

hurts her personally because of her

micromanaging style

and unfortunately that level of

pettiness is causing

disaster in the city of chicago right

now so what is

europe you know we have pictures of you

had your home uh

was broken into attacked your office was


uh had shattered windows and glass so

you have been

on the front line in this but you're a

democrat she's a democrat you know who

characterizes better

where the people of chicago are on this

if if that's an assessment that can be


well i think you know obviously we're a

city of democrats but we're a city of

different kinds of democrats and i'm

more of a a

middle-of-the-road kind of democrat who

believes that we can't have social

justice we can't have good relations

with police

and we can't have good safety all in the

same city it is possible we have done it

in my ward

and unfortunately too many politicians

in my city and across this nation

find it's easier to pander to the lowest

common denominator in our societies as

opposed to challenging people to believe

and aspire for something greater

and i for one know that that can happen

in our city again

we just have to start enforcing laws

targeting those individuals who will not

change helping those people who want to

change and knowing that we can do better

moving forward

sounds like a pretty reasonable message

alderman lopez

uh we thank you very much for coming on

tonight good to speak to you sir

thank you michael