Mayor Knox White: Greenville must do better

we welcome everyone to this regular news

conference we hold to try to get the

facts out about the coronavirus impact

here in Greenville as it's been said

throughout this sequencing of these news

conferences I guess we've had about

seven them or something like that

with some of the local experts this is

to try to break break away if you will

from the national news story that you

see on television all the time about

what's happening in New York or Texas or

wherever else and try to localize it try

to let people have a chance to see

what's happening in their back in their

neighborhood in Greenville South


that's a that's that's why we're here

you hear the facts we also do have a

representative from D act for the state

perspective while we have the state news

we've found over the past several weeks

it's sometimes the state news and the

local news is not exactly the same on

this so this will be an interesting

discussion to find out more about what's

happening in South Carolina and

comparing the trash that to what's

happening in the Greenville area I want

to mention up front just in terms of

city there's a lot going on in the news

right now this country is going through

a lot and people are expressing their

views very very passionately with George

Floyd's murder and so the lot going on

people come into the streets and protest

it but we also have this issue to deal

with and some people have asked well

where is the local government been or

where's it where's the hospital system

been for the last two weeks in terms of

these numbers we're hearing them and the

truth is it's hard to get a message out

there's a lot going on out there a lot

of people a lot of things to put

people's attention on so we decided very

intentionally not to do anything last

week we thought we'd wait a while and

that's what we're here today we're going

to try to get some messaging out it's

not that we haven't been on it we have

been on it we know people are not social

distancing as they should I am guilty

myself up in that social distancing as I

should that's a very prevalent situation

it is not unique to Greenville my

goodness if you go to Columbia

Charleston or Chattanooga or Houston

Texas you'll find the same thing I don't

think we're unique but we're all guilty

of this so we need to be reminded

again how important this is and I think

we need to be reminded that the steps to

be taken at this point especially

compared to what we had to do in the

last several months the steps be taken

going forward are really an easy ask and

easy ask and I think that our position

friends will we'll talk about that it's

still back to washing hands for goodness

sakes it's back to social distancing

being mindful of social distancing and

getting a lot going on and we're going

to try again to remind people in the

coming days and weeks in downtown

Greenville and everywhere in Greenville

how important it is we're going to keep

reminding almost we'll talk a little bit

about about that I think Lucy Beth - I

had these comments on the screen I put

some comments on just for the background

I'm getting a lot of emails I'm sure all

elected officials are I can only imagine

how many of the governor gets we have a

representative county council here mr.

Inglis Fanning's I'm sure you get a lot

- some people with different views but

overwhelmingly we get a lot of the

comments like this thank you for being

so concerned about our numbers so

concerned about numbers who have spiked

for coronavirus so many people so many

people refuse to social distance and

many say they don't want to wear a mask

I'm disappointed in people's concerns

for others I know in my heart that we

reopen too soon and then I have messages

by the truckload like this these are

actual emails we would like to add our

voices to those of other citizens

expressing concern over the general lack

of face mask and social distancing in

downtown Greenville again it would

really be everywhere the situation is

particularly concerning and possibly a

cause for the designation of Greenville

County as a hotspot well suffice to say

we all know this is the case we all know

that people are really getting lacs

about social distancing and again what's

being asked is just not that great it's

just not that great in the scheme of

things because we don't want to go back

to we were earlier so we'll have some

opportunity again to talk a little bit

more about that we gossiped but first

we're going to talk about the facts kind

of where we are this is not a moment to

scare people but it sure as a matter to

get people's attention and that's really

why we're here

so first will be dr. Brannon Traxler who

we see a lot these days on television

and such we appreciate your