10 Hottest Disney Princesses

listen well all of you the princess

shall indeed grow in grace and beauty

we all need a separate love disney

princesses during our childhood we all

must have dreamt about being a princess

at one time or another

the disney princesses are bold and


apart from this these princesses are

also very brave and can tackle the

toughest of situations or hurdles coming

into their way


these princesses also inspire us to be

brave independent and smart they are

extremely beautiful and create wonders

as a result of their mesmerizing beauty

they are also very popular at the same

time here is a list of the top 10

hottest and most beautiful Disney

Princesses let's start this list off

with one of the originals

Aurora has been said not have a whole

lot of personality but if you think

about it she has been living in the

forest in a small cottage isolated until

she was 16 years old when she finds out

the truth about her life that must be a

little bit of a shock the way she was

actually animated was based off of a

ballerina making her movements so dainty

and elegant and visually appealing her

pink dress and her black gray dress

gracefully complement her overall

appearance not to mention the gift she

was originally given by the three fairy

my gift should be the kiss comes beauty


next on the list is the gorgeous Jasmine

from Aladdin the animator definitely did

a great job on making Jasmine look very

attractive I think we can all understand

why Aladdin wanted to marry her I think

he's a pretty lucky guy

the outfit that Jasmine wears throughout

the movie really makes her look pretty

good jasmine is not all looks though she

is very brave and she is super spunky I

am NOT a prize to be won

okay how can you resist that sultry

redhead that goes around rescuing

princes in the sea Ariel is also

considered as the queen of adventures I

don't know when I don't know how but I

know something starting right now


she is just a very free-spirited gal I

especially like the fact that she is

brave but sensitive at the same time and

she knows how to make a point if you're

with me on this I absolutely adore her

love for singing on the wanderin free

wish I could be part of that and it's

really cool to see a Disney princess who

isn't all that perfect softness we have

such a lovely dinner gift ready

oh now Rapunzel she is the epitome of

beauty but she also has a little bit of

charm her long hair enhances our beauty

even more


she looks cute in both her long hair and

short brown hair but what look do you

like better do you like her with the

short brown hair or do you like her long

blonde hair better I just think that the

blonde hair would be a lot of work


now Belle yes this Disney princess is

highly attractive and still manages to

look innocent and beautiful her name

really lived up to its meaning beauty

now we no wonder that her name means

beauty her looks have got no caramel

she's beautiful on the outside and she's

beautiful on the inside she's

intelligent as we see her reading books

she's talented because she can sing

dance who goes to Baker we train like

always the same old retinas

she rides horses does household chores

she's family-oriented because she

bravely sacrifices her own freedom in

return for her eccentric inventor

fathers take me instead you take his


oh no you don't know what you're doing

if I did would you let him go she's

strong independent she's a heroine who

broke the spell I mean come on

and she dreamed big


now the classic Cinderella she looks

absolutely gorgeous in a ball gown with

her blonde tied up here and a bun and

blue earrings she really has a charming


about the amazing facts about Cinderella

is that she also looks stunning just

wearing rags and mopping up floors one

of the newest princesses to hit the

scene Elsa from frozen

now Elsa is now without her own flaws

but she's beautiful inside and out I'm

not just going to focus on her

appearance because that one is so

painfully obvious it doesn't really need

any explanation but here's the deal not

many people can grow up being suppressed

isolated absolutely terrified of their

own power and most people would turn out

angry and maybe evil in the end Elsa

instead is extremely selfless throughout

the whole movie she denies herself any

social contact and removed herself so

that others can be safe from harm that

alone I think is beautiful Anna I belong

here alone where I can be Who I am

without hurting anybody everything she

did no matter how flawed they were was

because of her love for her sister and

her people just stay away and you'll be

safe on me

the next one we're going to talk about

in today's episode is Mulan because

she's considered one of the most

favorite Disney Princesses by a number

of people a majority of people look up

to Mulan because of her inspiration and

her boldness



her silky black hair and as well as her

beautiful eyes terms a lot of people she

is undoubtedly pretty and hot


now I'm not going to forget about Tiana

her boldness bravery and adventures have

inspired a number of people Tiana is hot

her sultry eyes really make her stand

out and not only is she a Disney

princess she is the first African

American princess to hit Disney

don't you worry daddy we'll be there

soon she's witty kind hard-working and

sweet let's go how to slow it down

people taking the easy would the last

one on our list is a natural beauty

listen to this and tell me who she is

and you paint with all the colors of the


yep that Pocahontas she's just so

original don't get me wrong many of the

other princesses aren't so fake either

but Pocahontas just has that natural

beauty in her her hair and her eyes and

just everything you just gotta love her

but I know every rock and tree and

creature has a life has a spirit has a


and that'll be it for this episode of

the ten hottest Disney Princesses if you

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