The Whole World Is Afraid of Them! The 7 Most Dangerous Prisoners in History

hi everyone huh have you seen the

acclaimed film Joker that will probably

win several Oscars this year yeah when

you bring me out can you introduce me as


Arthur flex story is breathtaking but

he's still a fictional hero

unfortunately there are people like him

in real life and sometimes they are even

worse some of them commit atrocities

because of childhood traumas lack of

money or a simple desire to become

famous today we're gonna tell you about

the 7 most dangerous criminals in

history and find out how some of them

managed to stay free Dawood Ibrahim some

people consider this guy the Godfather

of the Godfather's he would have

frightened any Italian mafioso even when

Costa Nostra was at its peak the FBI

began looking for him in 1993 when he

was connected to several crimes in

Mumbai in which almost 260 people died

the u.s. agents worked hard to get the

Pakistani authorities to extradite the

criminal but their attempts failed

according to some intelligence reports

Pakistani officials actually helped the

would escape abroad probably to some

Asian country Ibrahim was born in 1955

and his criminal life began in India

slums he grew up in a poor family

dropped out of school and decided to

earn a living on his own at first he

worked as a mechanics assistant and as a

taxi driver but soon he was attracted by

dirty money because honest work didn't

bring him a decent salary Ibrahim was

not stopped by the fact that his father

worked in the police even though he was

just a head constable he started with

small frauds such as counterfeiting

products or pickpocketing but soon the

would and his friends took things

seriously and founded their own company

this firm called D company was involved

in a variety of violations from trading

illegal substances

to contract killing today it is still

run by Ibrahim it started with petty

crimes such as car theft but soon became

a transnational multinational

corporation even opening branches in

other countries by the way the wood also

worked with Bollywood for many years


sponsoring a large number of films in

India despite the close attention of

intelligence services around the world

this company is still functioning this

is largely due to the false documents

that Ibrahim received in various

countries around the world today a

reward of 25 million dollars is offered

for his capture

however the criminal is still at large

according to some reports he's living in

Australia matteo messina denaro

you thought stories of the Sicilian

Mafia exist only in movies unfortunately

you're wrong this criminal was raised

following the mafia rules because he was

born into a mafia family

Matteo committed his first crime at the

age of 18 today he is 57 years old and

is credited with the death of more than

50 victims he began to earn importance

in the Sicilian Mafia in the early 90s

when he got rid of his father's main

rival and his girlfriend

he wasn't even deterred by the fact that

she was three months pregnant it is

believed that Matt do has also been

involved in a number of larger cases

such as organizing crimes involving

multiple victims in some Italian cities

in any case he has been wanted for more

than 20 years and in 2002 he was

sentenced to life imprisonment in

absentia however this did not prevent

him from reaching the top ranks of the

Mafia and becoming the new Godfather of

Cosa Nostra in 2006 on his way to this

position matty oh by the way did not

spare the law officers as well he is

accused of having participated in the

death of judge giovanni falcone and his

associate deputy prosecutor palermo

paolo borsellino

who had become symbols of the anti-mafia

campaign in italy over the last few

years the police have detained dozens of

man Tio's accomplices and relatives but

the leader himself remains at large

moreover even under these conditions he

continues to lead Europe's main criminal

organization some rumors even suggest

that meteo underwent facial transplant


and continues to live in Sicily

controlling the economy of the entire

province no one knows for sure whether

this is true or not

Phylicia and kabuki this criminal story

is pretty ambiguous on the one hand he

is considered the richest man in the

African state of Rwanda on the other

hand he is responsible for the most

terrible tragedy in the country's

history the extermination of a whole

ethnic group we're talking about the

massacres of the Tutsi people during the

1994 civil war according to various

estimates between half a million and a

million people died on Rwandan territory

at that time that is to say

approximately 20% of the population the

history of the conflict between the two

opposing people's Hutu and Tutsi goes

back several decades but 25 years ago it

was at its worst

everything happened after the death of

the then President of Rwanda

Juvenal Habyarimana in a plane crash

kibou --ga who was already an

influential businessman at the time

blamed the Tutsi people on the radio and

called for their extermination in many

ways his words as well as the active

financing of the crimes led to the

massacre its ruthlessness broke all

records technically kibou gay himself

didn't kill anyone however the

International Criminal Tribunal for

Rwanda judged him to be the mastermind

behind the massacre

then the Rwandan authorities did not

dare to arrest the criminal and he

hurriedly fled the country today he is

84 years old and according to some

reports he is hiding in Switzerland the

FBI will pay five million dollars for

his capture John Wayne Gacy let's talk

about the Joker again perhaps this man's

story is much more terrible than DC

sensational and depressing drama by the

way John was the prototype of another

famous character the terrible Pennywise

from Stephen King's novel it

because of his elaborate atrocities the

American press nicknamed John the killer

Klown all because this chubby regular

man was an exemplary citizen and a

community volunteer who worked as a

clown at children's parties and in his

spare time he looked for victims in the

streets of the city invited them to his

house and did terrible things to them a

total of 33 young men were victims of

his brutal actions what can push a man

to commit such terrible crimes that's

right childhood trauma experience shows

that almost all problems come from there

and serial killers are often abused

children John's father suffered from

various addictions and constantly beat

his wife and outbursts of rage what's

worse the parents almost didn't care

about John so they didn't even realize

that a friend of the father had

committed physical violence against the

child in addition the bullying he

suffered at school made him cruel

turning him into one of the most

terrible criminals of the last century

John was in jail several times the first

time when he was 25 the guy served 18

months and was released early shortly

after his return to freedom he committed

his first murder accidentally but he

couldn't stop after that it wasn't until

many years later that the police finally

managed to link the many mysterious

disappearances of the young people with

Gacy he was sentenced to death in 1980

but was only executed in 1994 due to his

numerous appellations Rodney Alcala

another serial killer who in 2010 was

sentenced to death in the United States

did not strike anyone as psychologically

unstable moreover it was with his

charisma that he managed to win the

trust of his numerous victims according

to various data the number of his

murders could reach 130 they were all

young boys and girls the ex photographer

lured them into a studio with his charm

then tortured them brutally killed them

and photographed them however it took 30

years to catch the perpetrator and prove

his guilt good job really good job

the reason was that for a long time the

investigators did not find enough

evidence to charge Alcala with his

crimes it was only at the beginning of

this century that there was a

breakthrough in this case thanks to new

DNA technologies Alcala was sentenced to

death by lethal injection

but in

2013 the sentence was changed to life

imprisonment due to amendments to New

York State criminal laws Loni David

Franklin jr. Lonnie Franklin jr. from

California a postman in garbage

collector is another clear proof that

evil often hides in the most ordinary

people neighbors said he was a sociable

person and always helped good morning

morning however a serial killer was

hiding behind that smile between 1985

and 2007 he killed at least 15 if not

more than 20 people most of them were

young girls the turning point in the

criminal case against Lonnie came from

the testimony of one of his victims


fortunately the girl managed to escape

from his car after he shot her several

times despite the enormous amount of

evidence of Lonnie's guilt the man never

confessed his crimes accusing the

witnesses of lying although he was

sentenced to death three years ago the

offender is still on death row in one of

California's prisons as well as hundreds

of other dangerous criminals the fact is

that the state like the entire country

has been debating the abolition of the

death penalty for many years as a result

this form of punishment has not been

carried out in California prisons since

2006 even though such sentences are

still imposed Andrei Chikatilo this is

another ruthless killer who became known

for his atrocities all over the world

before his first murder in 1978

Chikatilo had a normal Soviet man's life

he studied obtained several degrees

served in the army got married and had

children at some point however something

went wrong one day in his own words

Andrei accidentally killed a

nine-year-old girl and since then he has

not been able to stop by the way for his

first crime another criminal Alexandre

kravchenko was wrongfully executed in

the following years up to 1990

Chikatilo killed more than 50 people

many of whom were minors the criminal

found his victims on the street offer

them to see something interesting

and lured them into the forest where he

committed his terrible crimes finally

after a long investigation Chikatilo was

arrested on November 20th 1990 he

himself confessed all his atrocities and

the court quickly sentenced him to death

the killer tried to ask for forgiveness

from the then President of Russia Boris

Yeltsin but the request was rejected On

February 14th 1994 Chikatilo was

executed in Novacek ask prison