15 Worst Serial Killers of All Time

• From crazy clown killers butchering small children, to the man who killed his own father

and ate his heart, we count 15 of the most dangerous, psychopathic murderers we've ever

had the misfortune to hear about 15 - Jeffrey Dahmer

• An American serial killer from Milwaukee - he would lead men to his apartment and dismember

their bodies, keeping their skulls as souvenirs • He did this a total of 17 times and was

actually known to eat parts of his victims from time to time

• Luckily, his final would-be victim escaped, managed to flag down a police car passing

on the road and Jeffrey was sentenced to 900 years jail, but was found dead at prison in

1994 14 - Moses Sithole

• Seen as one of the most infamous serial killers of South Africa, he began what was

known as the "ABC Murders" since his murders began in a town starting with A, Atteridgeville,

then moved to Boksburg and finally Cleveland • He would lead victims into abandoned fields

and overpower them, usually involving rape and subsequently death

• After he was captured in 1995, his sentence was set to over 2,000 years with possible

parole in just under 1,000 years • Good chance he won't live that long

13 - Ted Bundy • Complete maniac who disguised himself

as a charismatic, somewhat friendly kind of guy

• He would often kidnap women, posing as an authority figure or a disabled man to catch

them off guard, but then sometimes he got so impatient he would just boot down your

door and stab you in the face while you sleep, then rape and cut off your head as a souvenir

• He was captured in 1979 and ten years later sentenced to the electric chair

12 - Pedro Filho • This guy is intense, and he comes from

a history of terrible violence that shaped the man himself

• Before Pedro was even born, his father beat his mother and caused him a head injury,

then, by the time Pedro turned 18 years of age, he had killed 10 people

• Then he killed his father and ate pieces of his heart before getting sent to prison,

where he killed more than 70 people • Because Brazil has maximum sentencing,

Pedro was released in 2007 and is still around to this day

11 - Dennis Nilsen • This guy was lonely, but in all the wrong

ways - he lured over 15 young men and boys to his flat in London between 1978 and 1983,

killed them and slept with them in his bed because he wanted company

• He would dispose of the decomposing corpses by burning them or flushing bits of them down

the toilet • He was caught because a plumber found

human flesh in the pipes, so Nilsen was arrested and jailed for life

10 - Daniel Camargo • This guy was a child-murderer with over

150 victims, usually young virgin girls • He only confessed to killing 72 people

though, but was jailed, then he escaped from jail and went around killing even MORE people

in Ecuador, but he was rearrested in 1989 and killed in jail

• It is believed he might've been motivated to murder due to his stepmother who abused

him as a child 9 - Joachim Kroll

• This one comes in from Germany, a man who killed and ate 13 people including small

children • Police got so desperate to catch him that

they went knocking door-to-door asking if anyone had seen him before, and they got lucky

when someone in Kroll's building pointed out guts had been jamming plumbing pipes

• It turned out Kroll had been slicing flesh off victims and cooking them to save on grocery

bills • Thankfully, his heart exploded in jail

around 1991 8 - Henry Lee Lucas

• This guy originally came forward to say he and his accomplice, Ottis Toole, had slaughtered

thousands of people • In actuality though, police suspected

him of only killing around 200, but only 4 of which were ever proven - bizarrely, George

W. Bush stepped up as Governor at the time to change his death sentence to life in prison

• Lucas died on natural causes at the age of 64, and we never really found out why George

showed this strange generosity 7 - John Wayne Gacy

• Also known as the "Killer Clown", he was originally arrested for sexually assaulting

two teenage boys, but later released • He then enjoyed dressing up as "Pogo the

Clown" volunteering at parades and parties, but then we find out he killed 33 young boys,

burying their bodies in his yard, the river and near his house

• He was later arrested once again, where he confessed to his heinous crimes

6 - Luis Garavito • This took place in Columbia, and it's

the subject of MUCH debate, as well as an ongoing documentary

• In 1999, he was arrested and convicted of killing at least 140 children which would

lead to a several hundred year imprisonment, except the Columbian justice system has a

maximum penalty of 30-40 years • Because he was very co-operative and apologetic,

his sentence was reduced to 22 years, but a public outcry is continuously preventing

this from taking place 5 - Peter Sutcliffe

• Also known as the "Yorkshire Ripper", who went on a five year rampage to murder

around 13 women in the late 70s • Most were prostitutes who he hit with

hammers, stabbed and then sexually assault just before they die

• He was only caught because he happened to be driving through the red-light district

and a police patrolmen recognised his registration plates

4 - Pedro Lopez • He's often called the "Monster of the

Andes", a man who murdered and raped young girls aged between 8 and 12

• He was arrested in 1980 and was later convicted of killing 110 girls, even though

he confessed to over 300 total kills • In 1998 he was released on a $50 bail,

and now his current whereabouts are unknown 3 - Gilles De Rais

• A bit of an old one, from the 1400s the celebrated military captain in the army of

St Joan of Arc, who later turned to a life of crime

• He would lure young boys to his castle with the promise of sweets, then torture and

mutilate them in deeply inhumane ways • His greatest pleasure was to bathe in

their own blood, to stab them in the jugular and allow warm blood to wash over him

• His servants would then burn the bodies - pretty sickening stuff

2 - Andrei Chikatilo • One of the more notorious serial murderers

from Ukraine, the "Ripper of Rostov", who had a strange fetish - that he could only

get off by stabbing and slashing victims instead of raping them

• He spent 20 years free, butchering at least 50 people in the early 90s before he

was arrested, then executed via gunshot at 57 years of age

1 - Gary Ridgeway • This man known as the "Green River Killer"

murdered 71 women over the course of around 10 years

• He would pick up prostitutes and strangle them cold, then dump their bodies in the Green

River, hence his nickname • He eluded the police for quite a while

before they picked him up in 2001