Top 5 Most Powerful Countries In the World



and welcome to another episode of amazed


when talking about the top five most

super powerful countries

globally the answers are not always


the answers can be subjective the

powerful countries

are the ones that outline the world's

economic patterns

are policymakers and they have strong

defense and military

powerful countries have foreign policies

that are pursued

and regularly featured in the news

headlines worldwide

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number five united kingdom

number five on the list is the united


the united kingdom is an acknowledged

nuclear weapons country

and its defense budget is ranked fifth

globally it takes its defense

very seriously and its military is


and feared the uk still employs a strong


cultural military political and


influence internationally the united

kingdom has also

been the permanent member of the united

nations security council

number four germany

next on our list is germany germany is

the most populous country in the

european union

germany owns one of the world's biggest

economies and its role in the foreign


has seen a steady rise since the

collation germany has a powerful economy

but is necessarily limited by it being a

smaller nation

compared to the united states or china

germany's military power

is not as powerful as the top three

powerful nations in this list

but is still lethal and is always ready

to jump into action


number three china

china with the largest population

globally is the third

most powerful nation in the world over

the past few years

china's influence has increased globally

china's military budget

of the year is only a fraction of that

of the u.s

however the country is still ranked

second for its powerful

defense system moreover china has the


highest nominal gdp as per the united


the chinese military has also shown

rapid growth in its size

and capabilities with more than 2.3


active personnel and an extra 1.1


huge isn't it when we consider human


the biggest military in the world is


this nation has the potential to reach

the top spot

in the long run however china does have

many hurdles to overcome

if it wants to be the number one

superpower in the world

as napoleon bonaparte french military

and political leader

from 1979 to 1821

once said about china chyna is a

sleeping giant

let her sleep for when she awakes she

will shake the world

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number two russia

russia is a highly influential country


it's ranked second in the most powerful

countries list

the main reason is the country's role in


the geopolitics and maintaining

stability in

areas under turmoil and destructed due

to the u.s coalition

it isn't easy to talk about the scale of

the country being the largest country by

land mass globally

russia is part of all northern asia and

most of eastern europe

there have been immense historical


geopolitical pressures on russia that


in a way forced them to be extremely


for survival purposes they need to be

powerful to defend the nation

from the superpower at any time all this

has made russia an army nation

and not just another country russia's

economy is the second

largest as well as its industry and


not many people know that russia is also

advanced in technologies

we do not mean mobile phones in this

case or

any other consumer products we mean


industry which is more significant than

any other techno industry

in the country this is why no one wants

to be on the bad books

of russia


number one usa

retaining its position as the world's

superpower country

is the united states of america usa has

access to the world's most superior

economic and military power the vast

production of media in the country

such as movies and music has also caused

a cultural influence on the rest of the


when it comes to national power the usa

is far ahead

than the rest of the countries the usa's

wealth and military capabilities

are unmatched and hence is the highest

in the world

according to economist any country's

long-term growth

depends on its geography demography and

political institutions

fortunately the united states has an

advantage in all three groups

being the only nation with the highest

number of young and highly educated


it is not surprising that the us

workforce is the third

largest and most efficient being the


dominant military power country in the

world comes with many benefits

the main being that the nation is secure

in conclusion

these are the countries of 2021 that

have strong

and foreign military alliances political

and economic influence

and dictatorship hence they are the five

most powerful countries in the world

in 2021 and it will be fun to see as

they all

race to be on the top

comment on which country you think is

the strongest in the world

and why