What Is The Most Powerful Country In The World?

hello and welcome back to life's biggest

questions I'm Rebecca for gate and today

we are continuing our world war 3 series

by asking which country is the most

powerful in the world the past seventy

years have seen a lot of shifting power

as colonial empires like the British

Empire were dismantled and smaller

countries declared their independence a

lot of European countries fell in the

power stakes power can mean many things

but it is generally attributed to size

economy nuclear and military strength

the world currently has four superpowers

the United States the European Union

China and Russia with countries like

Japan the UK South Korea Saudi Arabia

and the United Arab Emirates hopped on

their heels as the EU is not a country

but a collection of countries is out of

the running for this question let's

focus on the USA Russia and China and

see if we can identify the strongest

contender - let's start with size

interestingly size does seem to matter

in superpower doom and is why the EU

formed together the countries were too

small to be taken seriously by as one

their voices were better hurt the USA is

pretty huge at nine million six hundred

and thirty one thousand four hundred and

eighteen square kilometers it's actually

bigger than China by around thirty five

thousand square kilometers of course

both are dwarfed by big old Russia which

is 17 million 75 thousand and two

hundred square kilometers although 50%

if the country is uninhabitable we know

their size of the landmass but what

about the size of the population Russia

has 144 million the USA has 321 million

and China Oh mother China has 1.35

billion right size is one thing economy

is another Russia has a gross domestic

product of 1 point 3 to 6 trillion US

dollars although a perk

of 9,000 and $27 the per-capita figures

are the economy GDP output divided by

the population which gives a good

indication of how well the country is

performing China's gross domestic

product dwarfs Russia at ten point eight

seven trillion although it's per capture

is less at seven thousand nine hundred

and twenty four US dollars what does

that mean well China's economy is bigger

than Russia's but its people are

slightly poorer are you ready for the

big guns America's economy is the

biggest in the world with a GDP of

seventeen point nine five trillion and a

per capita at fifty five thousand eight

hundred and thirty six dollars meaning

its population is much richer than that

of the Russian and Chinese warned

Americans are set to continue to create

excellent output the rate of expansion

of the Chinese economy would mean it may

overtake the US by 2050 although it's

people aren't likely to be still much

poorer than those in the West now we

have identified America and China as

economic superpowers let's have a look

at who is the strongest nuclear power

while China does have 260 nuclear


it totally pales in comparison to the US

and Russia which hold ninety-three

percent of all of the world's nuclear

weapons between them Russia has

marginally more than the states with

7300 two Americas six thousand nine

hundred thirty and of course Russian

President Vladimir Putin has boasted he

could destroy America in 30 minutes or

less with the USA outlining plans for

mutually assured destruction

if that were to ever happen which is

probably why it hasn't penultimately

let's look at military strength the USA

has 1.4 million soldiers close to 9,000

tanks 14,000 aircrafts and 72 submarines

Russia has just 760 thousand active

soldiers fifteen thousand three hundred

tanks 55 submarines and three thousand

four hundred and twenty-nine aircrafts


9,000 tax 67 submarines and close to

3,000 aircraft China's army size is an

insane 2.3 million frontline personnel

but as we know it's unlikely that foot

soldiers will be in to important in

future Wars finally something all of

these power nations are grappling for

oil oil makes big societies like these

run Russia has oil China does not

America has some pent tensions with

pipelines in the Middle East these

countries in the Middle East are indeed

themselves rising in power due to their

reserves despite Russia's ability to

generate its own oil the u.s. still has

a huge stock supply so all things

considered the United States of America

looks to have the edge on being the most

powerful country it's big and rich with

a comparatively well-off thriving

population it's well armed and well

prepared for attack and defense and

continues to be an economical giant

although as we know China is a very

close second all this says we have to

ask what exactly does this power status

mean the u.s. may have global dominance

right now but is it powerful to have

your position in the world constantly

hanging on by a thread all three of

these countries could be totally

destroyed in an instant

and that is the price you have to pay

for power so that was today's episode of

life based questions please leave your

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for now I'm Rebecca phobics remember to

stay curious stay alert and never ever

stop questioning