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middle-earth today we are having a look

at who was the mouth of Sauron the mouth

of Sauron is the lieutenant of berried

door that we meet in The Return of the

King in early manuscripts he is also

known by the name of mordioux which

means black darkness or black night and

he is the one who appears at the black

gates to negotiate and taunt the men of

the West but who is he there is very

little actually known about this being

but one of the main things that is known

for certain is that he was a black

númenórean now for those of you who are

not completely sure of what this is then

we have to have a quick look back at the

time of the kingdom of númenor itself

within this kingdom there was a group of

high men who had succumbed to the shadow

for example the king's men these were

composed of the majority of the people

living in Numenor by the late times of

the Second Age and they were those that

believed in rebelling against the valor

and the Alder because they had grown

evermore envious of their immortality

and hated them for having banned them

from sailing so far west of their island

that they could no longer see it they

were also oppressive in their ways of

ruling and enjoyed acting as

all-powerful overlords and this was

usually over the more primitive men of

middle-earth as they were easier to

bring under their control this is

actually how this group managed to

survive the downfall of númenor as there

were parties of them not in the kingdom

as they were attempting to control other

areas of middle-earth so this meant that

they survived throughout the Second Age

and into the third and although their

lifespan was once that of three times

that of lesser men this have reduced as

the years rolled on as they bred with

people of lesser men although there may

have been some of them with pure

bloodlines left as well it is very

unlikely that this is the case and from

one of these is where the mouth of

Sauron had descended from it is thought

that he had

much from Sauron from the plans he had

to the sorcery he could produce he was

thought to be worse than an orc being

smarter crueler and more cunning and

through this is how he managed to rise

within the ranks of the Dark Lord

gaining power and favour with Sauron

himself whether it was through

manipulation from Sauron or some other

reason it is not known that the mouth of

Sauron was no longer aware of his true

original name by the time of the late

Third Age the mouth of Sauron was

considered to be quite tall for a man if

you could even still consider him one of

these at this point even to the point

that the Beast he rode out to meet with

our gana the Black Gate is described as

at his head their Road at all and evil

shape mounted upon a black horse if a

horse it was for it was huge and hideous

and its face was a frightful mask more

like a skull than a living head and in

the sockets of his eyes and in its

nostrils there burned a flame then as

for him he was clothed all in black to

the point that he was compared to a ring

Wraith but a wraith he certainly was not

as he still lived in the seeable realm

he describes himself as the mouth of


but whether this is in terms to a

literal name for him as he no longer

remembers his own or just as a title is

unknown as it is also said by Aragorn in

the Fellowship of the Ring chapter of

the departure of Boromir that Sauron

does not use his right name nor does he

give permission for anyone to either

spell or speak it but this does show and

confirm that he was a large part of

sounds attempts at domination and he

worshipped the Dark Lord being

fascinated and driven to grow his evil

knowledge after all the mouth of Sauron

had been that at the Dark Tower of

Parador ever since it at first risen

again helping him get into the inner

circle of Sauron gaining his Lords

favour from as early as possible the

tower of Parador was actually rebuilt

between the years 29 51

and 2953 of the third age with the

nazgûl preparing it for Sauron after he

was forced to retreat from dole gold or

after the white council attacks the

fortress in 29:41 this is the event that

we actually see in the Hobbit movies

this means that is actually very hard to

pinpoint how old he could possibly be so

for example it was about 66 years after

his thought he went to Barret or two

when it was destroyed so at the very

minimum you could guess he could

probably be around 80 years old however

judging by his position it is probably

assumed he is older it is more likely he

was still part of one of the pure lines

of the black númenóreans not one of

those who have bred more and more with

lesser men and shortened their lifespans

therefore is possible he could be

anywhere between 80 and almost 300 years

old I would certainly think considering

his position with the Dark Lord he must

be at least over 150 years old but again

that is just an educated guess by myself

now it would come to the time in the

Lord of the Rings where we see that he

would give his demands he even demands

that a lieutenant of Sauron would be

placed in Isengard and this would surely

have been the mouth of Sauron himself he

would also attempt to intimidate Aragorn

and Gandalf by showing them the mithril

coat that belonged to Frodo trying to

make them believe that they had already

retaken the One Ring but they would not

be intimidated

thus the mouth of Sauron would decide to

set out all the army of Parador on the

army of the West and although it is not

actually confirmed it is all but certain

that he would have died on this day

during the assault but even if he had

somehow managed to survive this all he

would have been able to do was hide away

and hope for another dark power to rise

up that he could serve so that is where

I will end this story for today and from

this I will ask you

how powerful do you actually think the

mouth of Sauron was if you think about

it both himself and our gone was some in

the last descendants of the men of

númenor but would you consider them to

be as powerful as each other after all

Aragorn was a king and the mouth of

Sauron was a servant let us know your

thoughts on this in the comments below

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