Who is Emiko Queen? New Green Arrow Explained! - Arrow Season 7

hey guys what is up it is me pager here

once again with another video on our

season 7 so tomorrow if when this video

comes out yes tomorrow we finally have

the long-awaited Elseworlds crossover

hitting our screens which should be

amazing but this crossover is following

the midseason finales of all the shows

involved back in episode 8 of the week

that has passed and oh boy did all the

shows have cracking midseason finales

but our who finally revealed a mystery

that had been going on since episode one

aired and really it started back when

the first trailer for this season was

released back at Comic Con in July and

of course that big mystery was the

mysterious like new or fake or copycat

Green Arrow who was going around Star

City playing Robin Hood whilst Oliver

was in prison now going into the season

and obviously throughout the season

after that you know it started airing on

TV the theory started rolling in as to

who this you know new or fake Green

Arrow was the hot pick was that this new

Green Arrow was Roy Harper then it was

like Thea queen you know she started in

like Malcolm Merlyn and iris West and

even future William was a theory for

some which would be narrowed taking a

bit too far if I think that was the case

but the true identity of the new Green

Arrow was actually leaked about a month

or so ago maybe a bit a bit longer ago

thanks to spoiler TV when they posted

the title for episode 10 for this season

which is the mid-season premiere that

will be released on like January 14th or

15th and that title was my name is Emma

ko queen with episode 8 being called

unmasked so two plus two equals four the

new Green Arrow was Emma Co Queen and

that was revealed finally in episode

eight right at the beginning when we saw

her training in a very like season one

Oliver style and then suiting up as his

new Green Arrow when a TV report comes

on about Oliver Queen now episode 10 has

since had its episode titled change from

my name is Emma Co Queen to something

else like something pretty cliche I

think and it's obvious why they did that

however once something hits and leagues

onto the internet it's sort of hard to

remove any trace of it so a lot of us

knew that it was Emma go Queen going

into episode 8 yeah as I said Emma Coe

was revealed to be the new Green Arrow

early on last episode but it wasn't

until right at the end of the episode


learn that she is properly a moko Queen

when we see her at Robert Queen's team

tombstone and she refers to him as dad

and even talks about Oliver briefly now

they didn't say Emma come in the episode

or anything like that but if you are a

green arrow fan you knew straight away

that this was a Maiko now some people

were asking about the fact that the

Queen mansion was burned down the

background of those shots because most

of you would know that actually never

happened on the show now that actually

happened in the tie-in comics for the

show so I think that was just put in

there to not only be like in Canon or

make those comics in Canon but it's

almost there was like a wink to the fans

that read those comics I just had a lot

of people asking and wondering about

that so I thought I would just make sure

that it was known now to everyone

watching that that was the case and

that's why it was burned down it

happened in the comics but the big

question who is Emeco Queen what is the

history and how could she know play into

this season well we're going to go over

that but be sure let me know in the

comment section down below your thoughts

won't we go over what are your

expectations for Emeco this season you

excited to have her on the show the

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channel azole now in the comics Emeco

was first introduced in 2013 and she was

revealed to be the daughter of Robert

Queen as we saw on the show but her

mother was shadow and she was born on

starfish Island which is the island that

Oliver Queen washed up on and was

stranded on in the comics so it is just

the comics version of Lian Yu but a Miko

was stolen shortly after her birth by

Comodo who he had appeared back in

season 3 of arrow now Komodo actually

raised her to believe that like she was

his daughter and trained her to become

both a skilled warrior and Archer

however after discovering the truth

about her heritage amico went Yolo and

killed Komodo and went on to find and

join forces with her brother Oliver of

course it does remain to be seen how

much of a Miko's origin story from the

comics will be adapted onto arrow

episode 8 obviously suggests that Robert

Queen is still a father in this

university to the fact that well she

calls him her father but her mother's

identity is still up in the air so far

in the past of the universe there has

been like no indication of any

connection but

Queen Robert and shadow so Judah DS

amico would most likely have a different

mother in the Erebus a possible

contender is that of shadows twin sister

Mei who we did see in the season three

flashbacks or it could be another

character entirely some options that

have been thrown about are that of like

Talia al Ghul Isabel rochev and even

Lady Shiva but they could just have it

that Robert just had something with a

Japanese woman in the past a child came

from that relationship and then

something tragic may have happened that

has led Emeco to you know track down the

family history on her father's side

which now brings her to Star City this

season but regardless of whatever planes

the show has for a Miko's family

heritage it seems likely the series will

be taking a page from the comics and

revealing that Robert had much closer

ties to other things connected to this

season that his son would have ever

suspected which in turn could bring

about the return of flashbacks whether

they be just for one episode or handful

in the early or like middle stages of a

Miko's development on the show obviously

we can see that she is highly trained

you know she's almost up to know she

might be up to all of his standard

essentially so you would have to think

that she learned from someone that

taught Oliver or someone who would have

been capable of doing that now since her

first appearance back in 2013 Emeco has

remained a recurring character in the

green arrow comics at the moment she

serves as the holder of the red arrow

mantle the relationship between the two

of Oliver and a Miko is a strong one but

it isn't all flowers and rainbows and

they do tend to come like head to head

or they butt heads a you know sometimes

over certain problems and issues and it

really wouldn't be too surprising to see

arrow go down a similar Road to this

while we have Roy Harper in the future

flash-forward storyline for this season

the series is currently without a red

arrow speedy or Arsenal in the present

day so June of this it wouldn't be too

surprising to see Emeco give the green

arrow mantle the name back to her

brother at some point early on when we

return from the mid-season finale and

then become his partner in crime

fighting the biggest difference between

their relationship from the comics to

the TV side of things will most likely

be their age and Mirko is much younger

than comics than she will be on the show

and it seems like they might be making

him a car around Thea's age maybe a bit

younger but with this CW shows it is

hard to tell I mean like a Miko could be

god m6 down the show just looks a bit

older like who knows what the

doing I mean they have 30 year olds on

Riverdale playing teenagers so it's

confusing even on the flash this season

we have Jessica Parker candy who's in a

mid-30s playing a 27 year old or

something who acts like a 16 year old so

who knows how old

Emiko is in the era verse now as an

added bonus with this character it I

guess it would be okay to assume that

amico will possibly have a part to play

in the flash-forwards this season this

storyline has so far been very vague

about the whereabouts and fates of

certain characters like Oliver Diggle

Laurel Fiat Curtis and even Felicity I

say Felicity you know is a bit vague in

regards to her story in this as they say

that she is dead

but we can't be 100% certain that that

is actually the case and even they do

hear Thea's you know probably dead or

possibly dead but there's no

confirmation on that either

obviously that marker for stuff was

introduced in the most recent episode of

arrow in the flash-forwards and it does

seem to be you know only one member or

place left for that and many people are

predicting that this last spot will go

to Laurel and it's really to show her

Redemption arc and stuff like that which

I personally think could be the case but

you never know Emiko could possibly be

that last mark of the marker for or they

could make it that in this future she's

the new Green Arrow or the green arrow

that's walking around Star City and all

the glades wherever it might be now this

season arrow is taking elements from The

Outsiders wall with the longbow hunters

coming in and stuff like that and there

is also a possibility of like the ninth

circle being brought in as well which

Emeco and shadow are involved with in

the comics as well as Robert and more

acquainted mora from memory so they

could mix two storylines that Emeco does

play a role with play a role in sorry

within the comics and produce a pretty

interesting storyline because when you

know it was leaked that Amica was coming

in i did see a lot of people wondering

like what was the purpose of this and

look i think it's there's gonna be some

stuff in the past coming in but they are

there are a lot of hints to ninth circle

stuff like we don't know what Stanley's

doing but he could be a part of the

ninth circle dante with the whole lila

and Diggle thing Dante is actually the

leader of the ninth circle in the comics

so that could be connected there that's

really going to be almost like a dive

into some like conspiracy theories and

cult stuff almost that Argus with Lila


could be doing and then it ties back

into the main story everything this

season seems to be connected like even

the flash-forwards are connecting to

stuff in present day with like felicity

mainly so everything seems to be

connected and it wouldn't be too

surprising if amico is being brought in

to almost gel some stuff together and

just glue some stuff together as well

now another big question is like who

could be connected to a Miko's backstory

well obviously the obvious one is Robert

but like they even could do something

with maybe like Malcolm Merlyn train der

the League of Assassins because she is

highly trained or maybe he was Talia al

Ghul obviously we have Talia al Ghul was

in prison with Oliver she was the dragon

so maybe there was some past there I

mean she was willing to come into this

season so she'd be willing to come back

and maybe do some flashbacks with Emma

ko who knows that could be something

that happens there another question has

been like will amico be in the rest of

this season I would say yes I don't know

why they would introduce her and have

her such a mystery at the beginning of

the season with this like new Green

Arrow and then get rid of her like four

or five episodes I'd be shocked if she

left before the end of this season and

didn't even continue one with the arrow

show if it got to like season 8 and even

further if they wanted to do that and

someone did tell me that at the

beginning of last episode she was like

on the screen we like when like Felicity

Emily Patrick cards and 7ml was showing

up she was on that same sort of like

role so that basically says that she's a

regular for this season that's what I've

been told at least but thanks for

watching guys hopefully you enjoyed the

video if you did it'd be awesome maybe

couple like when he shows up or let me

know in the comment section down below

your various opinions when we went over

are you excited for Emeco coming into

the show are you a green arrow fan from

the comics and you know hyper to see

this character and live action and just

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