The New Iron Man Isn't Who You'd Expect

to say we have a lot on our minds after

avengers endgame would be a major

understatement so we're going to go

ahead and give a big spoiler warning for

endgame right up front we hope you've

clicked the video after seeing the movie

but in case you haven't - consider

yourself warned with that out of the way

we can now say that one of the biggest

most emotional events of endgame was the

death of Tony Stark also known at least

until now as the one and only Iron Man

but a distinct sound effect sounding a

lot like Tony's hammer shaping the

original Iron Man armor played over the

final moments of the movie's closing

credits is this just a sentimental

tribute to the moment that started it

all or could it be a hint that there are

more Iron Men or iron women to come

stick with us as we look at the

characters who could take up the Iron

Man mantle moving from least to most

likely starting on the less likely end

of the spectrum we're looking at

everybody's favorite for head of

security happy Hogan before you write

him off completely let's make our case

in one of the final scenes of endgame we

see happy promising to by Tony daughter

Morgan as many cheeseburgers as she

wants this implies happy will serve as

an uncle figure and maybe even a mentor

to her if Morgan or anyone else for that

matter would look to become an iron

person who better to show them the ropes

than happy well maybe a couple of other

people but we'll get to that later happy

is a pleasant guy a capable fighter and

has had a ton of time to watch Tony work

and though he never donned the Iron Man

armor in the comics he did get zapped

with cobalt rays and then turned into a

super-powered bald man called the Freak

but on a more serious note with his

appearance in the trailers for

spider-man far from home it's not at all

impossible that happy would suit up to

help Peter Parker fight Mysterio even

just for one scene 52 year old Jon

Favreau headlining his own trilogy on

the other hand well that seems far from

likely anyway on the much younger side

we have another character from the Iron

Man trilogy Harley keiner Harley it was

a bullied kid who encountered a suit

'lest Tony during the events of Iron Man

3 Harley and Tony developed a playful

father-and-son relationship as they

helped each other find their

self-confidence at the end of the movie

Tony even upgrades Harley's

amateur science lab into a

state-of-the-art tech facility there are

plenty of reasons Harley would be a

suitable heir to the Stark Empire and

after his surprise appearance at tony's

funeral and endgame it seems like the

Marvel Universe might not be done with

him yet

so why is Harley such an unlikely choice

well a few reasons first off would be

that Harley is not the best-known

character before endgame he had only

appeared in Iron Man 3 which came out

six years ago and judging by the amount

of articles that have popped up

explaining who he was it seems that even

a lot of super fans had trouble

recognizing him this leads to the second

problem which is that Harley is played

by Ty Simpkins who despite being a very

good actor who has appeared in big films

like insidious and Jurassic world is not

a very recognizable face even at 17 only

a few years removed from his most famous

roles Simpkins looks very different

and I don't see Marvel giving him the

lead in his own film they could always

recast him with an older or more

well-known actor but we wonder what the

point would be in removing our only

connection to this relatively obscure

character we hope Harley can stick

around in the MCU but as for taking over

shellheads armor in the near future we

just don't see it another character fans

have theorized about is the princess of

Wakanda herself Cherie being a tech

genius and natural smart aleck Cherie

would be a great fit for her own version

of the Iron Man armor which she would no

doubt design herself being a fan

favorite character Cherie seems like a

good fit for a new generation of

Avengers some fans have even theorized

that her name similarity to another

character riri Williams aka iron heart

could mean that this was the plan for

her all along this theory has received

blowback however with other fans

expressing frustration that one

prominent black female superhero would

be combined with another we say there's

room for both iron heart and Sheree in

the MCU and like Tony and Bruce before

them maybe a love of science could

cement them as best pals getting closer

in the plausibility Department we should

talk about a seemingly obvious choice

after what we saw an endgame Pepper

Potts pepper is a character who has been

around since 1963 and has always been an

important part of Iron Man's supporting

cast while originally Tony's secretary

pepper has taken on a more active role

in the comics since her appearance in

the movies she eventually discovered a

suit of armor Tony had secretly built


and takes on the name of rescue rescue

has appeared in the secret Empire and

Iron Heart comic series and played an

important role in the Secret Invasion

storyline which after the scrolls were

introduced in Captain Marvel might be

ripe for a cinematic adaptation in

endgame it was very exciting to see

pepper finally suit up on screen and

fight alongside Tony and all the other

Avengers after all these years pepper is

a character beloved by fans who has been

part of the MCU from the very beginning

and therein lies the biggest problem

with this choice actress Gwyneth Paltrow

who plays pepper is 46 years old and has

been doing less and less acting in

recent years headlining her own

franchise with a character who she's

already played in seven films over the

past decade probably sounds exhausting

pepper would make a great mentor to a

new character and as much as we love her

we were satisfied with her exciting

emotional send-off an endgame speaking

of obvious choices we must discuss the

case of Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes

aka Rhodey aka war machine aka iron

patriot a man with many names Rhodey as

charismatic be played by Don Cheadle has

always played second banana to Tony but

could now finally be his time to shine

it's certainly not impossible after all

Captain America passed on his identity

to his former sidekick the Falcon

presumably for future movies war machine

is well known and well loved by fans and

had some killer moments an endgame

making the most of an unusual pairing

with nebula and on that note wouldn't it

be cool to finally see a disabled

superhero get their due before end game

roadies disability played like a minor

inconvenience but with one great line in

this movie it was given a lot more

emotional significance how cool would it

be to see a movie really dive into

roadie as a character navigating

disability and being an awesome

superhero while he does it

Rhodey would be a great choice for the

new Iron Man

there's even precedents for this in the

comics as Rhodey has taken over the

Ironman identity many times over the

years while Tony was battling alcoholism

in the late 70s Rhodey donned the armor

for a time even battling in the classic

secret war event and if we were a

betting website we'd have our money on

Marvel adapting secret war sometimes

soon but it's hard not to think about

fatigue both for the actor and character

not only is Don Cheadle 54 years

he's appeared in six movies over the

past decade and it kind of feels like if

he was gonna get a bigger role he would

have gotten it by now it seems far more

likely that Marvel will look for some

new blood though we can totally see

Rhodey stepping back into a mentor role

for whatever character inherits the role

of armored Avenger also it's worth

mentioning that war machine is one of

the characters rumored to be in

consideration for a series on Disney

Plus Disney's new streaming service

we're sure we'll be seeing more him soon

one way or another getting close to our

most likely pick is a character we've

only just met

Morgan Stark Tony's daughter the first

time we meet Morgan she's wearing a

helmet for a version of Pepper's armor

and if that isn't foreshadowing we don't

know what is under the tutelage of

Rhodey pepper and happy it's extremely

possible that Morgan would inherit the

armor created by her super dad and

continue fighting evil across the globe

though she's obviously a bit young

Morgan could be aged up and recast as a

teenager in a movie or two and we think

we might know where she would fit in you

probably remember one of the biggest

moments in endgame when Captain Marvel

asked the plow through Thanos his army

with the Infinity Gauntlet and she's

flanked by every female superhero in the

universe call us cynical but that read

to us as a test run for an inevitable

a-force movie for those not in the know

a force was an all-female Avengers team

that debuted in 2015 and featured

characters like she-hulk Captain Marvel

and Dazzler if Captain Marvel and Wonder

Woman proved anything in a force movie

with the roster a female character seen

an endgame would be a license to print

money and after that who knows maybe a

sequel with a teenaged Morgan startin

trying to join the a force in the way

Peter Parker tried to join the Avengers

usually when adapting a character from

the comics to the screen there will be a

few differences Sam Raimi's spider-man

shot organic webs instead of mechanical


Hawkeye never wears his comic book mask

and Thanos never wrote around in a

helicopter with his own name printed on

the side still all these pale in

comparison to Morgan's journey from page

to screen comic book Morgan is one a man

to Tony's cousin not his daughter and

three a villain who is trying to kill

him multiple times now Morgan is a

pretty obscure character and couldn't

really be more different from the

character we see an endgame but Marvel

could have picked any name at all for

Tony's daughter and they chose to name

her Morgan is this just a bizarre

Easter Egg or could the Russos be

hinting that Morgan might not have the

same sense of good and evil as her dad

could it be that we haven't met the

first of a new generation of Marvel

heroes but the beginnings of a new

villain after all with her father's

death Morgan has plenty of reason to be

pissed off at the Avengers for the

moment Morgan is kind of a mystery to us

so at this point only one obvious choice

remains our pick has to be RiRi Williams

also known as Iron Heart in the comics

RiRi is a brilliant teenager who attends

MIT on a scholarship she builds her own

version of the Iron Man armor and is

given the blessing of Tony Stark to

assume the identity of Iron Heart

she was also mentored by Tony himself

who due to being in a coma at the time

spoke to her only by hologram the idea

of a Tony hologram comes up near the

final scene of endgame as Tony leaves a

final video message for his daughter

Morgan could Tony have left video

messages for whoever takes over his suit

as we were saying RiRi is a relatively

new character having debuted in 2015 but

she's growing in popularity and seems in

line with Marvel's more diverse lineup a

black female Iron Man would definitely

get attention and we think could be a

Captain Marvel sized hit plus another

teen character to pal around with

spider-man Shuri and the next generation

of Marvel heroes seems like an easy sell

who do you think will be taking over as

Iron Man or as a leader of the Avengers

for that matter do our theories hold

water or is there something we're


did we rule out happy Hogan too fast let

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