General Hospital Spoilers: Willow is really Nina's losing daughter, Not Nelle


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general hospital spoilers tease that the

secrets of carly corinthos and jax will

soon be revealed

as viewers know carly accidentally saw

that avery corinthos jerome's necklace

was very similar to nina's

with pieces of memory carly discovers an

amazing fact that nell benson jerome is

nina's losing daughter

we can see that carly was confused when

she found out

in fact the story of looking for nina's

daughter will end if carly jettisons the


however the gh writers did not let this

plot pass easily

even though nina had the intention to

give up the search jax was still the one

who encouraged and encouraged nina to

come along

although a necklace that nell once wore

was not enough to convince jax he will

think a lot about it

now nell is presumed dead and the one

who accidentally caused that death as

his ex-wife

of course jax will bury it because he

doesn't want nina to accept such a cruel


on the other hand some viewers say that

the storyline will have a different


it means nell is not nina's daughter

it's another girl

gh fans must remember the detail willow

corinthos had a very strange reaction

when she caught nina's half-heart


willow also said that her mother was not

an antiquarian keeper

it means willow most likely once had

such a necklace and she lost it

nell has worn that necklace and has

treated it as a lucky charm since she

was a child

some general hospital spoilers say that

nell or frank benson stole it somewhere

although the theory that nell is nina's

biological daughter would be more


nina deserves to have a good daughter

like willow

and it is no coincidence that the

writers let willow's bizarre state get


the story will definitely be an

unexpected ending for the fans

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