Who Is The Next Bachelor 2019? - Mike vs. Peter

what's up today we are doing the

bachelor 2019 predictions predictions

coming on what's good man who is the

next Bachelor in our predictions word is

going to throw right out there we have

Mike Peter Tyler and now we're also

gonna have one extra possibility Derrick

as a wild-card he's a wild wild card

he's a huge wild card who knows well

let's start off with we have Mike what

do you think about Mike I like Michael

ah he's a great guy really cool

personality everyone loves him which is

sweet the only thing is there's nothing

super crazy about the juice you know

there's mud you know there's just there

isn't a big drama fill that it really

isn't he has the they always say that he

like loves his mom and his grandma which

is cool this guy he's a great guy real

nice guy but it's not not that he's did

he doesn't have that Tyler he's the type

of guy to get friend-zoned my life he'd

get friend-zoned by so many he got

friend-zoned by hannah hannah friends on

the [ __ ] out of the man that'd be tough

and she felt so bad a fan of friends old

man Aloha I feel good right here I'd be

happy yeah hey Hanna we also have Peter

he's a Peter all kind of thought

everyone and Pierre was on Hanabi season

he made to the final three he got kicked

off on third thing he should have stayed

she made a horrible decision the final

two should have been Peter and Tyler

Peter was at the biggest like sweetheart

guy right behind mic do I think Peter

would be a good bachelor maybe the same

problem of Peter as peers such a nice


these I mean there's nothing there's

another wrong guy's guy I'm a pretty


yeah but you kind of want to have that

like do see the douchiness finest to

them you know that gets a lot of people

going away and it's just a lot more

entertaining drama you need to out

definitely need a lot of drama for sure

I don't know Peter would bring the drama

thing about Mike is might be the first

black bachelor to be history

it would definitely be one for the books

it would be a cool shirt and then now

the juiciest one would be Tyler see

Tyler Cameron what do think about Tyler

he's Justin he's like an oh he's an

owned his own celebrity he's big he's

split I mean he's with a Hadid first I

don't rumors say he's worth it oh he's

with it at this point they've gone on

five public dates they went out on a

vacation to Lake George there you see

that they're spotted endlessly other

choice yeah like like an hour and a half

away from you take a girl to Lake George

to privately cause you gotta ask ya know

that they're dating so yeah I mean he

probably can't even find yeah just too

famous no he's probably got so many

other things I had no right

the weird thing though about Mike being

the next Bachelor he's on bachelor in

paradise right now and there's a

possibility he finds love he very very

well could find love it'd be cool if he

find love for him but yeah it would also

be cool to have him as a the new

bachelor for his season and the first

black bachelor II bravery an awesome

dingus yeah I thought I think it was a

done deal gonna find love with Kalyan on

the bachelor in paradise then all a

sudden Dean came through and she hasn't

even given him the time of day so Mike

is kinda slandering everyone likes Mike

but he could fall off and he could have

actually go home yeah yeah he very well

could but I don't think he wouldn't be

even that bummed out about he was a type

of guy that hey whatever happens happen

happened for a reason firmly he's just

riding it out yeah sure and so then then

there's Tyler Tyler I'm not saying that

I don't he's too big man he's always on

the cover of some he's chant other dude

he's on language he'd be a freaking

heartthrob though he would every girl

likes him I that back this if he was a

bachelor that season would get so many

is it ratings would be on the ready to

go for River so I think I think Tyler's

gonna be the bachelor in like two or

three years long maybe a year not this

bad sort of season maybe the natural it

dies off you guys on yeah

he's a hot streak now for sure but now

the last wild card that we heard this

morning after Demi broke Derek's heart

and bachelor in paradise and she came

out and so that she's been dating

Christian there's Derek he could be cool

got a really great guy how do you warm

yeah he is very old that's thank god

he's old I think a prime bachelor age

for the show would be 26 27 28 years old

mid to high-teens for sure that's the

core native population twenty eighths

purple you're not too young act too old

he's 132 started to another wrong great

guy but he's just I think we think at

least he's a little bit old for the show

and no offense but he's not the best

looking guy he is your job he's a cool


yeah he's above average looking guy you

got to be a [ __ ] stud to go you

really do yes you know that's why I'd be

a great season yeah yeah tire sealant oh

yeah that would be really heinous

personality for dinner - yeah thank no


Derek is like he's just - he's not big

like if I'm sure he isn't that yeah no

one is not big on social media he's not

even watching the show he was kind of

just like an extra yeah no one really

cared what him or Danny did for the

first few seasons not her first year

episode itself so that being said with

those four were different people what's

your prediction I'm I think I'm gonna

have to I think it might be Mike I think

I think I'm gonna pick Mike he's a great

guy he's an awesome guy I think if he is

the next Bachelor

it'll be a great season he might

potentially find lung well so yeah we're

going with Mike largely Brad think might

be Mike we gotta go Mike and if it's not

Mike its Peter

yeah well hard okay comment what you

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