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A theory i'm personally really intrigued

By the game of thrones fan base is no stranger to fan theories in fact the massive sprawling

Multi-layered song of ice and fire series might have more specific unique theories than any other book, saga

Before it so you might have seen this one floating around

Especially on the tv side as we near the end of season 7 and the threat of the white walkers moves from the back burner

To, clear and present danger but i'll cut right to it is the night's king really


Stark this theory it might sound

Absolutely ludicrous on the face of it and believe me i was right there with

You, when i first saw, some of you guys mention it in the comments

And some of the chatter around twitter and facebook and i know what you're thinking he couldn't

Be we've seen the night's king creation in that flashback sequence and the same actor from that scene

Is the night's king literally so it's pretty clearly not bran but as is the case

With all fan theories the answer is not nearly that simple and this one in particular is especially

Complicated because of one thing and one thing only, brains ability to travel back in time with

His visions and actually affect the past, by warding in two people into animals. No matter what brand does or how

powerful he is

Time seems to exist in a closed loop in the world of ice and fire and so bran really can't change anything


Matter, what he does everything that has happened

Will always happen or in the words of the three-eyed raven the past is already written the ink is dry?

We, also know that there's a consequence for bran staying in the past too long on two separate occasions the three-eyed raven mentions this saying

First it is beautiful beneath the sea but if you stay too long you drown

And later literally i think in the next episode stay too long, where you don't belong and you will never return we've never seen

The consequences of that firsthand though despite it being mentioned several times, by the three-eyed raven and also by jojen reed

diving right into the meat of the theory though this, one

presupposes that essentially the white walkers will break through the wall

Episode or early max season and will wreak havoc on westeros with, no sign of stopping making it as far south

As king's landing in the wake of all this death and destruction and despite his attempts to remain aloof as the three-eyed raven

Bran feels like he's got to do something to try and stop this threat and so he goes back in time

First he goes back. Through his visions to

before the great war to the reign of ares the second to try and get him to prepare the realm better for the coming of

The army of the dead by whispering to him as he, did with, ned but more slowly but surely

These whispers do cause ares to begin stockpiling wildfire but



Wore what ultimately drive the mad king

Mad and caused events to proceed basically as planned and so brand's journey back

Basically just results in these same a future happening once again going back to the ink is dry

Next brent travels all the way, back to the original war for the dawn to try and figure out, how

The army of the dead was turned back the first time or even just stopped the night's king there once and for all but

Unfortunately he fails, again, although he, does succeed in making tru

another prophecy, that prophecy

Is that bran

And bran the builder the legendary constructor of the wall in winterfell are one in the same something that's at least hinted at

A little bit in the text says passages point to the builder being a great builder even as a child

Somehow knowing how, things are supposed to be built, oh and there's

Also, this image from a game of thrones special feature back, from i think 2012 in season 1, which seems to show

The builder, overseeing the construction of the wall on a litter and kind of hunched over being carried

By, people which could, be a hint that he too is a cripple finally though having not stopped the night's king

Bran travels back in time further than he ever has before to the creation of the night's king himself

Which we'd seen previously in that flashback scene with the children of the forest

Performing that ritual on the same actor that actually plays the king himself, which i mentioned earlier in going

Back to that ritual or maybe even just before it many think bran will war again to the night's king and a final ploy to

Stop him or convince the children of the forest to never carry out the ritual in the first place but he can't and it proceeds

As planned but in a twist, this final trip back finally

Fulfills the promise of the three-eyed raven hands gone back too far and he can

No, longer return to the present so he's stuck in the night's kings body

Enraged at the children for failing to listen to him he breaks their control and the war for the dawn begins

doomed to fail and brands doomed to be stuck beyond the wall for

Thousands of years but the biggest piece of the puzzle might have been hiding in the books all along has in the very first book

Old nan tells bran the story of the night's king and says she heard a version

Where the night's king was a stark brother of the king in the north and named bran

There's a little more evidence for this theory throughout, this series i mean the outfit bran

Wears in all of his visions is weirdly kind of similar to the night's kings clothing and in season six bran

Awakes, from that vision of the first ritual in the exact, same position as the night's king, when he got stabbed this would

Also, help explain, why the night's king seems to have a knack for knowing. Things. He shouldn't know

Like for example in this past episode that daenerys would come with her dragons, and that he should, bring literally dragon

Size, chains to haul it out of the water the theory is not without

Issues though i'll admit that and commenters on a pretty comprehensive

Reddit post at a topic point out that the children should have been able to realize that the man they were performing the ritual on

Had been warg into something that they themselves have the ability to do the mad king bit is also pretty loosely

Supported as the targaryen

Had a history of mental illness but i think personally it's a pretty neat little touch so let me know if you

Buy into this theory in the comment section down below and for more information check out the link in the description that's a really in-depth

Reddit post from user turmoil 26 breaking down a lot of these points in further detail than i could in this video

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