Top 5 oldest NFL quarterback's of all time

taking the top spot on our list at

number five

Doug Flutie played for the Chicago Bears

then to go the Numa Patriots then the

play in the CFL for couple of years then

they come back to play for the Buffalo

Bills when they play with the San Diego

Chargers then to play with the New

England Patriots once again whereas last

year taking the spot at number four

Vinny Testaverde played for the Tampa

Bay Buccaneers for a for a few of Izzy

for a few years then the Browns for a

few years and there even for a couple of

years and the Jets for most of his

career and the Cowboys for one year and

the Jets for one year and the Patriots

for one year than the Panthers were one

year to finish out his career taking the

spot number three is Warren Moon now

Warren Moon played his first five years

with the CFL then go on to the NFL to

play with the Houston Oilers and then

play with the Vikings for about three


then the Seahawks for two years he

finished off his career with the Kansas

City Chiefs for two years

coming in at number two is Steve de

Burgh no Steve de Burgh first play with

the San Francisco 49ers didn't play with

Denver Broncos then the play with Tampa

Bay Buccaneers then play with Kansas

City Chiefs in the play with Tampa again

in the Miami Dolphins then finally to

play with the Atlanta Falcons to end his


and finally Conan out number one is

George Blanda now George Blanda played

one year with the Bears then ago with

the Colts for one year then coming back

to the Bears for nine years then going

to the Oilers for seven years and going

to the readers for nine years to end his