Who is the One-Eyed King? | Tokyo Ghoul:re Theory

and Tokyo goal sua she does kisses with

several characters that could possibly

be the one-eyed King now we're dealing

with heavy spoilers up to Tokyo go read

chapter 69 so fair warning to all you

guys who haven't read yet

now before we open a discussion on who

the one-eyed King might be we have to

reflect on its history and how important

this character is in the ghoul universe

there's so much mystery surrounding the

one I teen because there's hardly any

written accounts of its existence some

goals like Niko from the clown's have

speculated that the one eye team might

not even exist and that is just a myth

and there's others like you know Yoshi

wash you and Yuri who have speculated

that the one eyed owl and a one-eyed

King are the same

Neto who is the one I doubt and the

leader of the our jury have made a

shocking reveal in the manga she's not

the one-eyed King she further explains

that 100 years ago the birth of the CCG

was in response to the appearance of a

one night ghoul and then she confesses

that she's not the one-eyed King now I

was always confused at this part because

I always thought that the powerful when

I'd go and when I came were the same but

after carefully reading the text I

realized that at so never explicitly

says that the one night gold that caused

the CGG is the one-eyed King so there

you go

the one I T is not 100 years old and

it's quite possible that is a character

that we're already familiar with this

leaves us with three possible candidates

for who - 1 I can write V Otto connect

II and ARIMA and this video is going to

mainly focus on ARIMA and here's why I

think that has already confessed to not

being a one night king so it's hard to

refute that but defer to my point during

the house depression operation Tartarus

say something peculiar he says that the

king will pass and at this very moment

of time at Oeste one night L is fighting

off a group of investigators so she

can't possibly be the one that's passing

right now there's one person however

that does arrive to the scene after

Tartarus a sty and that's ARIMA

connecting in my opinion is a one-eyed

King however he's not the first he's the

second one I King Kai was conceived by

Ed to herself sua Sheeta goes as far as

naming chapter 56 the second King the

chapter that focused on connecting

e-string after regaining his memories

also it's important to note

so constantly asked Kentucky who's

stronger him or Rhema could it be

possible that she's comparing the two of

them because they are both the one-eyed

King whatever the answer may be this

rules out connect he as being the first

one I came to exist now we move on to a

Rhema a Rhema is the most powerful

character in the series he's an

undefeated investigators whose

superhuman abilities have not been given

a proper explanation how is it that a

Rhema can possess an immense amount of

strength and speed that surpasses even

those of a ghouls it's because he's the

one-eyed King suita has been known for

his foreshadowing and countless times

ARIMA has been drawn with his right eye

obscured that could be serious I'm

making a statement him saying that he's

the one-eyed King he's done this with

several other characters as well such as

a montant akazawa who's been both

revealed to be one-eyed ghouls in tokyo

ghoul wreath and speaking of eyes Satya

has mentioned a Reema's infamous blind

spot and fans have speculated that he

may have poor eyesight on his right eye

and this might be true since he keeps

getting hit on that side at toes nubuck

King Billy ager is a reference to Odin a

European God who is depicted with one

eye many scholars have interpreted Odin

to be some sort of DEFCON which fits a

Remus narrative in the series ARIMA is

often referred to as a death God or a

CCG Reaper and he's depicted with

obscured vision in one eye

even though enters new book seems to be

about Kentucky it still has huge

significance to a Remus character a

remark an I kept interesting parallels

and it would make sense if there were

both the one-eyed King they both shared

the same birthday on December 20th and I

don't think that's coincidental at all

and the parallels don't stop there

during their battle b14 there's many

background images of checkerboards

spread sporadically through the scenes

now connect ease nickname as the Black

Reaper and ARIMA is the white Reaper if

both of them are the one I came they

could be representing the white and

black checker pieces on a checkerboard

their nicknames have a huge correlation

with how they're portrayed in the manga

an arena is quite skilled in combat in

Tokyo called Jack Irene was able to

pinpoint Jason location despite being a

floor above him that's just one example

that shows that he's the most powerful

character in the series and that may

just be the proof

that needed to be the one eyed king also

you might not even have to be a Haskell

to be a one eye King ARIMA could

definitely be human and still hold that

title and that's my theory on who the

one-eyed King might be hope you guys

enjoyed it my name is John solo and I'll

see you guys in the next one

have a good day