Introducing the One Percent Fortnite House - (ft. Formula, Kiwiz, Nicks, Randumb)

what's going on everybody my name is

Alex Austin on this formula introducing

you guys the 1% team house this is the

official channel of our brand new org

that we created and just to let you guys

know real quick we actually purchased

this multi-million dollar property

thanks to all of you guys for watching

our videos and supporting us through the

years we were able to buy this house

with our own cash no investors

completely self-funded everything you

see here we paid for ourselves which is

super awesome and we actually got

another surprise for you guys I don't

know if you guys have noticed but we're

all wearing some sick new 1% merged

which you can actually get right now at

1% and you only have 3 days to

get it ok after the 3 days they're gone

forever this is your only chance so it's

pretty much it you want to show them the

house let's go inside

alright guys so right when you walk in

we got this beautiful 160 bottle wine

display however none of us drink wine so

if there's any sponsors out there and

you want your product featured hit us up

you already know what to do alright so

coming around over here we got the

living room which is that my favorite

part of the house we got the

double-sided wine cellar and actually

I'm gonna let you guys in on a little


we got hoodies alright they're available

on 1% shop comm that's the only place in

the world you can get him you got three

days to get them and over here we got

this beautiful gorgeous mini white grand

piano and fun fact about it this was

actually played on by Frank Sinatra

himself and many other famous musicians

thankfully the owners left this piano

here for us to enjoy and then coming

over here to the middle of the living

room we got a beautiful view of the golf

course you can't miss it

we got the pool the enormous backyard

all that fun stuff all our hangout space

and if you come with me this way I'm

gonna take you guys to my rooms alright

so coming down this hallway I actually

have two rooms downstairs one for my

bedroom and one for my set up my

girlfriend Kayleigh actually moved in

with us and I'm super excited we're

making so much content but let me just

take you guys in real quick and just

explain everything so over here we got a

bathroom which is pretty unique because

every single room in this house has its

own private personal bathroom and you

know obviously we're all adults so we

can appreciate the privacy and yeah so

this is the grand bedroom of mine

Kayleigh pretty much designed the whole

thing I'm gonna be on

I had like no say in that but that's

just how it goes so yeah that's pretty

much it for the bedroom I'm about to

take you guys to my gaming setup cave so

yep Kaleigh we'll see you later and

let's take you guys in right away when

you walk in we got the closet on the

left the bathroom on the right and then

this is it right here

it's pretty cozy we got a couch for when

the boys want to come hang and chill and

watch some streams or something and of

course we got the working studio set up

double monitors just bought a brand new

goated PC by the way lights up and

everything it looks insane I don't even

know how to use this thing I'm gonna be

honest this is the coolest thing I've

ever done in my entire life we got our

own snack bar boys we got all my

favorite candies literally in these nice

cool mason preserved jars pretty cool

stuff we got all the big packs down

there it just looks really cool in the

FaceCam and then we got my Funko pop

collection with all my four night ones

and let me just show you guys real quick

renegade raider your boy we got the

custom renegade raider Funko pop made by

Kaylee yeah guys that's pretty much it

for my living situation in the house and

we're gonna take you guys to the kitchen

a random will take over hey guys it's

Nick here not random sorry to disappoint

but welcome to our kitchen as you guys

can see we got two beautiful fridges

here for freezers beautiful granite

countertops we got in this kitchen right

here it's called in the induction stove

what that means you can turn it on put

your hand on it you won't burn your hand

pretty crazy not much to talk about it's

a kitchen we got a coffee bar here so if

you have an early start or having a

rough day on for tonight come over here

and get yourself a coffee you'll be good

to go there's not much to talk about in

the kitchen so let's head on outside

alright guys so welcome to the backyard

as you can tell it's a beautiful place

to come chill hang out we have the patio

over there great place to chill with

friends hang out all that good stuff if

you move a little bit to the right you

guys get to see the infinity hot tub one

of my favorite features of the house now

they'll pool guys that's all I have to

say the pool it's got anything you can

think of it's got lighting it's got a

little six inch you know chill rest area

you guys can sit in the lounge chairs

get Sun and there's sprinklers that come

out into the pool and then if you head

on over this way a little bit you guys

get to see the dining sets where we come

and eat during sunset and then that's

about it for the backyard guys so I'm

gonna take you into the theater room

all right so now I'm gonna show you guys

the movie theater room which is one of

our favorite rooms in the house we have

a ton of seats right here giant screen

right here is like our gaming area this

is like the the air hockey table the

foosball table you know we're really

competitive so it's good to have these

arcade games this is a Kobe Bryant

pinball machine and the owner that used

to own this house let us keep it and

apparently it's worth like a lot of

money and we're honored to just even

have it to be honest it's really cool so

now it's time to take you guys down this

nice luxurious trophy hallway we got

this chandelier here kind of adds effect

to the whole vibe of a hallway and then

we got Marilyn Monroe right here which

is actually used to be in formulas room

back in the Red House if any of you red

house fans remember that it's kind of

cool that we got to keep that and now

for the trophies which is really cool we

got my 1 million plaque and then we got

the 100k plaque this is like the og 100k

plaque this is way back and then real

quick we just have a really cool office

room nothing special we're gonna turn

that in this thing later on but I'm not

gonna spoil anything for you guys and

then we got Nick's one-million plaque

and then his 100k plaque which is from

also a different generation in the mine

and then we have formulas 1 million

plaque and his 100k plaque which is an

even farther generation than mine so

it's pretty cool and that's it for the

hallway now it's time to go into the

elevator and go upstairs time to take

the elevator to you guys that saying man

anyway let's go yes I hate this kid Brad

I hate you so much with all of my life I

hope that's elevator birds I miss all


right welcome I really like this room

it's the coldest room in the house it's

the only room that actually is working

a/c this is my bed this is my setup this

is my mini-fridge it does not work about

water is piss warm this is my TV took

this right out of next room 65-inch all

right so I've seen the worst room in the

house welcome to the best one as you can

tell the bed needs a little upgrade

don't worry we're getting a new one as

you guys know same setup as the last

house made some improvements on my

gaming chair now convertible got a new

mirror great for selfies Instagram post

all that good stuff I don't know how

this got in here I'm pretty sure wrasse

told us all fifth street put it in my

room one of my most prized possessions

is this icon wall that I just set up

yesterday its icons within icons it's

got some of my favorite characters and

cartoons of all times so probably my

favorite part of the room not much going

on standard bathroom it's actually got a

big shower a nice toilet I put on here

sometimes sometimes I pee you know

whatever I'm feeling that day sink wash

your hands wash your face brush your

teeth it's a bathroom so last but not

least is my closet

as you can see the door doesn't actually

open the guy who mounted my TV ended up

putting screws into the door so we got a

permanent open closet some shoes I've

collected over the years hats all that

good stuff but uh yeah that's about it

for my room let's get on out of here all

right guys now it's time to show off my

room which I'm actually really happy

with we got some cool lights and drink

we have a nice spacious room I'm really

happy with it I've spent a decent amount

of time decorating and it's not done yet

but it's pretty good so far

we got Majora's Mask up there and then

we got some cool Dragon Ball Z canvases

right here I'm a huge fan of like Dragon

Ball ever since I was a kid it's been

one of my favorite shows we got my shoe

collection it's not that big but res

says it's a pretty good collection I

just kind of like to collect shoes that

I think are really cool obviously we

have the gaming setup which I use to

edit all my videos record everything

dual PC

too much in the streaming but maybe one

day and we can't forget the 70 inch LED

TV that TV is insane for whenever I just

want to just chill and watch like a

twitch stream or whatever but anyway

it's time to show you guys my favorite

part of my room the balcony so let's go

as you guys can see my view is very very

nice we have the whole entire golf

course right here and we actually have

the view of the pool

I can see randoms room his balcony over

there and I can actually see the very

top of the roof which you guys will see

later on in the video

oh and that part's insane but other than

that it's pretty much it let's go finish

off my room with my closet and we'll get

out of here and before we leave my room

guys I just want to show you my walk-in

closet it's nothing special it's just

like a normal closet but got all my

clothes which I'm actually gonna be

getting rid of very soon I've put too

many clothes and I actually have my

youtube gaming kiwis jacket which I

never really wear I kind of just put it

up for display shout out to youtube for

sending me that but other than that

that's my room and let's continue the


sup guys welcome to my wing of the house

the master bedroom and this is the

master bathroom

so spacious so huge we have the his and

her bathroom sinks for me and ash

obviously we have the giant bathtub

biggest I've ever seen it wouldn't be a

fancy house either if we also didn't

have a bidet next to the toilet this

bathroom alone is bigger than the last

bedroom I had in the last house mine boy

I've actually never shown my foolish

sneaker collection before and it's not

my full sticker collection but it's

pretty close and if this video has a

hundred thousand likes I'll try to get

all the guys to do a full shoe

collection review down here we have all

of my Jordans are a lot of my Jordans we

have some miscellaneous shoes some

Cortez's human races converse all that

and then right here we have the whole

entire drop as well three days only you

guys could go all this stuff at 1% shop

comm make sure you guys get it linked in

the description this room too is still

bigger than the last bedroom I had at

the last house this is the second to

last room besides my bedroom this is

gonna be our recording studio where

we're gonna record a lot of the

1-percent stuff we're gonna be doing

photo shoots in here like we already

have been for all the merch and again

this room is still bigger than the last

room I had at the last house so this is

the master bedroom over here we got my

TV we shuffle with a bunch of


as well for tonight themed because yeah

for tonight we got bed over here with my

beautiful puffy ash on the top we have

my shoes more shoes of course these are

more of my daily stuff over here we got

my set up and I know a lot of people

always ask about setups and everything

so I'll probably have a more detailed

review of all the stuff that I have here

but if you guys thought all this was

crazy the master isn't done yet

there's still more so this is right

outside my room this is one of the

balconies we got the pool the amazing

golf course we got Kiwis balcony over

here really good view of the back of the

house also this still is not the best

view that's on top so you guys are gonna

absolutely love this view this house was

also raised to 15 feet so I could get a

better view of the golf course and this

is the only third story balcony view in

our whole entire city thank you guys so

much for watching everything that you

guys see here 1% shop comm it is only

available for three days and three days

only after that it is gone forever if

you guys want to help support a creators

funded org no investors at all this is

the best way to do it watching our

videos buying the merch we hope that you

trust us in our vision thank you all so

much I was kind of sick what's up there


all right I want to make sure we get

into my room fast though for the shocker

all right go all right guys

sup guys it's just got this induction

yeah I don't know bro

like I we got hoodies over here for sale

1% hoodies 1% calm /aa go ahead

oh it's already all right yeah have fun