Who Are The Top 1 Percent?

you know women at the time of ninety nine percent was the one percent so

while the one-percent a let's find out in fact a_b_c_ news that when uh... look

at iris tax that

and realize that that people making over three hundred eighty thousand three

hundred and fifty four dollars

are your top one percent okay so now we know that's a pretty soon everyone i'm


uh... and how much of the nation's wealth and a whole

they all the thirty five point six percent

of the nation's entire wall to the top one percent

now look

there people in that someone selling bill gates et cetera of steve jobs

before he passed away

who learned it down for a few still talaga brian james oprah winfrey


that is a nation the issue

is bankers who all the united states government still to this day

one and a half trillion dollars

the was that done their testimonies on the fed to the tune of a trillion

dollars the ones that got back your bailouts from and she mentions below the

taxpayers fifty-three

billion dollars those guys took our money that's the issue ok they would you

know one of those traders

uh... eric wilkinson

he doesn't understand what is all about he says

uh... its capital helena obama did in the congress

there was not doing their jobs

in protest busts

now protester guys who we are against even though they follow the money just

at the same does anyway democrat a republican is a matter under bush and

obama bailed out which

by taking our taxpayer dollars okay so uh... what does she want you to uh...

director at day area said well he says look somebody rich should not be

penalized for making headway in the society they should pay their fair share

of taxes but they should be taxed more pages serve their money

wait a minute they shouldn't be taxed more yeah initiative there to share


what sort of fifteen percent is fair

so if u are on your money through regular income you have a salary laszlo

brian james r oprah winfrey row ever might be

they give tax up thirty five percent of the stairs salary rate

but a lot of these traders and these guys of there were no one st

liggett actually fifteen percent because they do it either through capital gains

are dividends

or carried interest which is outrageous

so yeah pay your fair share of taxes that's what we want

but he thinks the army everywhere beloved it doesn't matter that the

government gave you one-and-a-half trillion dollars that use a lot of a


it doesn't matter that you pay much less taxes

the navratilova fifty-page part dot it's alright around it

algerian but gets works

uh... it the guy overhears uh... elevator composition at goldman sachs

and he goes on twitter and treats out what he heard and these are quotes that

he's saying he heard for by goldman sachs and co goldman sachs employees

in their building project

get a lot of the first one

what are they complaining about people seem a helluva lot happier in the t_c_i_

friday's commercials than they ever do it gramercy tavern

are that makes me one of our men

gramercy tavern is all those fancy restaurants in new york repair ton of

money like

where ever since i was on the world are bothered abt to most americans

until commercial mills in topical don't let anyone in the g_i_ have some of the

rob levine the public it complied and they take a little branded or crimes

that we didn't have a lot of confusion friday respect them

here's another one

spratly somebody said a quota protester sees my benson i watched the rip me out

of it real man sees my car also work hard so he can buy it one day

can real man

what a real man goes in buys

the treasury secretary under bush and the treasury secretary under obama

is in the middle and and i'm more in the case of goldman sachs

with hank paulson here in the company and got over five hundred million


directing taxpayer money to goldman sachs

sore a real man does apparently as it goes and buys our democracy corrupts our

system makes a tremendous amount of money off of a gets a thirteen billion

dollar back-door bail out specifically at goldman sachs through a i_g_ pockets

thirty million dollars of taxpayer money and there's a photo directly out of my

blood samples were collected you know i have spent quite a bit of toronto ends

i want to say and much more for things family right there

by the way they did a poll of wall street workers

you know how to if the u_s_ cabbage americans do you think your pays the


the next year

said that

ed ninety percent of them say no

when he has bankers on wall street well whipple says that sixty-two percent of

them expect their bonuses to be as good or better than last year

and a light well that's down from seventy one percent last year

last year seventy one x percent expected bigger bonuses even though we're only

basically you removed from her

complete catastrophe

an economy that because

let me remind you know

that edgy after they blew up the whole

ol economic system

they demanded four hundred and fifty million dollars in bonuses

back here

the year that we rescued them and put it on inside the tube

billion dollars they r g

they plan to pay out fourteen fifty million dollars

in bonuses

the jackass is who ruined our economy

the sense of entitlement is through the roof

that it's fun bearable

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