Getting to know Oscar B. Goodman

what's my name you set up all this

equipment you brought me a drink and

you're asking my name what do you think

I am an easy pickup Oscar Goodman I come

from a very interesting background I

used to represent reputed mobsters here

in Las Vegas and around the country and

then switched gears completely and ran

for mayor of the great city of Las Vegas

and served 12 years I was term limited

so I couldn't run anymore but I did

participate in the history of the United

States I'm the first mayor to swear in a

spouse to succeed the mayor and my wife

is now starting her third term and by

the time all the sudden done will have

been the mayors of Las Vegas for a

quarter of a century in both categories

you're addressing the public in the

courtroom it's a jury of 12 when running

for office it's the jury of a community

and I have found that the one thing that

they have in common is they're able to

spot a phony and they're able to spot

somebody who's trying to pull the wool

over their eyes and if you're honest

with them they could read it when I was

practicing they were making the movie

casino here and they said to the person

that the Nero was impersonating who

should play the lawyer but he said my

lawyer Oscar Goodman so they called me

and I got the part as the lawyer in the

movie Casino and I loved it I loved

starring with the Nero and Pesci and

Sharon Stone it was awesome and the

movie came out and my mother called me

and she said it's a good thing you're a

lawyer I saw your movie that was the end

of my acting career but I missed it so

much I said you know I'm gonna fool them

all I'm gonna run for mayor because in

order to make a movie in Las Vegas they

have to get a permit from City Hall and

I'm going to insist after I win that in

every movie I get apart

I mean to my clients each case they had

was the most important thing in their

life so I treated to each case with the

kind of gravitas that it deserved I

represented the Pesci character for

years it kept him he never did a day in

jail even though they said he killed 27

people while it was his lawyer so I said

shame on them they were saying how bad a

person I am I say I may be a bad person

but you're a horrible law enforcement

agent 27 murders and you couldn't put

him in jail for one day so I had that

kind of nonsense taking place and the

other fella was placed in the black book

which is a list of excluded persons

where they can't go into a casino I

represented Jimmy Shagga who was

supposedly the biggest gambler in Las

Vegas is history and he was charged

along with Woody Harrelson's father of

killing a federal judge down in Texas

and got a not guilty in his case


when I was elected in 1999 downtown Las

Vegas was the beginning of the war zone

it was rubble it had no energy at all

with lethargic people left it at 5


nobody was walking around there weren't

any new restaurants opening and I said

to myself you know I'm going to create a

renaissance in the downtown here began

to develop it we brought in the Premium

Outlets brought in the world market

Center a Larry Ruvo with the Ruvo built

the Frank gehry-designed magnificent

structure and enticed a Cleveland Clinic

to come out and work on problems of

neurodegenerative diseases like

Alzheimer's and Parkinson's MLS then the

Smith Center beautifully designed art

deco building went up it's as fine as

any place in the city it all happened at

once people began to believe that we

were gonna have a downtown and then

these casinos where I scared to death

they go in for fear of getting a

secondary lung disease they be got to

fix themselves up then little

restaurants popped up an 18 B our Arts

District popped up and first Friday and

it hasn't stopped so in that regard the

only thing I failed to do was to get the

professional sports here that I wanted

but the mayor did that after she got

elected the owner mr. zabadov which of

the plaza and I had a heated discussion

when I was the mayor and I said you know

I'm gonna have one of my clients burn

that place down unless you fix it up and

I guess he believed me too and the day I

left City Hall I got a phone call from

him and he said come over to the plug

very pleasant gentlemen come over to the

place I want to talk to you so I came

over and he said how would you like to

have a restaurant deposit I said the way

it looks now they said I wouldn't have I

wouldn't let my name be associated with

it was a mess so I'm gonna fix it up and

he did he kept his word we have a

beautiful restaurant here at Oscars it's

modern and yet it's old Las Vegas all at

the same time it's unique and iconic

with the dome out there overlooking

three much feet just outstanding great

ambience great service a lot of energy

it's a place to hums and buzzes and

that's what I wanted well I love the

bone-in ribeye it's too much though my


I will share it and then take home

what's left over and we we eat for

breakfast and then lunch and dinner and

the following day and I won't let the

dog eat it the bone is mine I will no I

at it and make sure that that's the best

part of the steak

I love the appetizers are phenomenal and

my wife Joe come here she'll have the

the LOX or the smoked salmon it's with a

wonderful sauce and a bowl of onion soup

and then chocolate the ice cream for

dessert and that's what she loves so it

has something for everybody's taste this

is so near and dear to my heart this is

my Bombay Sapphire gin and I drink it

differently than anybody else for the

jalapeno in it and it's the best from

here to here which I've already done

it's mellow from here to here which I'm

about to do you lose the sense of feel

and your fingers and your toes so I'm

going to start that process right now


that is good I love coming to Oscars I

really do the problem is you know yeah a

liver can only take so much before it

Quivers you walk into this great

restaurant and the first thing you see

is a a wine room so with very expensive

bottles of wine then you look over you

see a great bar very handsome

furnishings with the food's here which

are very popular people actually stand

in line to get a booth rather to go into

our iconic dining room there and then

you see the dining room that is unique

to Las Vegas and you know you're in for

a great experience and while you're

going through all these places you're

passing my my wall of fame with my

pictures of the various actors and movie

stars and ball players and presidents

that ours on the wall there or outdoors

with all the baseball players that big

baseball fan

so it's an experience and by the time

you through you had a great meal if

you've had my Bombay Sapphire with a

jalapeno and you can't stand up I've

been the luckiest guy in the world I

have the best wife in the history of the


got four of the greatest children in the

history of the world they're all married

four beautiful people six little

grandchildren some aren't bargains but

that's okay no I'm just kidding they're

all great I think my family is thing I'm

most proud of a lot of people say what

is your legacy I don't believe in

legacies legacy is for an old guy who's

thinking about yesterday yeah I'd like

to think I'm a young guy thinking about

tomorrow so I did it all I offered to

Omega as Tony Spilotro said the Pesci

character you can only eat one steak at

a time and I hope you either did Oscars