A.R. Rahman Winning Original Score: 2009 Oscars


the nominees for Best Original Score are

the Curious Case of Benjamin Button by

Alejandra Destler defiance by James

Newton Howard milk by Danny Elfman

Slumdog Millionaire by a R Rahman wall-e

by Thomas Newman and the Oscar goes to

ar-rahman the Slumdog Millionaire





before coming

I was excited and terrified the last

time I felt like that was doing my

marriage there's this dialogue from the

Hindi film called Mary pass maha which

means I have nothing but I have a mother

some mother's here her blessings are

there with me I'm grateful for to have

come all the way and I want to thank the

Academy for being so kind all the jury

members I want to thank Sam Schwarz IDB

are all the crew of Slumdog mr. gosar

rocky bottom blase my musicians in

Chennai in Mumbai and I want to say

something in summer which says which I

normally say after every award which is

a la program a Dominic a god is great

thank you