Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Explains Why He Dislikes Fat Girls

abercrombie and fish c_e_o_ mike jeffries

explains why he doesn't like that women basically

abercrombie and pitch over the last few years hasn't carried extra-large or

double excel in women's sizes because they essentially just don't want

overweight women wearing the clothes

and let's contextual eyes this

two of the biggest competitors are ajun and an american eagle both of which

carry extra-large and to excel

the largest abercrombie women's pant size is a ten wears a gin and it's a

sixteen an american eagle it's an eighteen and this attitude towards plus

size women

comes directly from this man whose picture you see over my shoulder

disturbing image too many people

c_e_o_ of abercrombie and fish might jeffries now robin lewis is the author

of the book the new rules of retails retail and robin lewis spoke to business

insider about the kind of people that jeffries wants advertising is brandon he

actually said

he doesn't want larger people shopping in the store he wants thin beautiful

people he doesn't want his core customers to see people who aren't as

hot as them wearing his clothing people whereas his clothing should feel like

they are one of the

cool kids lewis said when asked will hold on abercrombie does offer

extra-large into excel for men

the reason is we need to appeal to large male athletes that's all we're not

endorsing obesity it's not a gender thing

it's just large male athletes sometimes could not be overweight the disney

excelente two x ellis

uh... so in a two thousand six interview with salon staff res confirmed that the

communication between hot people is his primary marketing tactic he said

uh... it's almost everything that's why we hire a good-looking people in our

stores he also said in every school they were the coal and popular kids and

they're they're not so cool kids candidly we go after the cool kids now a

lot of people after seeing pictures of my jeffries

his appearance explains his obsession with only having attractive people where

abercrombie and fish close it saying it can only be concluded he was never

around the good-looking people as a kid and now he's trying to make up for it

i don't really know anything about that what i can say is

i don't agree with whatever counties fisher's at accounted for just doing my

understanding is there not doing anything illegal it is a business

strategy i'd just don't think it's a very good one and i think the latest

trends at abercrombie confirmed

i mean i guess we can say overall so far

there at their marketing campaign has been a successful one

because somehow

their ridiculous overpriced quoting his has been doing well annie i do agree

that not carrying these sizes as just bob bad business decision because you

would simply just be having more quoting rattle think the cool kids are gonna

stop wearing abercrombie fitch because someone who's a little have you decided

to go out and buy it is one oh and when i was being elect well years ago i would

every once in awhile getting shirt or something at abercrombie and fitch and i

stopped not because i grew outgrew the clothes not physically but ideologically

but because i wasn't able to get within twenty feet of the store without just

being drowned in just horrific cheap cologne

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